The Attraction Grows

He laughed again and said,”So I gather it didn’t go well?”

Me: “He was a pompous ass lawyer”

He had a really good laugh at that and then said he was sorry it didn’t turn out.

Me: “Oh well, I didn’t have any expectations that he was going to be the love of my life or anything. I hope it wasn’t too late for me to call.”

He assured me it wasn’t too late, he’d just been playing guitar. He said he had just bought a headset so he could play his electric guitar and not bother the neighbors. (how considerate of him)

We started asking questions and share information about ourselves.

That is when I discovered he was recovering from a bad motorcycle accident, he told me he felt really blessed because he had been told he would never walk again and he was walking just fine. He also told me the insurance company was paying for him to re-educate because he probably couldn’t go back to his any of his old professions which were long haul trucking, mechanic, and welder. He was born in Saskatchewan and had just found his birth mother and moved to BC to get to know his birth family, a full blood sister and 2 half siblings.

Of course that really perked my interest and I wanted to know more, how they found each other, what the meeting was like, etc.

He mentioned he was buying a house in Sechelt and renting an apartment in Ladner.

I said I loved the ocean and he said he was looking at the ocean as we spoke.

He had never been married but had been in a long term common law relationship of 12 years.

He told me that he was really glad I had called and I said I was too. I told him I never call men but my son had said to “just call”. He said that he had never done anything like that before either, give a woman his number; but he had felt a connection as soon as we saw each other then I would almost hugged him. He said that if I had hugged him it would have seemed perfectly natural. He was impressed I took the time to explain what was going on and he said he just had to take a chance but he didn’t really think I would call.

It was almost midnight when I said I had to go and he asked if
we could meet for drinks the next night and I said I thought he was too young for me. He said age didn’t bother him and asked how old I thought he was. I guessed early 30’s and he said he had just turned 36. He said he’d dated older women before, in fact the long term relationship was with a woman almost twice his age. I told him I was 42 and he kinda laughed and said that isn’t an age difference.
I was smitten, I had felt so comfortable with him, the conversation had flowed and he obviously thought I was ok too. We had laughed alot, he had a good sense of humour and enjoyed my wit, we had “clicked”.

The next day he called and apologized because he had to cancel drinks but asked if we could do it Friday instead. He explained he was waiting for money and had bought a new car and needed to do the paperwork etc. I understood and thanked him for calling. He seemed relieved that I understood and even said that it was really cool of me to not be upset. I thought it would be pretty silly to get upset, what could the guy do, its not like he stood me up and he had called.

On Friday he called during the day to arrange a place and time. He was right on time, driving a BMW and looking fine. I was nervous at first but he was so easy to talk to that once again the conversation flowed.

He’d said that he had to make it an early night because he had work the next day; (he was still working 1 day a week welding to suppliment ment his income while he was in school.)

We were leaving and to my surprise he asked if I wanted to go to a quieter place for another drink. I asked about work the next day and he said he didn’t want the night to end yet. As we were leaving and about to cross the street he grabbed my hand and I felt shock waves, he had strong hands. I was very attracted to him.

When we said goodbye I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the neck and said I had a really nice time, as I pulled away our lips met and we had a very nice long lingering kiss that left us both a little breathless.

We had made plans to meet the next day, Saturday because I was going to help him pick up his other car. (when he bought his BMW he had left his other car behind). Saturday he called exactly when he said he would and we arranged a place to meet. He called just as I got there and said he’d just a few minutes.  When he got there he got out of his car to open my door and I am sure my jaw hit the ground. He was wearing faded tight blue jeans with a rip in the knee, old sneakers, and a black leather jacket undone to reveal his bare chest; and what a chest it was, he had a six pack and just enough chest hair to make me want to smell his chest right then and there. I thought to myself,”He knows exactly what he is doing and I know what he is doing and its working. God I want this man, even if just for a night”.

He must have noticed me oggling his chest (or maybe it was the drool at the corner of my mouth) because he said, “Oh … shirt was dirty so I took it off.”

I don’t recall if I said anything, like a lobotomy patient I stood there, drooling, staring at his chest, my mind raced as I struggling to maintain my composure and respectability. I know I was blushing,

I think I smiled and nodded.

Then he turned to get something out of the truck and I glimpsed his bare ass through a rip in his jeans. He had his back to me, thank God!! because I think my knees went weak and my eyes rolled back in my head. I knew I was done for.

We moved his car to a friends, he went to the liquor store and bought some coolers and we sat and talked while we had a drink. He didn’t have long because he was going to Sechelt like he did every weekend. When we were saying goodbye he kissed me and we ended up necking in a busy parking lot for probably 1/2 an hour at least. God he was a good kisser. He handed me another number, he said it was the land line, his cell phone didn’t always work when he was in Sechelt and to call him on Sunday. As I got out of his car he grabbed my hand and stopped me, looked me right in the eyes and said he’d really like to cook me dinner Monday night. I said that would be nice. As I closed the car door he said, “See you Monday, Babe.” part of me recoiled at being called babe so soon but another part of me got butterflies.

Monday came and he called me at work with a joke and to make sure we were still on for dinner. He met me a few miles from his place so I could follow him and not get lost. I thought that was sweet.

I was a little surprised when I walked into his apartment and there was no furniture. There was an aquarium and a wooden rocking chair, a blow up double air bed on the floor in the bedroom and his guitars, that was it. He apologized for not having furniture and said everything was in Sechelt. He had only rented the apartment for while he was in school and didn’t see any point in moving all his furniture for a few months. It made sense to me and the place was clean.

He immediately started kissing me when we walked through the door and packed me into the bedroom. I wasn’t too impressed and told him a glass of wine would  be nice  before he attacks me.

I didn’t get to finish my wine before he was all over me again, it didn’t take much to convince me. The sex was ok but sex the first time with someone is never as good as once you get to know them so I don’t ever have high expectations the first  time. We went for a great dinner and made love 3 or more times that night.

After that we saw each other every weekend and as many week nights as I would allow. We lived an hour and a half apart and I worked an hour and 15 minutes away plus my son was still living at home. But he would call and usually I would go to his place 3-4 nights a week.

Lively conversation, laughter, and tenderness filled our times together. When we weren’t together I trusted him explicitly.

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