He isn't doing the breast stroke, and he ain't doing the dog paddle but he's a mouse and not a leaf

He isn’t doing the breast stroke, and he ain’t doing the dog paddle but he’s a mouse and not a leaf

Well ok in this light sure it looks like a mouse swimming in my water bucket but at midnight last night when I packed the water pail into the trailer it looked like a leaf!

That is until I got it inside in the light.

Have I told you how deathly afraid of mice, rats, any thing that scurries out of hiding places over my toes; I am? I didn’t scream because I figured laying there face down in the water he was probably dead. If I would have screamed Kato would have come to look, seen it was a mouse and would have knocked the water(and mouse) over and flooded the trailer.

Maybe the mouse wouldn’t have been dead and just napping and it would have been scurrying every: where probably across my toes. It would have been complete mayhem!

So I carefully placed the water bucket back outside and figured maybe the mouse would be gone by morning. No such luck, he is dead cuz he’s still face down in the bucket.

So now I have to do something with it without letting Kato see me cuz he’ll want to “play” with it and my stomach can’t handle it.

I know I am living on a farm and mice live on farms and they are God’s creatures and they can’t hurt me; I don’t want to hear it ok? all that I want is the little dead mouse to not be in my water bucket.

I will update you all now before I even post this. I got rid of the poor little mouse. I feel guilty for having nasty thoughts about him. The bucket had dozens of little mouse turds in the bottom; the poor guy.

He goes out for an evening stroll, comes across a bucket he’s never seen before and thinks, “I wonder what’s in that bucket goes?”. (Kinda like where does that road go) so being of the adventurous nature the little mouse climbed right up to the top. So proud he made it all the way to the top he can hear the thene to Rocky playing in his head and he gives a final heave ho and hoists himself over the edge and falls into a bucket of water. Tragic!! I bet THAT wasn’t on his “bucket list”.

Posted by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck

10 thoughts on “What Does It Look Like To You?

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Oh, lovin’ ya Carrie 🙂 No matter how shit life gets, these things happen.

    When I was growing up with my father I had to REGULARLY wrap up in newspaper the newly dead mouse in the mouse trap, eyes bulging. I had to untrap it, wrap it up & put it in the bin. OMG I hated it. But I, yes me, it’s I had to do it… So I totally relate.

    Came by to tell you to check Michael the Heretic’s blog. He’s done you a wee something special. Yours is the last one so if you haven’t time to listen to the whole thing (OH NO YOU CAN’T WATCH VIDEO????) Damn. If you can at all visit something that plays video, check out Michael’s latest.

    Carrie, you seem well. I’m so happy 🙂

    http://www.VodkaWasMyMuse.wordpress.com / http://www.WordsFallFromMyEyes.wordpress.com


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Kyrani99 thanks for dropping in and commenting. He was actually kinda cute. Its funny; I am petrified of them but my son had a pet mouse years ago and I held him and he didn’t bother me; we named him Fred. Fred used to escape from his cage and we’d find him a few days later then one night my husband and I are in bed and we hear the cat meowing like he had his mouth full and we looked at each other and both screamed FRED!!! My husband went running out in the hall and I can hear, “Tigger, drop Fred!”
      Fred was saved to escape another day.


      1. kyrani99

        I have been quite busy lately but I like your blog and I am always thinking to drop by and read.

        I had some mice coming into my home at one time and one of my cat ate a few. Your lucky your pet escaped. Now they don’t come in here any more. I do however have some in the yard, since I am living inside the forest more or less but they are different and one of them is quite large like a small cat. I think he/she is a bandicoot. I sometimes feed it. I gave it some of my mousaka that has cheese and meat with macaroni in it and though it is normally shy. It really went for it. lol.


        1. ladywithatruck Post author

          Thank you for the compliment Kyrani99, I truly appreciate the positive feedback. I currently don’t have the internet when I am home and have to do it all while away from home on my blackberry so haven’t had the opportunity to visit many sites myself; so I totally understand and appreciate that you found time to pop in.

          You will never get rid of that bandicoot (I will have to Google that I have no idea what it is) if you keep feeding it like that! Sounds delicious!

          When we lived at the lake the raccoons got really brazen and would sit and watch my g/f and I doing our nails. Once in a while I would leave a raw egg out but was told to stop because they were such a nuisance getting people’s garbage and such.

          We also had shrews that my cat brought home. I had a loft bedroom and you could always tell when he came home with a trophy because he’d walk really loud on the roof and meow (with his mouth full) I wear contact lens and am blind in the morning when I wake up and he’d leave his kill some where around my bed so I’d have to be. Very careful where I walked.

          There is no end of things to hunt for a cat in the forest. Tigger brought home a tree frog once too; alive! And then let it go in the house. I was screaming bloody murder!

          I loved hearing about your life in the forest; where are you? I am going to look up bandicoot right now! Take care Carrie


  2. MysteryCoach

    I was just worried about you because your blog isn’t delivering to me. I checked and the blog disappeared, but only in one of the lists I have… that’s happened a few times lately with everyone’s blog. THERE YOU ARE!


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      That’s happened to me also. I don’t know why but all of a sudden I won’t get notification even though they are still on my blog roll. A glitch of some sort.

      My posts are sporadic at best and my comments or practically non existent becuz I don’t have the net at home.

      I hardly ever got to anyone else’s site so haven’t been to your new one yet but still have the invite and will asap.

      Good to see you my friend; I hope all is well in your corner of the world. It seems like forever since we talked.

      Take care


      1. MysteryCoach

        As long as you’re okay I’m happy… we can catch up anytime. Good to see you too … 🙂 Take your time, I’ll be around! No worries. You take care too.

        Turn around? NICE ASS WOMAN! 🙂 🙂



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