i  thought I would be able to put a little graph on the web site showing how we were doing raising funds but i guess I can’t, so this is going to have to do.

Here is a breakdown of what the money will go for: Or “My Wish List”

a new laptop

now the prices can vary from $350 to thousands of dollars. I don’t want a gaming computer but I do want enough RAM so that I can use all the programs and store pics etc without it slowing down my computer, I am thinking between 4 and 6 GB RAM. I really know very little about computers but have been pricing them out and reading reviews. I tend to take reviews more to heart than specs, and there are some laptops that are a great price but don’t do what they are supposed to do and I don’t want more headaches, I have enough headaches. I will just keep my old one if I am not going to be any further ahead.

Anyway, then there is the dilemma of new vs used or refurbished. Buying new gets very expensive, sure they say $359.99 on sale but by the time you pay taxes, get antivirus, put windows on it, get word, buy the warranty you are looking at more like $800. I am thinking used. I can get a better computer, because really $360 doesn’t buy you much as far as a new laptop goes, you really should be spending at least $600.

I suppose it also depends on what kind of money I have to work with.

To get a website set up, initial cost for just the website and the features I want, like a chat room, private messaging, and advertise etc I think I am looking at $200 to start and then there will be a monthly fee. Worry about that when the times comes.

Help setting it up and monetizing it another $200-$500

I have a phone bill to pay and to upgrade my phone plan so I have long distance and international calling so I can provide phone support for visitors to the blog, another $250

That puts the total at around $1750. Now that is my wish list, my ultimate, my dream……………

My bottom dollar, buying a used laptop, getting a DIY website, not paying my phone or getting the premium phone plan. i still need help monetizing it. So bottom dollar would be $600-$650.

So where are we at right now?

This morning we had received $333.00 that is the net amount with service charges already                                                                                 taken off.

This afternoon we received          58.00 

Giving a grand total of            $391.00 so far today

Which is pretty wonderful!! Thank you all who have contributed so far (I will be sending a personal thank you to everyone)

It is not enough though guys!! it is so close I can taste it but close only counts in horse shoes and unfortunately my car died yesterday. Yep. story of my life, when it rains it pours.

I got a jump start and let it run for over an hour and shut it off. I tried to start it right away and nothing! I am hoping it is just a battery, but I only have $3.25 to my name. I don’t want to use the blog money, even if I did it takes 3-5 days for it to reach my bank account. So once again I borrowed money from my mom and I am going to do yard work for her to pay her back.

So I am off to buy a battery and praying that is the problem because I can not afford anything else. keep your fingers crossed.

Total                                       393.00

donations                                60.00

Total as of Sept 14th       $453.00

I have enough for a used laptop now but if you feel so inclined to donate the money will go towards setting up a website with a chat room so I can chat with you all in real time and offer workshops. 

Thank you to all who have donated so far. You are all angels!! I am truly blessed!