Where Do Narcissists Come From?

Where do Narcissists Come From?

There are conflicting views on how a narcissist comes to be; some experts say they are born that way, like any other birth defect their’s is that they are born without a soul, they aren’t wired right, when souls were being handed out they were in the bathroom looking in the mirror and missed out.

There are the experts that blame it on the mother, either she was a nasty controlling bitch who instilled a hatred for women in her man child, or the narcissist male was so spoiled, catered to and adored by his mother he became totally self absorbed. There is also the belief that some traumatic event or horrible abuse as a child made them shut off their feelings.

I don’t believe it is the way they were raised or a traumatic event, because they would have SOME guilt or desire to change if that were the case, they would know the devastation they cause, see the trail of destruction and at some point what to stop it. If they were born with a soul there would be some way to fix them and someone some where would have some memory of the person being different. JC has always been the way he is and yes he had some traumatic events in his life, because of the way he operated; always on the edge of the law, always pushing the limits, always ignoring rules and regulations, angering the wrong people and generally living as the rebel without a cause. Even as a young child he broke the rules, manipulated his parents by hurting himself to get out of trouble and tormented his brother by feeding his fears and teasing him.

The thing is, they don’t really know the destruction they cause because they don’t have the ability to empathize, they don’t have the same feelings as the rest of us so how can they fully understand the pain they cause? They don’t understand why we are so upset, why don’t we go out and get another guy, why don’t we use someone like they do? I know JC is confused by my inability to just move on to the next guy. Why don’t I find myself a man with money and then I wouldn’t have to do without? In his mind he is successful, because he has a house, a new car to drive and a summer house on the coast, he doesn’t care how he got it; he’s got it and that makes him successful. Most men would rather die than live off of a woman but a narcissist doesn’t have those feelings, he doesn’t possess the desire to earn what he has he is only concerned with image, how things look. He isn’t even concerned that someone might think he is using the woman because he doesn’t compute that not everyone thinks like him. He knows that society expects a person to work so he will but he never puts a lot of effort in, the only effort he puts in is to look like he is working but he will take short cuts whenever possible and not be invested in his job. Things that other men take pride in don’t even enter his mind.

He just assumes the world functions as he does; do whatever, say whatever, promise whatever you need to in order to get what you want. Picking a mate is as calculated as finding 10 or so women and then narrowing it down to who is the most receptive and who has what he wants; and in the end the woman that “wins” him gets to give him what he wants until she runs out and then he will move on and it is up to her to find another man to fix the mess the narcissist left her in.

I have my own theories on how they came to be, the first one came to me years ago, when I was watching; almost from a distance as he raged at me, hovering over me with his fist raised to hit me and I knew I was seeing pure evil. An evil so powerful it froze me, as if he was the devil himself; hatred and loathing oozing out of his pores. Is it any wonder I denied it? Who wants to believe that kind of evil exists let alone that you love “it”, it is easier to believe you are crazy than to accept the man you love is that depraved. But the devil can’t work alone, right?

Just as God has his angels down here on earth doing his work, the devil too must have……. whatever you call his henchmen, devils in training? doing his work. They say that 1 in 4 people are narcissistic and the numbers are growing and they say the end of the world is coming, I’m just saying, could it be?

On more than one occasion JC compared himself to Jesus Christ (he was the only man since Christ to build a road in Sudan, he was being persecuted like Jesus had been but the truth would come out soon, God has a special purpose for him on earth) . He knew the bible inside and out and was adopted by the most Christian people you could ever want to find. He has managed to coerce his mother into lying and covering for him; what a “win” for the devil.

You have heard the saying “He sold his soul to the devil”. What if it isn’t just a saying, what if, in a previous life these people sold their soul to the devil for something they wanted and then go on for eternity without a soul not even aware or understanding what they are doing. D

estroying the good people in the world, weakening the opposition to the devil maybe even winning some over to his side. Forever longing for what they see other people have; love, but incapable of every having it because if you don’t have a soul you can’t know true love. So the narcissist goes from woman to woman thinking the woman is the answer; the woman is going to make him feel loved. He knows he is empty, lacking and shallow and he keeps trying to fill the void; expecting a woman to do that for him. At first when he meets a woman he thinks she can do that for him because of the rush of feelings of lust and the excitement of the endorphins flooding his body but it fades and then he is angry with the woman for not giving him the love that he needs to feel whole. He needs that rush so he starts looking elsewhere, he replaces the feelings of love with the rush of porn, hookers, dangerous behaviour, drugs but nothing can fill that empty space where his soul used to be. He doesn’t realize he is missing a soul he just knows he feels empty and like a child expects those around him to make him feel better and so he tries to suck the soul out of people and he never can so then he wants to destroy them for letting him down.

All the while the devil is laughing, watching, and thinking “Another stupid person who thought they could sell their soul to the devil and not pay the price”. When you look in the eyes of a raging narcissist you believe in the devil and if there is a devil I really hope with my whole being there is a God because he is the only one who can fight that kind of evil.

The other theory I have recently come up with is they are aliens and put on this earth to infiltrate the people on earth and prepare for when the aliens come to take over the world.
The aliens had to find a way of fitting in down on earth so they created a human body, they were able to recreate a human exactly, able to give intelligence, charm, they could teach it how to respond to most human situations and conditions but there was one thing they could not recreate because they don’t have one and that is the soul. The best they could do was program their clone to respond certain ways to certain events; that is why the narcissist doesn’t always respond appropriately to situations, he is not programmed for a response and gets confused. He is intelligent enough to memorize suitable responses to various events but no way of feeling compassion or empathizing. Just like those alien movies I refuse to watch because they scare the crap out of me.

Just my thoughts on the matter; OK maybe a little far fetched? Or maybe not.

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37 thoughts on “Where Do Narcissists Come From?

  1. Diane

    They were born this way. That’s why they don’t change. Science can’t yet have ability to go add brain matter to areas of the brain. Narcs have very thinner grey matter in areas where empathy lives in the brain. Also thin grey matter in frontal lobe. Issues and defects in the amygdala too. So they are condemned to always be mental and emotionally retarded till they die and go to hell. They are certainly going to hell for the evil they do. As a side note. I know of many narcs that wet the bed as children. And I think this is an indication of this defective area in the brain too. Bed wetters seem to grow into narcs when there’s no medical reason that’s found. The brain is messed up in these people.


  2. steven

    I think the fact that narcissism was taken off the DSM-V, is because they know what it is and the people in power arent going to do anything about it.

    You are the first site i’ve seen to share your theories on narcissism. I think that’s pretty cool.

    Here are some that i’ve come across or created myself

    Demons. This is the devils land and we’re just guests.

    There are types of humans among us. Just like autistic people and aspies, there are these defiecient humans who dont operate optimally.

    Aliens. We have long since been invaded, and our invaders want to strip us down to but a husk of our former glory by constantly gas lighting us into doing things that we know arent right.

    Aliens again. Aliens actually feed off of our negative energy, which is why they are constantly provoking us.

    Inter dimensional mind parasites, archons. Gnostics talked about this at length.

    Organic portals, which are basically free bodies that can house many demons.

    It seems kinda boring to think that its just shitty humans being shitty. And the fact that everyone who has tried to fight for peace died, i feel like it’s some more sinister shit taking place. like aliens or something.


  3. Christine

    I think its hereditary…the person I married has two more brothers with simular charming features that I met (other brothers seem normal to me) large family…The eldest on second wife, won’t allow her to learn english as second language…I married the middle of 9 who after many years I have one day said WOW, I’m better than this…and then the youngest who is still being taken care of by the normal ones…why I say heredity, is that all three where raised as cousins until I told them to acknowlge as brothers…the 2 were adopted legally by the 2 other sisters of the biological mother…

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    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Christine, I most definitely agree it can be hereditary. My ex had one full blood sister who was diagnosed as Borderline PD and 2 half sibling that were perfectly normal. He was apparently exactly like his father, who died when my ex was just a baby.
      I think like some other birth defects there is some genes or chromosones that the two parents have that can cause the brain to never develop fully so the narc never develops the ability to feel.


  4. Stephanie Zurenko

    Definitely hereditary as the narc-psycho’s mother apparently had not a bone of nurturing in her body. There’s more to be said but she clearly presented the traits. My ex was not traumatized by anything that I could figure. He said he always knew he was different every since he was little. He was the classic narc-psycho n so our relationship followed the classic pattern. But when I was experiencing all the chaos and manipulation and conditioning, there was no real resources or wide spread knowledge of such people and their game. I had no idea what had happened to me. It took me years of research and study to figure it out. Now its common knowledge what they do and how they do it. There are, as carrie states,differences in the physiology and psychology realms of how they come to be but I am certain it is not trauma or mother dearest. That may trigger some elements but it is the lack of proper brain structure. Except the part I have a hard time with is the apparent soulessness. I have seen behind the eyes and there was nothinng. I think other mental defects have souls. Be he seemed to lack that spiritual essence that makes us human. Yest the physiology can and does play a key role in the lack of empathy and remorse but can it make you soulless?? This man truly would have done anything to me and I believe was actually trying to get me to killl myself as the ultimate tribute to himself. as we all have the stories could go on and on. Theres a couple thing sthat were different with him than the typical.. He left me and he never looked back. He never came seeking me when he needed a .source. He never thought about me at all. He never tried to hoover me back or nothing. Second after me, the women he sought out were narcissistic and psychopaths themselves. he was perfectly happy with getting his rocks off and it was all about that with a woman that didnt care about him as much as he didnt care about them. Not typica; as far as I know.
    Theres sitll things I dont understand and thet is why I am stiil searching for a specific piece to the puzzle. What happens to these people after death and during lives between lives…..



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