This is my updated business card

This is my updated business card

While writing the post updating every one I mentioned I had put my phone number wrong on my business flyers. I was reminded of another typo I had.

I used to have a Ford F550 that had a crane and winch on it. My business cards said. ” Lady Witha Truck,
Scrap Metal Recycling Service
Capable of hauling up to 5 tons
Equipped with a winch and crane.”

I had printed off 250 business cards and handed them out to every one I saw sometimes giving several to one person so they had extras. It was working really well, I was getting calls daily. I was out of business cards within a couple of months and decided to print more of exactly the same format because the last ones had such a good response.

I brought it up on my computer and was just giving it a once over deciding if I wanted to change anything when I noticed.

Equipped with a winch and CANE!!!!!

OMG I was laughing so hard I literally almost peed myself!!!

I had one customer ask me when I got to the job where my cane was and I had thought he was just being a smart ass and teasing me about my age. I had replied, “I’m not that old!”

I was probably getting calls from people because they felt sorry for me or were curious about a woman that uses a cane and hauls scrap metal.

Oh well it was good for business!

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3 thoughts on “Marketing Ploy or Freudian Slip

  1. lizziecracked

    LOL i was reading it thinking the slip would be instead of Winch and Crane

    WENCH and Crane….. lol wither one is good but you probably got more (real) business with cane…

    Hope you had a Happy Easter.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      You were dangerously close to another story I have which is deserving of its own post that had me considering changing my business to “scrap and screw”. I’ll tell it sometime.

      (((((((Lizzie))))))) I like the way you think!!



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