My Week cont:

My week continued:

So we tow my truck to Mary’s, tow charge was $100 and I had $140 so I still had $40 left for fuel. Mary is a friend of Hal’s, I’m not really sure what the connection is, she rides with him everyday but Hal is married. Mary has osteoporosis and is waiting for hip surgery on both hips and walks very gingerly with a cane. We parked the truck in Mary’s driveway and Hal’s son was supposed to fix it the next day, I live so far away and Hal has a dozen or so vehicles so he lent me one to go home in, a van. I went to pick up my dogs from Hal’s house, a very nice place in a good neighborhood (some people do ok hauling scrap). So far so good, Kato was so happy to see me he could barely walk his tail was wagging so furiously. I guess they didn’t listen to me when I said to keep the dogs away from other dogs and introduced their pitbull to my dogs. Laila attacked her right away; Kato laid in the corner and didn’t move. Laila took over the house and Kato laid in the corner, Laila went around the house and collected all the toys, Kato laid in the corner, Laila pigged out on doggie treats, Kato laid in the corner, Laila went around making friends with all the people, Kato laid in the corner.

When I pulled up he was outside for a pee and I called his name, he didn’t recognize the van of course and didn’t know where my voice came from but he ran in the direction of my voice. I didn’t even park the van properly but left it ½ way out in the road (so like me) and knelt down. He was so excited he kept shaking his head (a nervous thing he does) and practically climbed on top of me. I hadn’t thought of it but I guess he would have been wondering what happened. One minute we are walking down the road and the next he is put into a van and they drive away leaving me behind, he didn’t know if he would ever see me again; poor little guy. Laila didn’t give a shit she was busy making herself the head of the household! haha

I loaded them in the van (it’s a cargo van, with two bucket seats) and the jockeying for position on the seat started and hasn’t stopped since. I stopped at a friends on the way home and he is interested in buying the van if the price is right so that’s a good thing cause he really needed a van (this is the guy that does all the flea markets and works at the auction house) I planned on going back the next day and taking my gardening tools because Mary’s yard is in desperate need of some TLC, and she’s afraid the city is going to come down on her again about her grass being too high but she certainly isn’t capable of doing it. I figured it was the least I could do seeing as my truck was parked in her driveway and thought maybe that was why I broke down; Mary needed help and I could provide it.

I got down there on Saturday and nothing has been done to my truck, Hal nor Mary are around so I started on the lawn while I waited. Finally Hal showed up, he is not the fastest person I know and does a lot of talking so I know why he is always late and I didn’t want to bitch, after all he is doing me a favor but I really wanted to get going because I planned on trying to sell some stuff at the flea market on Sunday in hopes of making enough money to fix the truck. I finally got out of there and Hal lends me $50 for fuel. I was still thankful, I had food at home, I had smokes, I even had one Mikes Hard Lemonade left. I also hoped to do some bucking of wood for Jim and make $30 or so but he hadn’t been up working that day. Oh well that gave me more time to get ready for the flea market. It was a lot more work than I imagined getting stuff ready seeing as I don’t have running water to clean things.

Sunday I got away late and the flea market was a bust, went to two and no one around but I met some nice people. I had a price of $20 on a wood chair and a nice fellow told me it was a $300 chair and I was asking way too little for it. Nice guy. I’m thankful! I went home is a good mood, thankful for the $50 so I could put more fuel in and buy a few groceries.

Monday I went down to get my truck and did a lot of work on Mary’s yard, she is thrilled and I am thankful I could do it. I wait around for Hal until almost dark; when he arrives he tells me he didn’t get a chance to do anything on it, for sure tomorrow. I got home at 12:30 am and was beat, almost fell asleep driving.

Mary’s window in the basement on the front of the house is broken (Hal broke it in November and it’s still not fixed). She lives in a bad neighborhood and had prowlers last night and didn’t sleep all night so I went to habitat for humanity on Tuesday and looked for a window the right size. They didn’t have one but I bought security bars instead, Habitat gave me a good deal on them and I picked up their scrap. I had put a tarp down in the back of the van and done a few pickups because I was so broke by now. I took a small load in and then went to Mary’s, once again Hal wasn’t there and nothing had been done on my truck. I continued doing Mary’s yard and it was looking so much better. Her and Hal showed up just as it was getting dark. Mary has a fenced yard so I was able to let the dogs loose in the yard and they loved it!! they played and played and I was thankful for the opportunity and I enjoyed making her yard look better. Still thankful. Didn’t get home until 1 am.

On Wednesday I am dead tired and my hands are numb, I over did it doing Mary’s yard and my neck was out and pinching a nerve that makes my hands go numb, when this happens I have to be really careful or I will be crippled up for months so I took it easy. BD called and had a huge load they needed gone by the end of the day Thursday, it was probably 3 loads in my truck I told Hal I had to have my truck by that night. I got down to Mary’s and worked some more on her gardens, her and Hal were late again, they had stopped to buy flowers and eat dinner so of course my truck didn’t get done. He offered to haul the load for me and pay me 1/3 of what the take was. Now I do BD’s yard work all year to get their scrap and they have one big load a year and I need my money to pay Hal for the repairs and I need to buy another engine too, so I said no I would figure something out. Plus if he is hauling my scrap he isn’t fixing my truck so I lose all the way around. He got an attitude with me and I ended up having to defend and explain myself which I hate. I don’t have to explain myself to him, if I choose to not get him to haul my scrap it is my choice and I shouldn’t have to defend that decision. I had wanted to shop around for a drive shaft and he got angry and said he had one, I took him at his word and now it turns out he didn’t have one and he fabricated one. It is a 1991 GMC there are thousands of old GMC’s around and I am sure there is a drive shaft at an auto wreckers I could have picked up for a couple hundred but to fabricate one is going to be expensive. Plus I have been told by everyone who I tell that it has to be balanced and if it isn’t it is going to vibrate.

I ended up leaving Mary’s in tears because Hal is pressuring me to do things his way and I’m not going for it; he also wants me to move into his 5th wheel that he has parked in Mary’s driveway. Mary is concerned because of the neighbors and she doesn’t want the city coming down on her. Hal wants me to pay $200 to him for the trailer and $200 to Mary and the trailer needs to be cleaned (he got it for free because the old guy died and the family just wanted to trailer gone). Sure it wouldn’t be so far out but any money I save on fuel I would be spending on rent and I don’t want to live in a 5th wheeler, I want a home. At least where I am I have a little bit of an outside area to sit, park my truck etc, there I would be confined to the trailer. I told him thanks but no thanks I have an apartment full of furniture I want to use, he said “Put it in storage.” I told him it is in storage because I want to use it, I don’t want to live in a 5th wheel forever.” And I am thinking, why am I explaining myself to this asshole?

I tried to explain to him that I have been behind the 8-ball ever since I left JC, paid back almost $10,000 last year and every hundred dollars is important to me and he starts to tell me he owes $17,000 in back taxes. We aren’t talking about you Hal, I am explaining to you why you can’t screw me out of money you don’t deserve. I tried to be polite and calm and said, “I am not criticizing you, I am telling you where I am coming from and why I have to be very careful about my money.” He said, “I know exactly how much money you have and he listed off how he has calculated my money. I am thinking “this guy is nuts! What the hell is he doing figuring out how much money I have?” I just left and got home after midnight again.

I am seeing so many red narcissistic flags flying around Hal’s head it’s scarey. Funny how you can pick up on it so easily when you’ve been there and when you aren’t romantically blinded. The gotta do things his way, he’s put in more effort than anyone else would, he’s more talented than anyone else, my time isn’t important, Mary’s safety isn’t important, he’s got all sorts of stuff stored at Mary’s and she gets shit from the city for it, he gets easily offended even if I suggest I might be able to get the part from someone else, has to know where I am and what I am doing, telling me what I have to do and getting angry if I don’t want to do it. It makes me shudder.

I ended up hauling the scrap in the van and stockpiling it at the farm for when I get my truck back. Friday I took in a load to Amix of mostly aluminum which I will pay BD for. So I am still thankful.

I didn’t even call him for 2 days or return his calls until last night and he asked where I had been. He had an accusatory tone to his voice when he said, “So I hear you were at Amix yesterday.” I said yes I was and I went straight home because I didn’t want to sit around waiting for him to show up and not get home until midnight or later and that I figured he’d call if my truck was ready. It turns out my truck isn’t ready and won’t be until tonight now. I asked what my bill is going to be and he said he hadn’t figured it out yet but he has about 14 hours into it, without parts, even at $50/hr I’m looking at a $700 bill for a $200 job. I am starting to lose my thankfulness.

So far since being on the farm I have had 2 pairs of hedge trimmers taken, my edging tool, pitch fork, shovel, and my container of drill bits, it seems everyday when I get home something else is missing. I am not sure if the workers think it is a free for all and don’t realize this stuff belongs to me and not the farm or what but it is starting to make me angry.

Not having the internet is really starting to get to me, of all the things I am living without I think it is the one that I miss the most., having my cell phone too but if I had the net I could at least email people but not having my phone has caused me to miss a couple of jobs. I’ve been here far longer than I had planned; I will be paying for my 3rd month of storage this week and beginning to wonder if I will ever use my stuff again. I try to not think about it and just take it day by day but then I think I am burying my head in the sand and not facing reality and the reality is with this drive shaft fiasco and having to get another engine there is no way I can get out of here this summer and that puts me into such a depression I can’t think about it. I am missing my gardens so badly it almost hurts.

Kato got away from me two days ago, I had been letting him out without a leash because he’s been so good about coming when he is called and he’s been so gimped up he doesn’t move very fast these days. Well, I turned my back for a few minutes putting laundry in the van and he disappeared. I drove up and down the road calling and he must have been hiding, (he’ll do that, usually I see his legs or tail sticking out from behind a bush but this time I couldn’t find him) I went back to the trailer and sat in the van wondering what I should do. The neighbors chickens were peacefully pecking away in the driveway when all of a sudden all hell broke loose and the chickens started squawking like mad. I looked up and all I could see was a golden streak heading in their direction. He may be gimpy but when he seeing chickens he’s greased lightening!! He went straight through the gate and disappeared into the yard with me right behind him yelling, “KATO NO!!!!” but it was too late, he came from around a shrub with a mouthful of feathers looking like the Shar-pei that ate the chicken (cat that ate the canary). I scolded him and he went running home. I knocked on the door but no one was home so I put an apology letter and $30 in an envelope and left it at her door.

The lady that owns the chickens has such a sweet little garden, magical actually and I was so envious and she has beautiful chickens and brought me a dozen fresh eggs when I first moved in so I felt especially horrible about the whole thing. Even though I did feel awful and was very angry with him and was giving myself shit for not watching him closer or closing the lady’s gate when I first saw the chickens, I had to hold back from laughing because Kato was quite a sight when he came around the bush with chicken feathers all over his face and looking so sheepish, he kept trying to blow the feathers off his face but he was busted!!!

That is my week in a big nutshell. It’s Monday, I sure hope I get my truck back soon, but I will take a deep breath and try to be thankful and not stress. Ha!!! I can’t even say it with a straight face.

Posted by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck

10 thoughts on “My Week cont:

      1. Aurora HSP

        Oh. God. You just said what I feel so well. Every time I just feel a burst forward, something smacks me down again that I had no way of seeing. Trying to change that energy but I really don’t believe it mine. Hang in there, Carrie, you inspire me with your candor and your courage.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Thanks Mountainmae, so far so good!:) except for the tranny on the van I borrowed| breaking its been a great week. Sheesh wouldn’t it figure it would go when I have the dang thing.


  1. Off the Wall

    Really? seriously? this is how you are treated by “friends”? I would have that truck towed away and get the $200 part and fuck that guy. Be cheaper in the long run. And give them a bill for your yard work. you don’t need friends like that!


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Thanks Jan for the feed back. The truck is done; finally! But there is an update to this whole fiasco I am about to post and I would like your opinion on this new development.


  2. The Heretic

    I agree with Off the Wall! Sounds like the guy is being more of a cock (and I don’t mean the chicken) than a friend. I’d give him a dildo before I ever give him my money for work he might or might not get around to, depending on how festive he feels like being.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Micheal, thank you! You know I would do a lot better if people stopped giving me the shaft and I don’t mean drive shaft! I want your opinion on my next post also. You say it like it is and I really need to take a survey on something.


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