My Granddaughter’s Birthday Present

It’s my grand daughter’s birthday today. I bought her a really neat book about fairies and I loved the artwork. The idea of the book is you are supposed to find various items in each picture which is jam packed with fairies, flowers, bugs and other colourful activity.

After I got home I remembered a stool I had picked up during spring clean up and had put in storage. It is a perfect Kaela size folding stool that was handcrafted in Yugoslavia probably years ago. So I dug out my paints and using the book as my inspiration I painted a scene on the seat of the stool. I think it turned out pretty good; in fact I am quite proud of myself. I used to paint all the time but haven’t been inspired until I saw the book on fairies.

I clear coated it many times to ensure it will withstand a little rough handling so it took time to dry and I am wrapping it up and shipping it today.

Also going in the box are a pair of fairy wings (not real fairy wings, pretend dress up ones, I would never take the wings of a real fairy; that would just be too cruel). I also found a little sundress with Tinkerbell on it, a drinking cup, plate, and snack container with Tinkerbell and fairies, some glow in the dark butterflies and stars for the ceiling of her room and a special night light.

The pictures are of the artwork in the book and then the painting I did on the seat of the stool.

What do you think? Perfect for an adorable 2 yr old?

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