To A Narcissist-Image Is All That Matters

Narcissist don't care whether the praise and admiration is real; as long as it is loud and often. He doesn't care if his lies are believed as long as no one questions him on them. It is all about the show, how things look, not about reality or consequences. It is about immediate gratification. True …


Do You Hear Those Alarm Bells Ringing!!

Reimer Reason

I was asked a question today I thought worth sharing;
If a woman you are dating tells you that 3 of her 5 ex boyfriends threatened suicide and were “possessive imbeciles”, would you be concerned?

Shhhhh …… Do you hear that?????       That’s alarm bells going off!!!

Psychopath’s have a habit of giving subtle warnings to their new prey, part of the game I guess. They invariably out themselves in a way that they don’t come right out and say they are a psychopath but later you will go, “Oh my God, why didn’t I run?”

She has a problem, she is either attracted to emotionally unstable men, or she makes men suicidal. Either way, she has a problem, don’t make it yours.

When I first met my ex he would drop subtle hints; he told me most of his ex’s called him a cheap bastard when I…

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When The Victim Of A Narcissist Is Strong

I haven't been in Quora for a while and popped in to see if anyone had asked me a question. I was shocked to see I had 74 notifications. One of my answers had exploded, it has had almost 38,000 views and 1000 upvotes.!! and so many comments I had to leave and go back …

Does Anger Management Work For A Narcissist?

One of the search terms on my blog today was, "Does anger management work for a narcissist? If the person asking the question had researched narcissists they would know nothing cures a narcissist, their brains are not formed like a normal brain and they don't have the capability to feel empathy and they don't think …