In my post about Kevin,
I mentioned JC asked me to go to his burned out shack to look for the cat and his bible.
This is the story of “The Bible”

As long as I had know JC he had a bible that had been given to him by his father that he treasured. It was signed on the inside front page and his father had written a paragraph or two inside.

When JC’s place burned down he asked me to go look for it.

*Now I must explain JC’s place was small; no more than 10 ft across and maybe 20 ft long with maybe 15 ft being his main living area. He had a sofa on the right hand side when you walked through the front door and a wood desk to the left. In front to the right he had shelving with his stereo etc on it; directly in front of you when you walked in was a door going to out back where JC had built a lean to against the building. The lean to had a tarp for a roof, to the left he’d made a room with a tub in it and he heated water for the tub using an old wood burning stove and a system of pipes that fed cold water through the fire to heat it and into the tub. (He had made it for me when I lived there because I missed my bathes so badly). He used old wood pallets for the floor.
The other side of the lean to was his “shop” and all the things you would normally find in a shop like paint, propane, gas, and other excelerants.

He said he was heating water for a bath and some sparks set the pallets on fire. He had his back turned and heard crackling, turned around and the whole lean to was engulfed in flames. He ran around to the front door and tried to get his guitars and bible but was overcome with smoke.

When I arrived there police were gone it was the wee hours of the morning and I was glad Kevin was with me because it was very eerie. The cat came immediately which was a relief. I had a flashlight, kevin waited in the truck because it was so cold and windy.

The shack was a skeleton of charred beams, the roof was mostly gone. To the left the building was pretty well intact but the main living area looked gutted. I peered through the doorway and scanned the room with my flashlight. I thought “There is no way anything survived”. Everything was charred or soaking wet. There was still water dripping off the beams, even the couch against the far wall was charred. I saw JC’s guitar and it was melted, the stereo had gotten so hot it melted and black plastic dripped down the front of the shelves. I was sure JC’s bible was lost but scanned the room one more time. As the flashlight scanned the shelves something caught my eye and I brought the beam of light back for another look. There, on the shelf was the bible, I gingerly made my way to the shelves and tentatively picked up the bible.

It was perfectly ok, the shelf was charred all around it but under the bible the shelf was fine. I took it back out to the truck to inspect it further in the light of the trucks interior lights and it was damp but had a zipper outer cover that protected it, the inside was perfectly ok.

I truly felt I had just witnessed a miracle and couldn’t wait to get back to the hospital and tell JC. I left Kevin in the emergency waiting room and rushed in to tell JC.
I told him how I had found the bible and told him it was a sign. That God was showing him that he needed to change his life around; that the bible was all he needed in his life. He agreed and promised to change his life. When he got out of the hospital of course I took him home with me and we were back together again.

They tried to accuse JC of purposely setting the fire but his excuse was; if he had he wouldn’t leave his guitars and bible in the shack. In fact he did manage to get all but one of his guitars out before they were damaged.

He was released from the hospital the next day and went by himself to the shack. He said the police were still patrolling it (but like I said no one was there when I went) and left shortly after he got there. He said he left for a few hours and came back and there were people there going through all his tools and stealing them.

Anyway, I was so thrilled about the bible surviving I told every one who would listen. JC didn’t seem as impressed as I was.
He was living with me now in my basement suite and my landlord said he couldn’t park his truck in the driveway so he was parking it on the street. Then one morning he comes in and says his trucks been stolen. And guess what: the bible was in it. When they found the truck it had been totally stripped of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, a warn winch, Hiab, tools, the rims, there was nothing left of it and of course no bible.

JC was paid out for insurance on it. Many months later he runs into a guy who says he knows where all of JC’s stuff is, it’s in a field somewhere but as far as I know JC never got it and I suspect now that he had his own truck stolen and you’ll understand why in a minute.

Fast forward a year and JC decides to volunteer in Sudan Africa as a mechanic for a Farmer’s Coop. (Another story, a brief recap of Africa is he was accused of stealing money from the coop, was having sex with a young African woman 1/2 his age and the Christian charity he was volunteering for cut off his money and left him to rot in Sudan. He had the police looking for him plus the LRA and his mother called and begged the charity founder to please send him home before he got killed. So he did)

He comes back full of love and promises and tells me that he was so disgusted because the manager of one of the farmer had a son who was smoking drugs and had ripped pages out of *wait for it* the bible his dad gave him and using them to role joints.

I said how is that possible JC?, your bible was in your truck when it was stolen. He got a strange look on his face and said “No it was signed from my parents” I said, “I only know you told me it was in your truck.”

So now I think he staged the fire for sympathy, placed the bible there just before the fire department got there as proof he didn’t set it. He was out of work and I think looking to take advantage of the charity of others. He got back with me and I was paying the rent. He got all new clothes through the Salvation Army. He said his tools were stolen but he never seemed to have less tools.

I think he had his own truck stolen and either he sold the parts off of it or the guys he had steal it screwed him over for the parts.

I think he did take his bible to Africa, after that I don’t know what to believe. He told me he had Malaria and 6 months to live yet when he met this new woman TWO years later she asked him to get a physical (I gather because her husband died of cancer and to check for STD’s) and another miracle!! There was no sign of him having Malaria!! Praise the Lord!! *i am being sarcastic*

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15 thoughts on “The Bible

  1. ladywithatruck Post author

    I have to add a few facts not pertaining to the bible but more to JC’s character and the way a narcissist operates. He “volunteered” to go to Sudan. He crated up all his tools (and many of mine) and shipped them to Sudan. I saw a lot of went into the crate and it was cheap garbage and because there is so much corruption in Africa, when he got there someone had stolen most of his stuff. In my mind volunteers don’t get paid, but JC managed to talk the charity into paying him I think it was $500 a month which he very quickly decided wasn’t enough and talked them into $1000. He was supposed to be on the farm, he was to go no where because of the danger, why would he need money? He had no expenses back here; he’d been living with me. When he got shipped out of Africa he left with only a suitcase and later demanded over $10,000 for his tools and other things he said he shipped over there. He told me he was paid out but I don’t know if it was for the full amount. His mother was instrumental in the dealings and organized a meeting between the head of the charity, her pastor and JC.
    Who gets run out of the country when they volunteer? Then he kept contact with the African woman for two years promising her to bring her to Canada and marry her. It was after Africa I told him it was over and then he called and said he had 6 months to live. It was after we had split the last time that I found out he had impregnated a REALLY young girl, the farmer’s daughter and that was one of the reasons he was run out of the country. (and why he would tell me he caught the farmer’s son doing drugs, so he could later claim the son was lying because he was angry at JC for ratting him out about the drugs.)


  2. campfireshadows

    It seems each one of us has a Keven at one time or another in life. The suck the life out of you then leave you to find a new source of sympathy and free living. I finally learned. Now when I find a leech wanting to attach to me, I simply direct him to a church. You’d be surprized how quickly they change their tune 🙂


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Campfire, I am confused or you are confused. Kevin wasn’t using me; JC was/is my ex and he is the manipulative conniving psycho who made my life a living hell for 10 yrs. He alternated between being a believer and nonbeliever constantly; whatever suited his purpose at the time. He was raised in a very Christian home so was very knowledgeable and used that to his advantage whenever possible.

      We were split at the time and he was manipulating me into taking him back and giving him another chance. To direct him to a church did no good, we had several different pastors make him their own special cause. (Material for another post)

      Kevin was a lost soul who “fell through the cracks” and was abused his whole life by his father, his wife, his best friend, the “system”, and died alone in the street because the hospital kicked him out and he was homeless. I don’t think he believed in God but he respected my beliefs.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  3. TikkTok

    Lying piece of………… sheesh.

    I wish the Bible would have had a better ending, but heck, Satan (and people like JC) are all around us, and sometimes, things happen. I’d like to think it was out there somewhere doing someone some good, even if it’s not whole………


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Tikk at times I looked at JC and thought he was the devil himself.

      For a couple of years I told every one about the miracle of the bible and JC was always quiet about it. We went to visit his mom and I mentioned it just assuming he would have told her and he hadn’t. That’s when I started to suspect things might not be what they seemed.

      That’s why I never lie, I never have to remember what lies I’ve told and to who. The truth always comes out, it might be a day later or years later.

      Yes hopefully it ended up in the hands of someone who treasures it.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Nothing was sacred with him and most of the stories and elaborate scenarios he orchestrated were so unnecessary. I would tend to believe him because who would bother to lie about it? It didn’t make sense. But now I know that was my biggest problem, I kept trying to make sense of the things he did and it will never happen.

      Thanks for stopping by!:)


      1. mysterycoach

        It is amazing the elaborate lies these types of people tell. Later the facts change, there’s no symmetry to their stories and POOF … they’re found out. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, it just always comes out. Crazy making at it’s finest.

        You’re Welcome!


  4. abandonedbarns

    It’s funny, but after I saw that the title of your post was “the Bible”, I read almost the entire thing thinking that you were referring to another JC. “Jesus lived in her basement”? – that’s when I finally figured it out.

    LwT, I’d like to suggest that maybe the “sign” was meant for you. Now, I don’t presume to know about your faith or you relationship with the JC about whom I was thinking, nor would I presume to have any idea what that sign might be intended to show you, but have you considered how the bible keeps reappearing in your life? Each time that you are surprised at it’s appearance, it’s survival of events (albeit maybe staged) that you were certain would represent the books certain destruction? Abused, pages torn out, used for deceit and deception and debauchery – that bible keeps finding it’s way back to your hands. That the frequency with which it appears to do so, seems to pace the appearance of this man coming in and out of your life?

    God has a way of using all things for good.

    Romans 8:28 (NIV)
    And we know that in all things God woks for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

    It just occurs to me that maybe the story of this bible is just beginning and I felt led to share that with you this morning. I hope this comment finds you well. God bless and shinny side up.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Abandoned barns thanks for stopping by and your comment, it is greatly appreciated. JC is a very controlling and abusive man I was involved with for 10 yrs. My blog has ended up being about my recovery from that relationship in an effort to make others aware of narcissist/psychopaths and the damage they do and the pain they cause.

      I very much believe in God and my faith has grown stronger throughout and since my relationship with JC. JC was raised in a very Christian home and I believe God has sent people to help him straighten out his life, his mother has prayed endlessly for him to change his life.

      JC uses his knowledge of Christianity when it suits his purpose; when it can benefit him. From one day to the next depending who he is talking to he is or isn’t a believer.

      In the 10 yrs I was with him I have seen him embrace God and then turn his back on anything to do with God and the Bible at least 4 times.

      After ten years with JC I can say there have been times I felt I was looking at the devil himself he could be so cold, cruel and calculated.

      We were split at the time of the fire and he knew a “miracle” like the bible surviving the fire would “hook” me and he could reel me back in.

      This man sabotaged my vehicles, purposely injured himself, physically and emotionally abused me, his son, my son, his sister, all in order to control and manipulate situations in his favor. Nothing is sacred to him, not even the bible.

      He did on occasion compare himself to Jesus Christ but the initials is where the similarities end.

      Thanks for commenting
      God bless
      Sent from my BlackBerry® powered by Virgin Mobile.


  5. The Heretic

    I’ll apologize if this comes off disrespectful. I am not a religious person, but maybe, just maybe JC might trip, and when he falls to the floor his father’s bible will be located right where his head will land. It might even leave a lasting impression. Just saying. 🙂


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Well said Heretic, I may be missing something but I don’t find it disrespectful in the least.

      For 10 yrs I witnessed JC break the law, use people, manipulate people, lie and get himself in situations with the law and the criminal element that would have gotten other people either in jail or dead. Every time, by some miracle he would come away smelling like a rose.

      I have been woken up from a nap on the couch with JC beside me by a man holding a gun aimed at JC screaming, “I’m gonna shoot you, you fucking SOB!!”

      I always believed that he was a very talented and tormented man and that if he would just “use his powers for good not evil” there would be no stopping the positive difference he could make in the world. I can’t count how many times he has tripped and the bible figuratively cushioned his fall.

      Maybe some day, I can only hope it is before he destroys another or kills someone.

      Thanks for commenting. You have good insight.


      1. The Heretic

        Insight? Nah, just another goof making a comment at an obviously moronic man’s expense. Or from reading I perceive him to be a moron.

        What can I say? I love comedy. 🙂


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