And The Survey Says……? Give Your Opinion Please!

I wrote this post the night of 6/6/12. I just couldn’t send it cuz I didn’t have the internet. So ……..

Ok so this is the new development in my life concerning my truck repairs.

A few days ago I bought the 1973 Chev truck. I drove the van to the house where the truck was for sale, made the deal and then had to go get a permit to drive the truck home.

On the way back the van didn’t want to shift. I got back to the guy’s place and he was going to drive the truck to my place and I’d drive him back home. I had a helluvatime with the van but it did shift and got home but I said we’d better take the truck back to his place.

When I got home I checked the tranny fluid and it was empty! Then I checked all the fluids and it was low on oil, had practically no power steering fluid, and no brake fluid. I drove the truck to buy tranny fluid. I put it in and it shifted fine for a couple of blocks and then wouldn’t shift any more. I bought more tranny fluid but it didn’t help. In total I put 3L of fluid in. (I’m not sure how much it would need)

6/4/12 I get to Amix and find out Hal has been calling there to see if I have been in. I don’t like that.

I call him and tell him about the van and that it had no fluids in it. He blames me for the tranny going. He said I should have checked all the fluids every day. I check my oil every 2nd day but unless I have an issue with something leaking I don’t check my tranny fluid, power steering fluid or brake fluid more than maybe a couple of times a month.

I say he should have checked out the van before he gave it to me to drive. I had no reason to believe I had to fill all the fluids in the van. I had $40 to my name; enough for fuel, certainly not enough to buy tranny, brake and steering fluid.

Now he says I owe him a new tranny, $1000-$1500. I want to know what everyone thinks.

AND he said the job for my drive shaft took him 16 hours and that’s $800 before parts. But he’ll give me a deal and only charge me $600. I gave him $200 tonight and my truck is still there because he doesn’t want me to have it until I’ve paid the full $600.

Good thing I bought the other truck, (he didn’t want me to buy it and said it was a shit box and I was wasting my money; as if it’s any of his business anyway besides he hadn’t even seen the truck so what the F does he know? It has a cool shifter nob.).

I am still going to do Mary’s yard because she has nothing to do with it, needs the help, and he takes advantage of her all the time and I feel sorry for her. She talked to me tonight before he got there and she said she felt sorry for me the other night. I feel sorry for her because he stores all his crap over there, vehicles, 5th wheels, trailers and she gets in shit from the city because her place is an eyesore. She was almost in tears and she needs help, her house is in need of some real maintenance and repairs that she just can’t do.

It must be very hard to see your home that you’ve always taken care of fall apart because you’re too sick to do it and no one will help you. I know how hard it is to ask for help too, so I didn’t wait and just did it and plan on doing more as soon as we have decent weather again.

My goal is to have her back yard so she can hobble out to her Gazebo in the evening and enjoy the sights and smells of her garden, maybe cut a bouquet for the house, see the neighbors walk past and say hi. Have someone say how nice her yard is looking.

I noticed when I was there tonight that she had tried to pull some weeds and rake a bit. That’s because I did something and it motivated her to try to do a little bit. She couldn’t even walk out there before I cut the grass; it was too high and I am sure overwhelming and depressing.

I feel good about helping her I don’t have a problem with it at all; I just have to remember to not over do it myself and gimp my neck up.

Oh! And also, I have a 1/2 a load of good heavy steel on my 1991 GMC sitting at Mary’s; I figure $100 or so worth that I was going to cash in and give to Hal. He said he can transfer it from my truck to his trailer and take it in. (I took the plates off it so I can transfer the insurance over to my 73 Chevy but I could throw them back on just to haul the load in or transfer it onto the Chev. I could tell them in the office to give Hal the cheque for it when he comes in.

He said he’d rather haul it in himself and deduct whatever he gets from my bill. Then he added that of course he’ll deduct a bit for his efforts transferring it over.

HOLD it just a second!! How about I haul it in and hold back a bit for MY efforts. I am the one that fought getting that shit out of a muddy pasture in the first place. What about MY time??

But I didn’t say anything and said I’d talk to him in the morning. When morning came I hadn’t changed my mind and told him to leave my scrap I would haul it myself. I haven’t been by there since so I hope he didn’t do it anyway because I will be really pissed.

The more I’ve thought about it the angrier I’m getting though. I think that’s bullshit.

Why don’t I just say that? Why don’t I make absurd demands of people? I ask for fairness and am made to feel I am unreasonable. God how I hate feeling guilty all the time!! And worried I’m going to piss someone off. That is my biggest flaw/downfall; I worry about the other guy too much. I don’t want anyone to get mad, hurt or not like me and I get walked on by all these assholes.

I’m an asshole magnet for crumb sake! I should get a T-shirt that looks like a doormat and just lay down so people can walk on me and I can kiss their feet while I am down there.

I did get a new t-shirt the other day. It has my new motto on it;

“Stay Calm
Carry On”

Taking a deep breath and carrying on out of here into the pissing rain to work.

Please God bring out the sun already!!!

Anyway; opinions please!

Posted by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck


27 thoughts on “And The Survey Says……? Give Your Opinion Please!

  1. This guy Hal is a bad guy and raping you for every dime you make. I would threaten him somehow to get your truck back and NEVER darken his doorstep again. Threaten to call the cops on him or something, say and stole your truck and is holding it hostage. As for as helping Mary goes, go over when you know he will not be there and do your thing.

    I don’t know, it seems like every person out there is out to screw you over somehow. A lady with all these big trucks, that is a tough job. I could never do it. Hell, I could never DRIVE it!

    Get yourself unaffilliated with this white trash garbage!


    1. Jan, thank you for your words of support. I had a “feeling” about this guy right from the start; a couple of years ago but didn”t have any dealings with him. Can we say Narcissist? He is so typical. Its all about him, he is the expert on every thing, he is the only one who can fix it right, every one else is screwing me, he’s put in more effort than anyone else would have, he’s controlling and every thing is some one’s else’s fault. I haven’t even talked to him in 5 days. I know where my truck is and have a friend that will go with me to get it when ever I say so. I want to pay Hal for the work he did but he is talking now about wanting to rebuild my engine. NOT on Your life!!!

      He is an asshole with capital “N” and I get physically ill when I am around him. It’s like I’m afraid somehow he’ll “get” me like JC did. Evil.

      I don’t know what it is about me that attracks these guys or is it just that e are so many of them around? Or because I am needy they think I am an easy mark? Well they’re wrong. I’m not saying anything to Hal but it will be a frosty day in hell before he gets a dime off me for that tranny and my load had better be on my truck tomorrow when I go to get it.

      Thanks for your opinion, I just wanted to verify what I was feeling wasn’t off base.


  2. Carrie…you aren’t a doormat. You havd a big are kind and have compassion… you probabaly always have… from what I have learned from are second guessing what you know is right. Because he told you so mant times you were stupid and wrong..when you weren’t. I am having trouble standing up to men who behave similarly and its harder even being single cause they think they can just do what they want. My old landlord..after pete left, he thought I was stupid. Tried to work the situation to his advantage. One day I stood up to him too.. and I got a little more of me back. Everytime you recognize you are second guessing yoursel when youknow you are doing the right thing… stop and take a deep breath and just n be you. You have a beautiful soul ms. Lady with a have inspired me and many more I. KNOW … don’t question your compassion and sense of fairness and you will be able to kick any guys ass who. Tries to gt one over on you…you could before jc right? 😉 I am sure you are right about the repair etc. If he knew it needed above the norm…he should have told you. You aren’t a mind reader. Tell him if he wants psychic services you will deduct them from now on… I need to catch up. I’ve missed a bunch being gone.if I. Change my opinion…which I doubt, ill let you know. ❤ you (((((hugs)))))))


    1. Awwww Lizzie! ((((((((Hugs)))))))) back at you! You are such a sweetheart, you made me cry! (In a good way) thank you!

      Its really good to see you back, I was worried about you.

      You’re right, I will get stronger. This time I walked away when I felt I was being badgered and was losing control. I didn’t take any of his calls or return messages until I felt strong enough to stand up to him and not cry.

      Some day it will come naturally again; knowing what I am feeling is right and I won’t second guess myself but until then I am thankful for your and everyone else who show their support. It means the world to me!


  3. Does Hal ask you to bring your own Vaseline each time he screws you? This guy needs to hear it big time. First, a dang tranny doesn’t blow a seal just like that. It’s like carpet… it wears out slowly then all at once you realize your carpet looks like crap. Tell him, “Sorry, but the van was old and a piece of s… and it would have broken down no matter who drove it because it was going to anyway.” Cut your ties with this dude. He’s a blood sucking leech!


    1. Campfire, I love that you don’t mince words and just say it like it is! That’s what I said to a friend lately; I feel like I got screwed and he didn’t even buy me dinner. Thank you for confirming what I knew deep down but I still second guess myself. That you my friend for the back up; I wish you were closer so you could say it to his face! The van was a scrap van he picked up for $100 and his wife drove for a while and then it got parked in Mary’s driveway for months, they had to move it to make room for my truck. He probably never checked the fluids in it. I know he wife sure didn’t! Blame her! I told him I don’t check fluids unless I have a leak, where is tranny fluid going to go in a week if there isn’t a leak?? Oil burns up but tranny fluid doesn’t unless there is a problem with the tranny and it’s leaking. This one never leaked(probably because it didn”t have any tranny fluid in it to leak out)


    1. Hold on! He’s a con-artist, we have to think like him. It came from a gold plated Lamborghini…and it’s MAGIC! Haha!


    2. He said he couldn’t find one for my truck. I said I find it hard to believe you couldn’t find a used drive shaft for a 91 GMC anywhere. With GMC’s they don’t change much year to year so I am sure a 92 or 93 would have worked also. There are thousands of old GMC’s around. I had offered to find one and pick it up and he had said he was sure he had one laying around somewhere. Then all of a sudden he tells me he stayed up all night fabricating one using a drive shaft from a Ford. Wtf?? When I said I find it hard to believe you couldn’t find a GMC one; he said he didn’t try too hard. Well that is not my problem. I am going to call around and find out how much I can get a used one for and that’s what I’m paying him. Fair?


      1. Try a junk yard. BTW if he fabricated one himself it is sure to be out of balance and will cause a vibration that can rattle your teeth. Dive shafts must be high speed balanced. Good luck, I wouldn’t drive it if it was home made!


  4. Pay him for his shitty van? That he failed to maintain?? Is he for real??? What kind of crack is he smoking???? Asscrack????? Flatulent highs taken nasally??????

    Has he made any progress on your truck or does he keep saying that? If he hasn’t done shit with your truck give him his shit van back, and take your truck to a real mechanic, and tell the old lady to toss his ass off of her property. There is a difference between charity and taking full advantage of someone because they aren’t as well as they used to be because you can.

    He sounds like one of those guys/mechanics that claims to fix something but actually fixes it so you keep coming back to him each time and waste your money. If he was a mechanic by any means of the word he would’ve had your truck done and wouldn’t be giving you shit about a piece of shit loaner that HE failed to maintain.

    I would also go through the trouble that any and all of my contacts know what a piece of shit he is and not to deal with him. If he starts any trouble call a cop or take legal action.

    And what would’ve happened if you had seriously injured yourself because of his shit van? Would he still turn around and tell you that you owe him money and then play that bullshit of how you hurt his feelings?

    This asshole is going to take advantage of the wrong person, especially if they are of the big, surly, and very ambulatory variety, that takes no shit from anyone.


    1. Michael! You have such a way with words!!! Lmao!! Asscrack!!
      Thank you for your very descriptive and lively response. So let me clarify what you are implying is that he is an asshole and he is taking advantage of me and I am right to feel the way I do? Right? I wish you were my brother!!

      Thank you Michael, you made me laugh out loud! And it is fixed; the drive shaft but now he wants to rebuild my engine! I don’t think so!! I can’t afford any more “favors”. He is so much like JC it gives me shudders. JC was the kind of mechanic that “fixes” vehicles so they never run right again. Not just mine but I saw him take possession of a couple of cars because people gave up because it got too expensive and the car wasn’t worth it. After we split JC was doing a “favor” for a young friend of ours. It was a simple alternator; nothing major. I mentioned to my friend, “I bet the guy never gets his car back.” Sure enough the guy moved and JC kept the car; put the alternator in it and sold it. Hal is just another JC! Thank goodness I recognize it now. And your input has certainly helped.


      1. He is taking advantage of you and the lady whose property his parts and vehicles are sitting on. It is one thing if someone allows you to store something on their property it is another to just stockpile everything on their lawn and not bother to help or do something when the city is giving them warnings and making them worry whether or not they are going to have a home or be kicked out.

        Why does he want to rebuild the engine? I thought you just needed the drive-shaft fixed? Oh wait…nevermind! I remember why.

        As for what you mentioned about JC; fuck that! I would tow my shit back, I don’t care if it would come out of my pocket a second or third time. If you cannot fix it like you claimed fuck off, I’ll go to a mechanic who can.


        1. Years ago my brother asked us to sell his boat for him. We lived on a lake and he thought it would sell better. He had just moved quite a distance away and signed the transfer form and given it to me so if I sold it I could give the new owner the papers for it. It had just had thousands of dollars in engine work done to it (it had an in board motor) but the boat itself was pretty shitty looking. JC did a little fixing up to it; nothing major but I knew what was coming so I took the registration over to a friends for safe keeping. Next thing you know he is looking for the reggie because he said it would be easier to sell if it was in his name. I asked why and he never gave me an answer that made sense but he sure was pissed I wouldn’t hand over the reggie. My brother never did get the boat back. JC told me he sank it, some one told me just last year that JC had it stored somewhere and never paid his storage charges and lost it.

          The thing is they do this to people who can’t afford to take it elsewhere. My brother was hundreds of miles away and selling it because he was broke. Same as the guy with the alternator problem that’s why he had JC do the work because JC was doing him a “favor” and helping him out.

          Crazy as it sounds now, when I went back to him I knew he had “f’d” with my truck before. He had always complained about having to work on my truck so we agreed I would get all my truck repairs done else where. But on the same note he was not to use my truck either because it was my work vehicle and if I am paying for all the repairs I want to be the only one driving it.

          For the first 6 months everything went good but then he would stay up all night and when I fell asleep he’d do something to it. I couldn’t afford to keep repairing it, it was always broken down!! People were starting to talk because there was no way any vehicle would break down that much. But I couldn’t stay awake 24/7 and he made me feel crazy for thinking he could do something like that. His sister is the one that got proof by marking the batteries so we would know if he switched them and she would check to see what he was doing in the middle of the night. Plus I locked it and gave her the key so he couldn’t get under the hood. That’s when he loosened all the lug nuts on my tires and put bad fuel in it. Then I got a locking gas cap and the front tire blew.

          I had needed a new starter and waited 10 days for him to put it in. It was under warranty so the starter was free, my son had put one in for me and it took him an hour. After 10 days I did pay to have it towed somewhere and fixed and he was not happy!

          I asked Mary why she let”s him leave stuff there and she was going to tell me and then he showed up. What I found totally unacceptable was that he broke her big front window in the basement in November and here it is June and it isn’t fixed. He left it all winter beside the fact that she lives in a really bad neighborhood and she is nervous because anyone could come in through the window. I couldn’t find a window the right size but I did buy security bars I put up. Habitat for Humanity let me have them for $10 when I told them the story.

          He does do some things for her and that is how they manipulate people. They make them dependent on them and then they “power trip” and make the person’s life hell. It doesn’t have to be a lover; they do it to anyone they can.
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            1. I’m sure it never even entered his mind. If he is narcissistic he is only concerned with himself but if she did die you can bet he’d be right in there with reason’s why he should get the place and be telling everyone how he cared for her.

              She was telling me that last year he had a camper in the driveway and rented it out to a hooker. I asked how he knew the hooker and she said Hal had known her for years. Huh! Interesting.

              Mary said the girl had done laundry and was drying it by draping it all along the fence and over patio furniture. He said it looked awful and Mary told her she couldn’t do that and she should use the clothes line.

              Then Mary had family from out of town come to stay with her for two weeks and they stayed in their camper in the driveway. She said they weren’t there 2 days and the city was there telling her they weren’t allowed to stay in they’re camper in the driveway. That is bullshit! But I’m sure no one would have said anything if it weren’t for all the shit because of Hal.


  5. Heretic and campfire you two are priceless!! Oh how I wish you two were close enough you could tag team him!! He wouldn’t know what hit him! He was telling me that he went to school to be a surgeon and then an optometrist but decided to open a mechanics shop instead and then went into scrap a few years ago. A surgeon, eye doctor and mechanic what a well rounded individual! Like my g\f said, ” are you sure he isn’t related to Jc?”.


    1. Does he have A.D.D. on top of that bullshit? When he talks is it fast?

      I’m pretty sure if you asked him if he was studying to be a proctologist he would probably say yes, and then proceed to feed you another laundry list of bullshit. I would be the facetious one to ask if he ever performed a full “rectumology” to remove a buttplug.


  6. As soon as I hear “I’m going to give you a deal” I’m out of there. No more doormat, me. That’s the hook and if you bite they’ve GOTCHA!

    Now if I could apply this to my personal life, and not just my “business life,” all will be well.

    And then when he said he would “deduct a bit for his time and effort” I would have said “thanks, but no thanks,” and that would have been the end of it. That’s where he was starting to “reel in the line.”

    Watch for those red flags and cues and as soon as you hear them, get out of there! They only hook the ones they catch. Not the ones who walk away. They just lay in wait for the next one to come along. It’s a game to them.

    Wish us all luck and PRACTICE!

    Dear God please show us The Way.


  7. Oh, yes, when I heard “I’m going to do you a favor” or “I’ll help you out” I now RUN FOR THE HILLS. When I was broke and a single mother, I learned the hard way about these monsters.

    Thank God I started a landscape business and RENTED a truck from someone who drove me to and from the job, until I could buy one for myself. And then I finally saved $1,000.00 by some miracle, and could finally make payments on a new one with a 5 year maintenance guarantee and never had problems again.

    I learned the hard way about people who are going to “do you a favor.” Them’s fighting words!

    The ones who will don’t ever need to say it. They just do it.


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