I Should Have Known Better

JC’s mother and I got quite close through our relationship, largely due to my own mother basically disowning me for being with him. His mother helped me deal with many issues throughout the 10 yrs we were together and when he left me for another woman I cried to her.
Recently JC must have told her some lies about me because we emailed saying I needed to see my fault in the break up and I needed to forgive him.
My reply was very honest, though I didn’t get into all the horrible things he did, I only addressed the issues he had lied to her about. I haven’t heard back and I am sure she has chosen to believe him which is totally understandable, she is his mother. But it hurts to know she is believing him and it hurt to hurt her.
I tell myself it is not my responsibility to protect her from his lies and I find myself getting angry that she refuses to see or admit what he’s done his whole life and has actually validated his lies to protect him.
Then I went to the 2nd birthday of his nephew, he didn’t remember it. But I took his sister with me and we ended up talking about how screwed up he is the whole way there and back. I have been so down all day, it set me back weeks in my recovery, yet I couldn’t stop myself; she witnessed the end of the relationship and knows exactly what I had to deal with. She in a similar situation with her new boyfriend and listening to her talk about him brought back so much pain.
I feel so drained and resentful towards JC for putting me in the position of having to do this alone, for breaking my heart.

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