Hey! Is That Pooh In Your Shoe??

Just because I think it is such a dang cute picture

Just because I think it is such a dang cute picture

The other day I left Kato at home so he could have a break from the puppy chewing on his ear, face, and legs, hanging from his neck with a mouthful of wrinkles or laying on him trying to get comfy on the seat. I asked him if he wanted to come along and he lay on the couch and gave me an “I hope you don’t mind but I think I’ll just lay here today.” look. Just the tip of his tail wagged like the tail of a rattlesnake; in that way dogs do when they aren’t sure you’ll be angry and they really want you to be happy. I said, “Ok little buddy, I understand, I’ll try to not be gone too long.”

But I was way later than I had anticipated and when I got home 10 hrs later I jumped out of the truck yelling, “I’m home Kato! I’m coming little buddy!”

I opened the trailer door and got prepared to give him his hugs and head rubs but he pushed past me and made a bee line for the nearest bush. The poor guy peed and peed and peed, his eyes squinting and a look of concentration on his face, and then he moved to another bush and peed again.

When I had opened the door of the trailer I caught a whiff of something not too pleasant; I felt so bad because I knew he would rather bust than do his thing inside but I was also dreading cleaning up the mess.

I left Laila in the truck while I said my hellos to Kato so he got my undivided attention but he didn’t seem to want to say hello to me, I thought he was pissed off because I had been gone so long. When I opened the door to the trailer he ran in and immediately jumped up on my bed and lay there with the tip of his tail hesitantly flicking back and forth.

I flicked on the light and burst out laughing at what I saw in front of me, ‘Oh little buddy, you are some kinda special puppy; what a good boy you are!” When he realized I wasn’t angry Kato’s tail broke out into full fledged wags and he laid his head down and looked at me upside down giving me his “Do you love me?” look.

What had my special puppy done?

I had two pairs of thongs by the door, an old pair and a brand new pair I had just purchased the day before; but now they were scattered around the living area of the trailer……………each one holding a pile of pooh. One pile had been a bit too large for the sandal and had overflowed onto the floor but he had covered it with one of Laila’s teddy toys (I noticed he didn’t use his own stuffed turkey) but aside from that the mess was easily cleaned up (I threw away the old thongs and washed the new ones)

I could envision him, busting for a pooh and not being able to wait any longer and not wanting to make a mess; searching for a solution to his dilemma. Then he had a brain child; take a pooh on her thongs! It serves double duty; 1) He doesn’t make a mess
2) He gets back at ne for being gone so long¤

I could envision him lining up his bum so the pooh would land perfectly on the thong and not the floor. As the day wore on and he had to go again and again he pulled out more thongs but he couldn’t figure out what to do about going pee so he held it.

I know I go on and on about how amazing my Kato is, but come on now…………who wouldn’t be impressed with that? Huh? Pretty damn “Einstein-like” for a dog wouldn’t you say?

Posted by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck


5 Replies to “Hey! Is That Pooh In Your Shoe??”

  1. Hiya Carrie! Michael reblogged this & I realised I just haven’t been by in AGES. You maintain your sense of humour, which I’m so glad to see. I am so glad you sound well 🙂

    And how gorgeous is Kato, so gorgeous. I imagine him lining up his bum too, and fancy holding his pee. Oh, his a darling!!


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