I’ve “Grinned, Beared It, and Been Thankful

I have really tried lately to see the brighter side of things, to be thankful for the blessings and not dwell on the problems. I have tried to “go with the flow” and not expect things to be done in my time frame and adapt my schedule and life to suit what was happening around me.

I have stopped to appreciate a sunset, listened to the birds chirping away in the morning, soaked in the beauty of the distant snow capped mountains, taken the time to help someone in need, and tried to generally let shit roll off me.
My thankfulness is being tested. We all know my U-joint was going on my truck. I had bought the Haynes Manual for my year and make truck, I’d bought the part I needed again. (The one JC sold me a few months ago for $50 was the wrong one and I got a brand new one for $26 at Lordco) I was planning on doing the job myself weekend before last.

On Thursday a fellow scrap hauler asked if I would take a job he had picking up at Canadian Tire in North Vancouver. It is a lot out of my way but he said I would make a couple hundred on it for sure; he just couldn’t fit it into his schedule. I asked what time I had to be there and he said any time. I was a little bit later than I had planned because I stopped at a regular customer’s and they were just finishing a huge clean up of his shop. He didn’t have my phone number and had already gotten rid of two bins of scrap. Now instead of being upset about the scrap I missed (all week I had felt I should stop in there but had been too busy) I was thankful for what scrap I did get. The guy helped me dig it out of the mud. When I got to North Vancouver they had already given the scrap to someone else. She said that the guy who gave me the job never said for sure he could come and she’d run into this other guy that said for sure he’d be there so she went with him.

Great! I just blew $50 in fuel to turn around and go back in rush hour traffic. It was stop and start bumper to bumper all the way and my rear end was clunking every time I stopped and started. I had two bridges getting there and two bridges leaving and I just prayed my rear end held together on the. bridges.

I made it over them both and looked at my watch, I hadn’t made not bad a time; it was only 3:30 so I had plenty of time to get to Amix. Not enough time to pick up any where else but at least I had a small load on and with some luck might make a couple hundred.

It was the hottest day so far this year and the dogs were hating it and fussy because the sun was on them.

Just as I was coming up to a main intersection on one of the main arterial roads in Surrey, 108th, there was a horrible crash, then grinding and I knew what had happened; my drive shaft had fallen off.

I got out looked under the truck and yep that’s what happened. Did I get upset? Nope, I thanked God it didn’t happen on one of the bridges; then I flagged the cars behind me to go around.

I come prepared so I threw on my safety vest, popped my hood to show I was broken down and got my safety cones out. I placed 6 safety cones out showing the lane was closed and got back in the truck. (My 4-ways don’t work properly) I started down my business cards calling for some one to pull me off the road or to come get my load and take it in for me before Amix closed because I was going to need money for sure.

No one could help, every tow truck I called was in another town or heading out of town. It was 4:00 in the afternoon on the first sunny day of the year, a Friday; the odds were not in my favor.

I heard brakes squealing and looked through the passenger window just in time to see an oriental lady flip me the bird. I didn’t feel her hit me but her car sure sounded like it had something dragging. After she passed me she had to pull over to extricate the cone that was stuck in the under carriage of her car. As the guy who was behind her drove past me he said, “I guess she didn’t see the cones.” And laughed.

People were insane!! I knew there was going to be an accident.

I came across Hal’s number; he had offered several times to get me parts or fix my truck and I’d never taken him up on it and I thought he had a tow truck; if nothing else I was hoping he could take the dogs for me. I knew he liked them because he had wanted Laila. I called him but he was busy but gave me a few numbers to try and said to call him back if didn’t have any luck. I was only a block from a gas station where I often fuel up so I thought I’d walk the dogs down there for a drink and see if they could help me. It was no easy task getting the dogs safely out of the truck on this busy road but I managed.

By now it was 4:45 and they were shutting the garage down at 5 so they were no help. I was heading back to the truck when a woman pulled into the driveway in front of me and said, “I’ve been looking for you, Hal sent me to come get the dogs” she then introduced herself as Hal’s wife. Thank you God!

Now I didn’t have to worry about the dogs. I put them in the air conditioned van and off they went. She asked if there was anything she should know and I said to keep them away from other dogs and they’d be fine.

I have a traffic sign with “slow” on one side and “stop” on the other so I gave up my search for a rescuer and went out to direct traffic. No word of a lie, with cones, a reflective vest, and a sign I still had to jump out of the way of at least 6 cars who didn’t see me.

After an hour of playing dodge ball with the traffic I decided to hell with it and went back to my truck. Hal called and said he had found a tow truck and would be there within the hour and his son would be able to fix my truck. Bonus!

Some lady had pulled right up to my bumper and was honking; she sat there through two traffic lights honking. I was 3 car lengths from the intersection, my hood was up, she had the last of my cones under her car and I figured if she was too stupid to pull into the other lane and go around me she could honk all she wanted. But when she started to honk when the light turned green for the 3rd time I couldn’t contain myself and laid on my horn. THEN she pulled around me and flipped me the bird and called me a bitch.

My good Lord!! And she drove off dragging my last cone under her car!! She got stopped at a red light right in front of me and I was tempted to go rip a strip off of her but thought better of it.

Some day I am going to stop in the middle of the road and sit there until I have a dozen cars behind me honking then I’ll get out and go, “Oh!! Do you want me to move?? Why didn’t you say so?” And then drive away.

What do people think? I parked there just to piss them off? If I had a choice would I choose to park in the middle of the road in rush hour on a hot day?

To the nasty lady: let me give you a tip; If a car sits through 3 lights without moving and you’ve been honking the whole time maybe you should get out and make sure they’re alive!!

Hal got there with the tow truck and got me off the road.
It cost $100 and I had $140 and I was thankful I had enough to pay for the tow truck. I was thankful Hal showed up, and when two of the tow trucks I had called earlier to make sure I wasn’t still sitting there I was thankful for my fellow scrap haulers who cared if I was ok.

To be continued:

Posted by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck

2 thoughts on “I’ve “Grinned, Beared It, and Been Thankful

  1. The Heretic

    Being stranded sucks, but at least someone came in the nick of time. I hate stupid people like the two women you described that weren’t smart enough to actually pull their head out of their asses to pay attention to what is going on around them. Too bad you didn’t get the license plate numbers of their cars so you could send them a bill for the cones they purchased when their cars took them. 😀

    One time my father and I were stranded at a highway exit after I had picked up from work one day. The Dodge truck he had at the time was overheating the entire ride home, so every time it would overheat we would have to pull over to the side of the road, wait for it to cool down, and then try to make it a little further. When we were made it to an exit and were trying to stick with the frontage road so that way if it overheated again we wouldn’t have to worry about being on the highway still. Before we can even proceed past the intersection it overheated again, and we were stuck. Fortunately three police suv’s were behind us (or at least behind the vehicle directly behind us), one of them rolling up to us and asking if they can push the truck to the right. We get ready to move and the guy directly behind didn’t even move. The cop told him twice to move his vehicle and he started shaking his head no. After the third time of telling the guy behind us, and he shaking his head no, one of the other officers in the other suv’s pulled right up to him and audibly chewed him. Needless to say he moved his vehicle and the one cop pushed us to the right side of the road out of the way. While the cop who pushed us inquired what had happened and wanted to know if we would be all right from there on out, we could hear the other cop still on the exit chewing out the guy who didn’t want to move. Needless to say it was awesome! Fortunately my brother-in-law showed up, took us to the autoparts store, brought us back and we got the truck back home. By the time we got home we were tired, famished, hot, and in need of a shower.

    The idiots of life always seem to keep the many snags in life from being dull. 🙂


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