Can We Talk Seriously?

layla 7 weeks old

layla 7 weeks old

I was just snuggling my little wrinkly buddy and trying to have a “cat” nap because I got practically NO sleep last night.

I was debating saying anything about what’s been going on here but last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am so stressed and need to get it out. So I am going to give you a recap of the last couple of months.

I mentioned a few months ago JC got in contact with me and apologized tears and all. I didn’t believe him, I’ve heard it all before. I didn’t know why he did it, it could have been because he had lost his job and maybe his new g/f was making sounds like she’d had enough, or maybe he was trying to make her jealous, or maybe he’d realized that it was to his benefit to be friends with me for whatever reason. Whatever his reasons were I took his apology and then told him I couldn’t be his friend. For whatever reason that wasn’t good enough for him; we had to be friends and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He kept saying how he wanted to help me so I weakened. NO I wasn’t going back to him!! Another thing he kept saying or asking was if I had anyone else who could help me with truck repairs. I didn’t tell him I did because I was wondering why he wanted to know. But I thought what can it hurt to let him do something for me.

Part of me was caught up in the “what’s he up to?” thing again; I wanted to solve the puzzle. So I allowed him to change my spark plugs, the truck had been running rough since I put the new engine in it and the guy who put it in suggested putting new spark plugs in it. I’d bought the spark plugs but couldn’t afford to get them changed. JC and I arranged to meet when he got off work. He did the spark plugs and was saying there were wires wrong and was going under the truck. I asked why he was under the truck, the spark plugs aren’t under the truck. He mumbled something about wanting to know where a wire went. Then he asked for a 9/16th wrench. Finally he tells me to start it. It wouldn’t start, it was turning over but it obviously wasn’t getting fuel.

I immediately thought “What were you thinking Carrie, you idiot!!” I asked him what he did, spark plugs have nothing to do with the fuel and I didn’t have a fuel problem up until now. He didn’t know. For over an hour he fiddled with this and that and finally it started. Whew!!

I left and he said he’d do some other stuff to it on Friday. Later I texted him saying thanks but no thanks, I said I couldn’t handle being friends.

The rest of that day the truck ran fine. The next morning it started and ran fine until 1/2 way through the day. It was the Thursday before Christmas and I had one more day to make money before the holidays so I was rushing to get another load on for Friday when I ran out of fuel(or thought I did). My friend Isaac came out with propane but it wouldn’t transfer because it still had fuel. He called JC to see if he had any suggestions. We left it on the side of the road and I called another friend Gord who said he’d come take a look the next day.
About 10 pm JC texted asking if I ever got the truck going. I said I hadn’t and was concerned because to get a tow truck was going to take all my money. He sounded very concerned but said he didn’t think he had time to come, fix it and get back home in time for work the next morning. I said I didn’t expect him to.

The next day Gord took one look and said, “Who’s been Fucking with your truck?” Within 15 minutes he had it fixed. But he needed a 9/16th wrench. JC had loosened (of course JC would deny it) a nut that holds down my propane mixer onto the engine¤ if the nut would have fallen off it would have fucked my engine as it was it loosened and allowed too much air in and the there wasn’t enough propane getting in to run the truck.

Since then I have not heard from him. I sent an email calling him a few choice names and to stay out of my life.

The only thing I can think of is he wanted access to my truck so he could fuck with it. Why? I could see it when we were together I guess he had something to gain but why now? I know!! I know! He was bored or whatever, just because he could. Or maybe he’s read my blog and wanted revenge. Who knows.

I’ve been no contact since. I wasn’t hurt and didn’t believe him for a second but I thought I’d give him a little window to prove he was sincere and he proved to me once again he is a pathological liar that can’t be trusted in the least and he has it in for me.

Aside from that my landlord came home for Christmas and still hasn’t left. THAT is what is depressing me and making my life hell.

When I moved in and saw the trailer for the first time my immediate thought was, “crack head”. But I didn’t think my friend would set me up to live with a crack head or that she’d be friends with one. (Crack heads are people too but not the kind of people I would choose to hang around with or live with| just my preference)

The first day he was home he told me he had a “slight” addiction to crack and once a year he did a little rock, drank a 6 pack and was done with it. From the look of the place when I moved in I seriously doubted him.

Well by the time he left I was severely depressed because every dime he got went into crack and he sat in his bedroom doing his shit with the windows boarded up. It’s his house and he can do whatever he likes in his own house right? But it is not the way I want to live and it puts me in a bad mood.

I planned to be out of here by this Christmas, but with the heart attack and then replacing my engine I just didn’t get it done.

I guess he was on good behavior last year because this year its been a lot worse. He’s come out occasionally to forage for food, drink a coffee and a litre of milk and then go back in his room. He has done NOTHING else for the whole time and I don’t know when he is leaving. Its costing me money because he’s eating my food and I tell myself its his house and where would I have gone if I hadn’t had this place to come to but I don’t like it, it depresses me and I feel dirty for some reason.

Its no wonder Roxy wants to rip him about, she knows too, and Kato jumps up on my lap shaking every time my landlord walks in. I can barely be civilized to the man and I am getting more and more depressed. Then last night was the icing on the cake. He had a “woman friend” come over, in fact she is still here so its been 24 hours now. Every two hours one of them come out of his room and go outside to wait for a “friend” to bring them something. Every time they come out Roxy wants to kill them and I have to get her under control. This went on all night, I would no sooner fall asleep and Roxy would be barking and freaking out. They would go outside, Roxy would calm down, I’d just be dozing off again and they’d come back in, Roxy would lose it, I’d wake up calm her down and just fall asleep and we’d go through it all over again.

I am not even talking to him any more and could explode I am so pissed off and tired.

So anyway I am looking forward to getting my teeth pulled tomorrow it will be a treat!! (Sarcasm). This had better not go on all night tonight because I am going to say something.

Layla's Widdle Other End.

Layla’s Widdle Other End.

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7 thoughts on “Can We Talk Seriously?

  1. mysterycoach

    :Oh my … she’s got a cute hinny like her momma! (You)

    I knew that boy was up to no good when he got under the truck. What a jackass s.o.b., he is. Fucker… Geez. No contact is good contact honey.


  2. ladywithatruck Post author

    MC thanks for stopping by and the support. I was so upset with myself for letting him anywhere near my truck, at least I cut it off before he was able to do any real damage. He didn’t think I had anyone to help me and if that had been the truth I would have been screwed. I’m sure I put a wrench in what ever he had planned; thank God!

    He is so transparent.


  3. ladywithatruck Post author

    Oh I forgot!

    That face! She looks exactly the way I was feeling when I was being woken up every two hours!

    As for the butt end, she’s got a lot more wrinkles and a bit more hair on her butt than me! Rotflmao


    1. mysterycoach

      He needs to be transparent to YOU in the sense where you no longer give him the benefit of the doubt on ANY level. I know you need help sometimes, see if maybe you can’t have these other people help you instead in the future.

      He is not going to change. He has not changed. He is still the same individual he was before. It’s like a guy coming at you with a knife in his hand with a smile on his face. Do you think he won’t stab you because he’s smiling? Know what I mean?

      LOL she’s got more hair on her butt LOL 🙂


      1. ladywithatruck

        I deleted his number off my phone, I can’t block it, but I totally forget it now. In the last two days I’ve had 3 people call looking for him. They all know he’s with M but he’s pulled another disappearing act where he doesn’t answer his phone or contact anyone. One of them was his stepdad. Everyone is so used to me knowing where he is all the time, (cuz he always ended up on my steps when his life fell apart) this time it felt good to say| “Sorry, I have no idea where he is, have you tried calling M?” He’s probably been fired again.

        And it felt good to not know where he is. I think I let him help me to see if he had by chance changed and nope, like his buddy said last night, “Same ol’ Jimmie, he’ll never change.”

        The only thing that changes in his life are the victims.


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