A Warning To Women In BC

Believe it or not these are the laws in BC, I have been dealing with them 1st hand. If you are planning on letting a man live with you or even stay for a few days! be aware of what you are getting yourself into!

If he gives you any money towards rent, even $100 and later you want him out of your home and he won’t leave, the police will not do anything. The fact that he gave you money, regardless of how much or little it was, constitutes a rental agreement and in order to get rid of him you have to go through the Residential Tenancy Board, give him 30 days written notice and evict him. If he doesn’t pay you any money it is considered a common-law arrangement and that is a civil matter and unless he hits you, the police won’t do anything.

Let’s say you let your common-law drive your vehicle. It has always been in your name, always been insured in your name and you are named as the principle operator and you have the registration.

Now say your common law meets another woman you don’t know about and decides he’s going to leave you and live with her. You don’t know where he lives, but you do know where he works. You can’t cancel the insurance without the license plates, and even if you did, that would mean he’s driving your uninsured vehicle. Unless when you gave him the keys you said,” If you don’t bring the car back by such and such a day and time I will report it stolen” to him they consider it a civil matter and you have to take him to civil court, the police will not do anything. Shitty but true!

I didn’t realize this next little interesting little tid bit that I learned from JC and haven’t verified it with any authorities, but I am sure its true. A person can pay $400 and have their criminal record sealed and even the police can not see your past crimes. I know this because when I went to Mission police to get a restraining order on JC when he ambushed Kris and I they checked his criminal record there was no reference to any past abuse. He had told me Tina got a restraining order on him and I read his journal from that time and he mentioned it. Plus several times through out the years since Kris and got the restrain order on him, he asked tried to talk me into having my record sealed. I refused because I have nothing to hide. He said yeah but if they ran my name his name would appear on my record for the domestic abuse. Too bad. But if he sealed his record and the next woman doesn’t know my name there is no way of establishing a history of violence and a woman being smart and doing a record check would be mislead to think he has never hit a woman. That is just not rIght.

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