We Say Goodbye To The Warehouse

They say that one of the traits of narcissism is that they can appear to be putting in phenomenal effort, say that they are carrying the load at work and at home and yet are lazy at the same time. That was JC, when he did have a job he would be at work 7 days a week and put in 15-24 hours a day. He would tell me how the previous guy had screwed everything up and even the company would be singing his praises. They would be so happy to have found him; but within a few months he would be fired again. He would be accused of stealing, wasting company time and screwing up on jobs. Things weren’t any different at home; he would put in phenomenal hours in the shop only to have it look worse than when he started. Like when you send a child to clean their room and they get sidetracked playing with their toys and nothing gets done except to make a bigger mess.

Every time we had moved it had been the same thing, he’d work for hours and get nothing done, then when moving day came it was a mad panic and this time was no different. We were no longer allowed to stay the night at the warehouse and were only allowed in during the day and it seemed JC wasn’t making any headway at all packing.

I had packed everything I could and was trying to keep his ass moving. Since the night he had held me and said he loved me he had been cold and distant again. I tried to tell myself it was because of everything going on, moving, boxes with green stuff oozing out of them; it could distract a person, right?

We knew the two guys that did the night shift were having friends come by to hang with them while they were on duty, so to see a few beer bottles around didn’t cause any alarm bells, but we arrived one morning to dozens of empties littering the ground. I went in the shack and the stereo had been moved from the warehouse into the shack; that was strange.

Then JC called me to come up to the warehouse. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked through the door, the place had been ransacked, there were parts and tools strewn every where, we had a 90 gal aquarium ½ way up the stairwell to the upstairs living area and someone had put flashlight batteries in the aquarium and all the fish were dead; that was just plain malicious and cruel. We went back outside and noticed all the vehicles hoods were up, dead batteries no doubt. JC had a HUGE ring of keys; he kept any keys he found because with heavy equipment and older vehicles especially often times the same key will work for other vehicles and it was missing. Then we noticed the keys scattered around on the ground; they must have been trying to steal or at least joy ride in the vehicles.

A fellow who lived in a warehouse down the road came up when he saw our truck pull in and he had JC’s car jack in his hand. He said there had been partying here all night. He said that the kids had the music up on previous nights but last night it had been unbelievably loud. He said they had been burning rubber up and down the road all night and at one point he saw some kid outside his place and went out to investigate and the kid threw something in the bushes and ran. He checked out what the kid had thrown and it was JC’s jack. JC always wrote his name on all his tools, (even the ones that weren’t his) either with paint or carved it in with a marking tool.

We couldn’t believe the brazenness; they knew we would know who did it.

JC had one of the kid’s phone number and called him. I didn’t hear the conversation but JC said he told the kid he had the day to bring everything back or JC was calling the cops and his boss, but he liked the kid so he would give him a break. The kid showed up a few hours later with a car load of young people and an attitude a mile long. He popped his trunk to reveal a fraction of the tools and parts that were missing. After he left I said to JC that the kid’s car sure sounded “throaty” and he said, “It should, he has my headers on his car.”

JC said he had made some sort of deal with the kid that he wouldn’t tell his boss if he paid JC back over time and the kid agreed but we never got any money from him. We reported it to his boss and the guy said his company wasn’t responsible for the kid’s actions. JC even talked to the kids father who gave him some money but I wasn’t involved in the whole thing because I didn’t always believe JC’s version of events or the value he put on things. If it was mine or someone else’s it was crap and not worth anything and if it was his it was worth big bucks.

It was just a big fiasco and when it came right down to it, I kinda felt it was karma. You can’t keep riding the fence of legalities and not expect you won’t get pay back.

I always found myself explaining right from wrong with JC, he seemed naïve, like he genuinely did not understand how society functions or to learn from his mistakes. He made himself out to be this innocent farm boy from Saskatchewan who believed in a handshake to seal the deal, trusted everyone and was the one being taken advantage of. His mother in Edmonton collaborated on the image he projected, that he was a misunderstood country boy.
I had real issues with the way JC operated, to him there was nothing wrong with buying “hot” merchandise and I’ve known other people in my life who thought nothing of buying TV’s or stereos from someone who worked at the docks and got them “cheap” but for me it was wrong; it was stolen, no grey areas. One time he bought a bunch of tools really cheap out of some guys trunk, when he got back I said to him that they were stolen and it was wrong. His mouth dropped open and he did his best “shocked” look (I think he practiced his “looks” in the bathroom mirror) and said no, the guy said he was short on cash and just selling his tools. I told him karma will bite him in the ass. How can he expect for his tools to not get stolen when he buys stolen tools. Its just karma; the laws of nature, justice, whatever you want to call it. To me; having his tools stolen was karma and I just wanted to get out of there and forget the place.

A few days before we were to be out of the warehouse JC came back from town and said he had seen the owner, the guy who had lived here before us, the realtor who supposedly had the place listed for sale and the police captain all talking on the street. We thought that it was rather strange.

Then the day we were to be out of the warehouse a delivery truck arrived, I went out to see what he wanted and he said he had an antique table to be delivered to this address. I told him he must be mistaken, no one here was expecting a table. He argued that he had the right address so I asked for a name and he gave me the name of the guy who had lived here before JC moved in. I told him that the guy had moved a couple of months ago and no one had seen him since. I said that he probably just didn’t have his new address. He told me he had talked to the guy himself and written the address down only 2 days ago and this is where he was told to bring the table.

When our final day came around Captain Hook was the only security guard and although I was happy to be getting out of the warehouse, it was a sad day in a way also. Hook had gotten quite attached to us I think and I liked him, he was a good old guy with his heart in the right place. He took me aside and said, “I gotta lock that gate at midnight, I have to, but what is outside that gate is none of my concern so just make sure everything you want to take is on the other side of that gate at midnight OK?” I thanked him and promised.

JC was dicking around, not getting things moved; we had half a dozen vehicles to move, all his tools and a houseful of furniture. I loaded up our one ton flat deck with all the household stuff and as many parts and tools as I could lift, I moved the running vehicles outside the gate and there was nothing left for me to do. It was 11:00 pm and the 5 ton wouldn’t start yet JC was painting pinstripes on it instead of trying to get it running. I said, “Can’t that wait? Pinstripes won’t do you any good if it is locked behind the gate in an hour.” He wouldn’t listen to me, I was just being a nagging bitch again.

I went in the warehouse to do a walk through for anything we might have missed and was standing there is a daze, I was tired………. no exhausted, scared and sad because now we were supposed to go our separate ways. He walked up behind me, put his hands on my shoulders and turned me to look at him, his eyes filled with tears and he pulled me close, with one hand in my hair and one around my waist he held me against his chest. I could feel his tears falling on my cheeks and I started to cry. He said that he hadn’t treated me right and that he didn’t care what he lost as long as he didn’t lose me. He said he could get through anything with me by his side. He thanked me for sticking by him and said, “We will be ok Baby, as long as we have each other.”

I know now I should have run but at the time it was all I wanted to hear. He promised to never break the law again, promised we would find a church to attend and that he would treat me like I deserved to be treated. I loved him so much, I know no one can understand that and I can’t explain it even now, especially now. Even as I am typing this the tears are running down my face and falling on the keyboard; it makes me so sad to know that I loved someone that much and it was all a lie.

We wiped our faces and both kinda laughed because we were crying and he hugged me and said, “Will you help me get that truck out of here it’s almost midnight.” He looked sheepish, as if to say I know you told me so.

We got it out the gate at midnight on the dot and Captain Hook closed the gate behind us and locked it, “You kids take care of yourselves eh? Good Luck and …………JC, treat this girl right, you’re lucky to have her.”

JC steered the 5-ton while I drove the one ton and towed the 5-ton to a friend’s yard, we left two cars parked outside the fence; they were towed and impounded by the next day. I had JC’s guitars in my car and the one ton was loaded to the max with everything else.

For the first time in a long time I felt positive about the future, strange as that was because we had no where to go………… but I was with JC and he had his arms around me, kissed my forehead and said, “Thanks Babe, I’d be lost without you. I love you.” And I believed him.

As we pulled away the sun was coming up in the distance and I took a deep breath, rested my head on JC’s shoulder, closed my eyes and said a silent prayer thanking God for opening JC’s eyes, it’s going to be ok; silly silly girl.

*(As soon as we were out of the warehouse the guy who had lived there moved back in, the for sale sign came down and renovations began. They worked for a couple of months inside the warehouse and when they were done it was rented out to a roofing company The guy disappeared and we heard the owner went back to Mexico after being here about 6 months.)

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3 Replies to “We Say Goodbye To The Warehouse”

  1. I don’t pretend to know shit about cars, but are headers expensive? If so why would you sell them on a payment promise and not ask for the money upfront when you are selling them? Don’t you NEED the money? Especially if you are trying to move out of a place that you need to be out of rather quickly.

    I think Captain Hook realized more of what was going on than what JC was willing to let on. Like he was telling JC to be aware of who was saving his bacon and to be thankful. Which I am guessing fell on deaf ears that were pretending to listen.


    1. The kid stole the headers, or that is what JC said. You know I never understood why he didn’t threaten the kid with bodily harm and make him take them off the car right there and then. I am not sure now what was going on I don’t think I was getting the whole story.

      I know JC used to pick the wrong people to befriend. He would try to impress people and a lot of time that got him in shit or taken advantage of. It seemed either he was taking advantage of someone or them him; but when you deal with crooks you shouldn’t be surprised when they rip you off.

      The young guys were all so enthralled by JC’s stuff and stories that I think he was trying to be a “good guy” and they’d really like him but I think the truth is he was a joke to them.

      There were times we literally had nothing to eat and he would refuse to collect money owed him for parts or work he’d done. Yet he kept track of every cent he gave me and would invoice me for it and badger me unmercifully for the money. I mean every cent, one time he had written down the .45 cents he gave me because I wanted a slushy and was short 45 cents. When he would get scrap cars he would have to drain all the fluids out of them and he would save the gas and then put it in my vehicle and bill me pump prices.

      Even when he gave me “gifts” I learned to ask, “is this a gift or am I going to be billed for it because if I have to pay for it I can’t afford it.” But guys ripped him off and he’d still be all buddy buddy with them.

      Some times I wondering if he as all there in the head because it just didn’t make sense. Ok like this one guy would sell him stolen diesel for his truck. I always refused because it’s just wrong and I would tell him every time it was going to bite him in the ass and he’d go do it anyway. With diesel vehicles you can totally screw them up by putting bad fuel in them. You can ruin your injectors which is thousands of dollars, your fuel pump another $1500. (Oh right you know all about this! I almost forgot 😉 )

      Well he bought fuel from this guy and didn’t get a mile down the road and his truck quit; the guy had sold him water. It cost him $1500 for a new fuel pump and it never did run right after that. THEN the guy calls and has more to sell him and he says, “No way, last time you sold me water.” The guy said, “This time its good fuel, honest.” So he buys it and you guessed it; he didn’t make it 2 blocks this time. Like how stupid is that?

      I know, I just thought the same thing you did; how stupid was I to keep believing HIM every time he said, “THIS time I am telling the truth.”


      1. He would loan shark you for a measly forty five cents? That’s retarded!

        How do you not know that what you are getting is water? Couldn’t you smell the difference as it is being poured? I’ve heard of dumb, but holy shit.


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