Finding a casket at the scrap yard could mean quite a few things.

– A funeral home went out of business

– It went out of style

– Someone bought one and didn’t need it? Kinda makes you wonder, didn’t it fit, wrong colour?

– Times are really tough so someone dug up grandma and cashed in her casket; they took the bronze plaque in last year.

– It’s a sign that the scrap business is dying a slow painful death. I can believe this one because the prices are so low the scrap yard is like a morgue.

– A couple bought two and now are divorcing and one of them plans on coming back to haunt the other one so has no need for it.

– It fell off the hearse and no one noticed and it didn’t have a “If Found Return To” sticker on it.

I thought I’d seen everything at the scrap yard but this takes the cake so far. It would make a great Halloween prop.

Posted by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck

5 thoughts on “Times Are Tough

  1. The Heretic

    They’re moving Grandpa’s grave to build a sewer?

    I remember reading about a gentleman who actually purchased an ancient Egyptian casket for his own burial. Because of how tall he actually was compared to the size of the casket they actually cut his legs off so he could fit into the shiny, ancient Egyptian box.


      1. The Heretic

        Yeah, but he wanted to be buried in an actual sarcophagus that bad. You figured he would’ve been smart enough to have the thing measured.



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