Some Times You Think You Need a Man

A couple of nights ago I let Kato out for a pee while I brought in the laundry and groceries. He’s  been really good about not buggering off and coming when he is called; he laid in the sun in the driveway all morning and never moved. I was getting the laundry off the drying rack when something went flying past me in the tall grass in the field next door.

It was pitch black outside but I knew it had to be Kato and he was chasing something. I called him but all I could hear was thrashing in the grass and then I could hear something in the throes of death screaming and thrashing around.

It kind of sounded like a cat but there wasn’t any hissing like cats do and I am sure a cat would have put up a bigger fight. I couldn’t stand listening to it and Laila was getting all excited so I took her in the trailer, I could still hear it crying so I closed the door and eventually held my hands over my ears trying to block the screams. I am sure the neighbours heard it, living so far out in the country there are no sounds at night except for frogs and occassionally coyotes, so screams of something being killed must stand out.

I don’t own a flashlight or I would have gone looking for Kato; there was just a sliver of a moon and you couldn’t see two feet in front of yourself.

I don’t have a gun to put something out of it’s misery so I thought I should just let Kato finish the job. And I didn’t want to call him too loudly because that would make it pretty obvious who the killer was.

Then it got really quiet out there for an hour or more and Kato didn’t come back. I didn’t know what to do. (this is the part when I really thought I needed a man; I don’t know why I think a man can handle blood and guts better than a woman)

I didn’t know if Kato was hurt, I called him and there wasn’t a sound, not even grass rustling. I was sick about him killing whatever he killed and worried about him at the same time. It might have been a raccoon and they carry rabies, I’ve never seen raccoons around here though.

Then I heard his bark!!! I opened the door and called him afraid of what he might look like. I was afraid he’d be covered in gore but he looked just like normal.

He was raised with a cat in the house and they slept together I can’t see him killing a cat. Then today I was talking to someone and they said it was probably a possum.I can handle an ugly old possum getting killed better than a cat, bunny or chicken. And I actually saw one scurry across the road just n hour ago. I mean I am sorry the possum died a horrible death but I’m used to seeing dead with their guts all over the road. 

So I made it through another crisis without  man but I can see why people start to look like their pets, I’m getting stress wrinkles from my dogs, before long I’ll look just like a Shar-pei.

By the way; I know men aren’t just on this earth to kill  spiders and deal with dead things, they are good for changing tires and mowing the grass also!!

KIDDING!!! come on have a sense of haha 😉


We came home last night and as soon as Kato was in the fenced off area around the trailer he bolted to the steps of the trailer. Of course Laila was hot on his ass. I thought they must be thirsty and hurried to open the door but stopped dead in my tracks when kato turned to me with something in his mouth.  Right away I assumed mouse but as he got closer I could tell it was a barn swallow. I said, “Kato drop it! Its a bird drop it!!” and much to my surprise he did, and he didn’t drop it either; he very gently pushed it but of his mouth onto the ground with his tongue and made sure to place it on the ground and not just  “drop” it.

I thought it was dead because  it didn’t move, Laila stood back and watched from a distance, totally out of character for her; she always wants in like a dirty shirt. When she followed me out of the trailer she walked way around the little dead bird. Kato laid down a few feet away from it and didn’t even try to get it again, he just laid there watching it. I got a shovel to scoop it up with and bury it so the dogs wouldn’t eat it but when I got close I could see it was still breathing.

The barn swallows were there when we moved in and I had  noticed the last couple of days they were doing alot of swooping under the leanto where the trailer is and I assumed they were teaching the babies to fly. This little guy must have failed flying 101.

Then I remembered back in Ladner  when James’s son was with us Kato had  brought Allan and I a baby crow who had failed his flying lesson. And years prior to that my Border Collie  had  brought me an i.injured bird.

Hmmm could it be he was bringing me the sick bird?

Mom and dad swallow were frantically dive bombing us and making an awful rukus. I know you aren’t supposed to touch the sick bird because then the mother won’t accept it back so I put a clean rag in a basket, gloves on and
carefully placed the baby bird in the basket and put the basket on the roof of the trailer.

I  checked tonight and the little guy is out of my basket and peering over the edge of the trailer . Mom and dad are chirping up  a storm and swooping down from the roof of the trailer.
I feel sorry for the little guy; he’s probably scared to death. I mean after all yesterday when he tried he crash landed and then some THING!!! with a HUGE mouth got dog sober all over him and the dirt stuck to the dog sober and he couldn’t even move he weighed so much from the dirt, slobber and gravel. I sure wouldn’t be jumping at the chance to do that again either.

But I think  Kato redeemed himself, he saved a swallow i think d change for killing a possum; more than a fair trade. Aren’t animals amazing??

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