To die for! OMG!

To die for! OMG!

This was my lunch yesterday from Lepp Farm Market on Hwy 11, the highway going from Abbotsford to Mission.

I can still taste it, (in a good way) it was one of those things that makes you emit noises usually only heard coming from the bed in a moment of passion. I couldn’t help myself, moaning, laughing, telling Laila how good it was because there was no one else around.

It was so good and juicy I had to go back for more napkin and even then resorted to using some premoistened cleaning wipes I have in the truck.

I had a choice of hot and spicey or mustard barbeque flavor and chose the mustard barbeque which still had enough zip to it to leave your mouth tingling after each bite. The pork was done to perfection and I am sure they needed nothing more than a fork to shred the meat. I had coleslaw in mine and they put melted cheese in there also. It was a regular symphony of flavors in my mouth. My mouth waters thinking about it.

I only got 1/2 of it down because I got too full. Definitely well worth the $6.99.

Anyone who is ever in the area should check out this place for lunch.

Posted by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck

5 thoughts on “The Best Ever Pulled Pork Sandwich

  1. The Heretic

    OK! I have a question about pulled pork sandwiches that has been an ongoing argument in our house for a long time since my mom started making her’s. Now me being the only person in the house who has never had it at a restaurant or anywhere outside our house, so I have no basis for comparison. My mom used to make it in the crock pot, either drain it or not, and then add barbecue sauce with it in the crock pot. Now my family tells her it doesn’t come out right with it cooked in the barbecue and would rather her cook the meat, then add the barbecue sauce, and then place it in the bun. I have been trying to get her to make it the original way she used to, but every the idea comes up everyone else discourages it. To me the current way seems to take the heat out of a sandwich that is supposed to be hot.

    So here is my question; how is pulled pork sandwiches supposed to be made? With the BBQ sauce or whatever cooking with the pork or should be added after it cooks?

    This has been the most confounding issue in our house when my mom makes pulled pork. BTW the mustard BBQ sounds like a pretty good idea.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      As far as I can tell you cook the meat and then add the sauce. At the restaurant I had a choice between two flavors so they must have put the sauce on after they cooked it. My brother made pulled pork sandwiches once and he put the sauce on after he cooked it. It wasn’t as good as the sandwich I had the other day. The pork I had at the restaurant was definitely seasoned but I don’t know with what. Does your mom put coleslaw in her sandwiches? I wouldn’t think it would taste very good but it was delicious!
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        1. ladywithatruck Post author

          You really need the coleslaw;my brother didn’t use it either but it adds crunch, and zip. It sounds gross but I am here to tell you it was delicious. My mouth waters thinking about now.



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