Where’s Da Wabbit?

Where's Dat Wascally Wabbit?

Where’s Dat Wascally Wabbit?

Move over! let me look, do you see one?huh? no that was a bird! are you sure? What about that?Isit

Move over! let me look, do you see one?huh? no that was a bird! are you sure? What about that?Isit

Look! there's 2 of those wascals!

Look! there’s 2 of those wascals!

There was 2 babies but only got pic of one

There was 2 babies but only got pic of one

One of the perks of self-employment is being able to enjoy those unscheduled sources of entertainment provided by mother nature; like watching the bunny’s eat in Richmond.

I was loading at a job site late yesterday and I could hear the dogs going wild in the truck. They were barking incessantly, whining, and thrashing around in the cab of the truck horribly. I yelled a few times, “NO NOISE!!!” But they probably couldn’t hear me over all the noise they were making.

I finished up doing a quick once over of the site to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and went to see what all the commotion was about.

They were both staring in the same direction but damned if I could see what they were so excited about. Then I remembered; we were in Richmond. Richmond is known for all it’s rabbits! People have been dropping pet rabbits off for years in Richmond and with the mating habits of the little rascals, Richmond has become over run with the cute but horribly destructive little creatures. It has become a real problem for the city and my dogs wanted to help with some population control!!!

After that first initial sighting Laila especially was obsessed with the rabbits. I could barely drive with her clamoring over me trying to see rabbits. She practically climbed up on the dashboard trying to see. I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face.

We went for a walk and they saw a couple of baby bunnies bounce into a bush and they bolted after them. I managed to hold onto the dogs but Laila broke the handle of her leash she hit the end of it so hard.

I put them in the truck and took 10 minutes to watch the bunnies eat dinner. There were 2 little black bunnies at first but I had to restart my phone before I could take the pictures and one of them had taken off by then.

He was so cute and had me laughing. He would eat for a few minutes and then burst into a flurry of activity bouncing in circles, eat for a few minutes more and then bounce, kicking up his heels, flipping in the air and then eat some more. I don’t know if he was just hyper or if he thought a moving target was harder to get.

I love being able to stop during my day and enjoy these little surprises.

It was a good day! Sunny, warm, AND productive.

I couldn’t help but think it’s just as well JC didn’t take Kato if his new g/f has two bunnies in the house I think he would have been able to overcome his pain for a frolicking game of “tag” or “hide and seek”. .

Posted by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck

6 thoughts on “Where’s Da Wabbit?

    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Thank you there definite perks to being self employed and I make an effort to stop and enjoy life around me and not be so self absorbed. Nature is a great source of entertainment and so are my dogs!

      Thanks for stopping by.


      1. kyrani99

        I absolutely agree with you. I worked both for others and myself and definitely working for one’s self in their own business/ employment is the best feeling.
        And like you I enjoy the life around me. I now live in a house in the forest and I have lots of birds and other animals around all day and all night.
        I also have two dogs a medium big one and little one (chuahua ..hope I got the spelling right). Anyway they are with me all the time, we even sleep together. I am doing a lot of writing and while they can go and play outside they seem to want to spend a lot of the time with me.


        1. ladywithatruck Post author

          I am presently out in the country also but unfortunately I can’t let them out on their own because we don’t have a fenced yard but if I am not outside they’d want to come in anyway; no matter how many heavy sighs of boredom they let out they still want to be with me. 🙂 aren’t dogs the best company? Good ones anyway.

          Mine sleep with me also; sometimes they get me so hemmed in I can’t move; one in the crook of my knees and one against my tummy and I want to roll over. Right now it’s raining and my old guy is on the couch sleeping and the wee one is on her blanket sleeping by the heater and my feet. If I get up and go into the bedroom she will follow me but the old guy will give me a questioning look. If I’m not going to stay in there or leave the house he isn’t going to bother moving off the couch. If I put my coat on he’ll scramble to the door pretty fast.

          They are the best security though, any sounds in the night and the old guy is checking it out and Laila stays with me. If he comes back to bed we know all is well, but if he starts barking we know someone or something is out there. I sleep like a log.

          I love the birds singing in the morning and the coyotes at night; oh and we have frogs! Lots of frogs that crock away with the coyotes at night. When my son was little we lived at a lake and we had raccoons, squirrels and bears, it was the best place for a single mom to raise a son, there was always something to do; besides computer games and watching TV.

          My friend stayed the night a while back and the coyotes and frogs kept her awake all night. But she lives in the heart of Vancouver and sleeps through sirens and traffic all night; I prefer frogs thank you 🙂

          Its getting hard to find a place to live in the country you are lucky. I have to move in a few weeks and although I’ll be happy to not drive so far I’ll miss the peacefulness of being out here..



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