54% of Marriages Fail

My son had a Facebook status update I wanted to share with you.

So 54% of marriages fail…..well wait a minute; lets look at this in something more relatable ………
If you are standing on the side of the road and people are crossing the road and 54% of the people crossing the road are getting killed how tempted are you to cross that road?


5 Replies to “54% of Marriages Fail”

    1. I have crossed that road 3 times!! And came out alive. The one time I lived with someone (JC) I came away feeling like roadkill!

      I say,”Go ahead and cross the road, just look both ways and wait for the green light and then stay there and don’t run back and forth.”


  1. Maybe we should change our idea of marriage. Maybe marriage shouldn’t be only about being together till the end of time and dying together: maybe a successful marriage could also mean being married for a time and getting out of it with a little more experience of life. The road. Remaining friends. Having a child together as a result. Something like this:)
    All I know is that if my parents decided tomorrow to divorce, I would still see their marriage as a success. 28 years of marriage (their anniversary is on the 18th actually), how could all these years be a failure only because they ended with a break up?


    1. Miss Audrey you make a very good point, if a couple lasts as long as your parents no one could call that a failure. My parents split after 28 years and I wouldn’t say it was a failure  but they argued alot, I prayed they would get divorced when I was a kid because I was sick of the fighting at night when they thought us kids were asleep. I believe in marriage, I like to believe a person can find that special someone that they feel that connection to but I don’t think people think of.marriage was forever after any more. They don’t want to put in the work it takes to stay together, years ago I think people stayed together because there was no option really and they were either miserable or they learned how to get along. They weathered storms together , raised a family, and had a common goal in life and they learned the art of compromise and communication because they had to. Now a days there is no stigma attached to a child not living with both their parents or having a different last name than their mother, women  work now and hold full time high paying jobs so they don’t need a man for support, the motivation to work at it is gone and it is easier (or seems easier) to leave and get someone else. Thing is the same issues come up, the same boredom sets in and they move on again.I knew a couple once who got married and immediately set out to hitchhike around the world. When they got back 5 years later they both said that if they would have been home they probably would have divorced but because they were in a foreign country they would have a fight and one odds them would storm out the door and realize “hey, I have no where to go” and they would work through it. I don’t know if it is possible in this day and age when finding someone else is made so easy with the internet and dating sites etc and there are so easy many options. I think some people hit it lucky, a small percentage really work at it and the majority view marriage as disposable.Sent from Samsung Mobile


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