Don’t Let This Happen To You or Someone You Love.

Below you will find a link to Kim’s blog; a blog dedicated to her sister Kay who was murdered last year by her abusive husband.

Just days before the divorce papers were to be signed he left work early and sat waiting for her to come home from work with a loaded gun in his hand.

He shot her 3 times in the back of the head before he shot himself.

Kim is an eloquent writer who bares her soul, her pain and her sister Kay’s pain, unhappiness, Kay’s journal entries and final days in a gut wrenching tribute to her sister.

I can not read her posts without tears burning my eyes. Her hope is that by bringing awareness to the topic of domestic violence and sharing her sister’s story she will save some other woman’s life.

Please never underestimate how dangerous a narcissist/psychopath/sociopath is and how cunning and manipulative they are. They are expert actors and remember they do not have a conscience.

Please visit Kim’s blog and take tissues.

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Let This Happen To You or Someone You Love.

    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Personally I think they are always that way. Born without a soul like any other birth defect, just not visible and not easily detected because all kids are narcissistic to some degree. They have made a lot of advances medically and can fix a lot of birth defects but they haven’t come up with a “soul transplant” or any kind of training that will compensate for their disability.

      Either that or they sold their soul to the devil in a previous life.

      I can not get my head around killing anyone in cold blood and reading about it and remembering all the times I felt that gut instinct. I really think I dodged a bullet (figuratively).

      it is so senseless.


  1. lizziecracked

    I cried my eyes out the first time I went to Kim’s site… it is so tragic what happened to her sister and reminder not to underestimate how …quickly it can go from bad to the worst.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      I sobbed also. It was so senseless and she was thinking she would be free of him soon.

      Reading about it I realized even more how lucky I am to be away from JC.

      I had told him more than once that if anything ever happened to me my son would hunt him down and kill him and he knew it was the truth.

      How sick is that? That I stayed with a man I thought could kill me? The self doubt he instilled in me muted my nature instincts of self preservation. That is control.

      Sick very sick.


      1. lizziecracked

        then I am too… I think one thing very hard about reading her story, besides the senseless tragedy and loss is that …it hits you like a brick between the eye – it hit me – how easily that could have been me. Is it the movies that make us believe we will be able to identify the boogeyman? My therapist used to go over a safety plan every time I saw him… and I would … not take it seriously…. until one day – and I was very prg with youngest child, my sil called and told me to get my kids and get out of the house….he was angry and she didn;t know what he might do…this was a family that stuck together and she called me…


        1. ladywithatruck Post author

          Funny how it was JC’s sister that warned me also. I don’t know what it is that makes us ignore the obvious and stay with someone who will kill us. I think it is just so out of our reality, so absolutely unthinkable for us was think the person we love could never do something that awful.

          The thing is I was truly scared at times and purposely didn’t go with him at times because I felt he had a plan. So why on earth did I stay with him. If you believe someone could kill you how can you still love that person? And JC was so unpredictable, he’d leave in the morning acting like he hated me and call 1/2 way through the day all lovey dovey and wanting to take me for dinner; or be loving in the morning and not come home for 48 hours. He could hit me one minute and be like nothing happened the next.

          And too I think I thought I was going crazy sometimes, he told me I was enough times and how can someone who says they love you be planning to kill you?

          So “F””d up!!! But if JC would have succeeded in killing me, if I would have seen it coming I wouldn’t have been surprised and neither would any of my family and most of the people who knew us.

          He always talked about how he had a life insurance policy with me named as beneficiary but I never saw any proof of it and I always wondered if he was hinting I should have one naming him. Like hell!!! Same as he wanted us to both have our criminal records sealed when we got back together as a sign we were leaving the past behind us. I told him, “I’ve got nothing to hide, why would I pay $400 for something I don’t need?” He said that even if he sealed his he would show up on my record because of the police coming because of domestic violence. I just shrugged. The only reason he would have to worry about that would be if he hurt me or killed me or if we broke up and he got involved with a woman who had reason to want to See if he had abused me in the past. I wasn’t that stupid.



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