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My affirmation rocks

My affirmation rocks

I bought these stones at the dollar store the other day, each one has an inspirational word painted on it, such as forgiveness, thankfulness, Love, etc. Everyday I take one or two with me; whatever I feel I need that day. Today I took Blessings and Courage.

After I left Amix I took the dogs for a walk and then was cleaning off my deck and wrapping up my straps when a fellow approached me and asked for $2.25 for the sky train. He said he and his wife were fighting.

I looked in my wallet and didn’t have a twoonie but then I remembered I had one in my pocket and reached in to get it and the Blessings rock fell out. I put it in my purse and gave the guy the $2.25; then I thought, “I bet he could use some blessings”. And I handed him the rock.

I said, “Here take this, maybe it will bring you blessings, it sounds like you could use t them”. He asked if I was sure. Twice and seemed genuinely touched I gave it to him.

I hope he is blessed with whatever it is he needs.

I guess the courage rock worked because I had the courage to give it to him.

I had a good day today!! Everyone was so pleased with my truck and I made good money for two days in a row.

I have been blessed also.

Posted by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck

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