Kato The Great Hunter

I have been giving Kato alot more freedom lately because he’s been so good about not buggering off (well except for that time he killed the possum but we already crossed that off when he saved the barn swallow so really that time he buggered off can’t count).  Anyway he enjoys laying on a blanket in the driveway with Laila on a rope where she can’t bug him and he can get up and sniff something if he chooses. I know it makes him feel superior to have freedom she doesn’t have.

Or I will walk them down to the creek and throw a ball for Laila while he hunts for frogs. Then I leave him down there and he usually he follows right behind us and takes his place at the end of the driveway; its become our regular routine.

Well today I felt especially proud of him and guilty also because I tore my rotator cuff yesterday and was in so much pain I got Laila in the trailer and when he decided to play silly bugger and not come when I called I just left him out there, left the gate open and figured he’d come in when it got dark. I woke up at 10pm to him barking and went out there and he was still guarding the driveway, he hadn’t had supper or anything and Laila had laid with me all night and not eaten either.  I fed them and went right back to sleep so the poor guys didn’t get much attention. So today I walked them to the creek and when it got time to leave Kato ignored my calls and wandered down along the creek. I thought I’d take Laila home and go back for him if he didn’t show up a few minutes behind me. The creek has been getting higher for some reason, maybe beavers again and he did get himself into a bit of a predicament the other night chasing some thing and ended up on the neighbors side of the creek and couldn’t get out. When I found him he was struggling to get up the bank but even then he had blackberries to get through. I went home to get my lopers, gloves and boots and leave Laila at home but I guess the poor guy thought I was just going to leave him there and managed to struggle out. I had just gotten my boots tied when I saw him coming the length of the berry field limping quite badly. Consequently, today I was a little worried he might do the same thing (not at the neighbors, he learned that lesson but some place even worse) I went looking for him and he was no where to be found. I self counselled telling myself that he always comes home and not to worry.

I busied myself loading stuff for the flea market tomorrow and then I saw a big brown dog running across the road in my direction. Right away I thought, “Shit!!! That dog looks mean, I wonder where he came from and Kato is loose, if this dog attacks him he won’t stand a chance.” I started to get down from my truck to go search for Kato again when I noticed the big brown dog was limping; just like Kato. Then I noticed he was only a brown dog from the shoulders down and Kato’s color from the shoulders up. I said, “Kato?” he didn’t even look at me and I thought I must be mistaken but I called him again and he came towards he and then did his “I’m ignoring you routine” where he looks in the other direction. Using my “mad” voice I said,”Get over here! Don’t  you ignore me where the hell have you been??”. Well he ain’t talkin so I will never know but I think he probably got himself into a bit of a jam or mud bog but was he ever frisky!! Like a puppy he wanted to play and all I could think of was how was I going to get him clean! Then it dawned on me, the river!! So we walked down to the river which is clear glacier fed water and I took some shampoo with us and much to his chagrin he had a bath in the river and voila! My Kato appeared as the big brown dog washed away.

You know he is limping horrible tonight but he is one happy puppy. It does my heart good  to see him happy. And the bonus was a couple who saw us heading down to the river stopped to see what we were doing and we ended up talking for almost 1/2 an hour. They lost their dog 2 1/2 weeks ago and just loved Kato and Laila. Twice I said what a pleasure it was to talk to them and they thanked me over and over for letting them pet the dogs. You know I really liked them, they were the kind of people you know you would enjoy as friends.

That’s something I miss about JC, I am really quite shy, he would invite people over that he didn’t know, drop by someone’s house the next day to say hi and I just never would do that. It was something I loved about him.

It was a good day all in all but I’m feeling lonely tonight. It’s hard to be in pain and all alone living in a place that feels nothing like “home”.


5 Replies to “Kato The Great Hunter”

  1. Dear Ladywithatruck,
    I have been following your blog for a short while now. I was tickled when I stumbled upon your blog as I am a lady with a truck, too. The narcissism posts intrigue me for the reason that you seem to use writing as part of your recovery. I do the same thing with writing. There are similarities in our ex’s but I’m not quite sure I’d go so far as to call either one of mine a narcissist. As a bonus, you are a huge dog lover, and so am I. I have a dog that I found in the woods, roaming wild for a period of time early last winter. She is a challenge and a love bug. I take a lot of heat about her from people who are closed minded. Nonetheless, she is now my pup and I face the challenges as a labor of love.

    One thing I particularly notice in your posts is the strength you gain, and maintain, through all of your perils. Certainly you’ve had a tough time, but the past has made you incredibly strong. I admire that.

    Many times I’ve thought about commenting on one of your posts, but always change my mind when I see the tremendous amount of support from other followers. It makes me feel good to see your huge support circle. As I read the comments, I realize everything I would have said is already there. So I don’t comment, but continue to read every post.

    Today I decided to post because of the very last sentence in your post.

    “It’s hard to be in pain and all alone living in a place that feels nothing like “home”.

    After reading, and thorougly enjoying your post about the dogs, I get to the last sentence and think ‘What the hell is she talking about?… Nothing like “home”.’ Here’s my take on it, and the reason I wanted to comment. How could that place feel nothing like home? You are there with your beloved dogs and a new routine. You’re meeting, and talking with strangers you thoroughly enjoy. You’re taking care of business, doing what you have to do at flea markets, or whereever. You are in charge of your life, your freedom and your future. Before you make that statement you mention, once again, JC. You are no longer is his life, but he is still very much a part of yours. You are still questioning and comparing yourself to him. You say you are a shy person and would never do certain things. You were talking to strangers, something you thought you’d never do. My point is, you work so hard moving forward during the day, but at night, left alone with your thoughts, you fall back to a time, a place and a person who made you feel so bad about yourself. Has falling back and feeling bad about yourself become your comfort zone? I see this pattern in your posts. You are powerful, strong and have perservered so much. I was saddened to see that you feel you are “all alone”. You are not alone, you have the dogs. The pain will fade, it can’t possibly be as painful as your past, which lasted for years and years. You will overcome it because you are a strong woman! I get the lonely thing and have to believe that feeling lonely made you feel alone. Do not confuse the two. It seems to me you have more love spewing from those two dogs than you ever got from JC. Even if temporary, you are “home”. You’ve come a long way sister, embrace it.

    I really enjoy your blog, your creativity and your strength. I just felt it was time to comment. No offense intended. Really, I’m on your side.


    1. SweetbabyJ, no offense taken. Most of the summer I made a conscious decision to live every day, I have never been in a place that dark before in my life. When I realized where I was going to be living my heart sank, I am not materialistic and was happier in my little 500 sq ft cabin at the lake than I ever was in 2800 sq ft. But to live without water, sewer, no phone, no internet, even TV would be a distraction but nothing and such a long way to drive for everything. Its been very expensive which has kept me there longer sometimes I just feel I am too tired to keep struggling especially when I am physically hurt and I wish there was someone there with a shoulder to cry on. I know JC wouldn’t be sympathetic if he was there and I don’t wish he was back, but there were times when we were a good match together and it’s those times I get lonely for.

      Once I am home I am cut off from the world it seems, no one would come all that way to visit and I wouldn’t want them to; I hate the way I am forced to live right now. the fact that the guy who lent me the trailer figured it was going to get him laid didn’t help my outlook either. I make no bones about it that it ain’t going to happen but he keeps trying and I would love to tell him to stick his trailer where the sun don’t shine but I can’t; not yet so I am not free or in control of my life not until I have enough money that I don’t have to rely on people for favors.

      Yes I have my puppies and I love them to death and that gives me cause for concern because they are in the truck all day and then the trailer is so small they eat and just go to bed because there isn’t room for them to even walk. We have been going to the river and frog hunting but the weather is changing and it’s getting dark earlier. The thought of freezing my ass off in that little trailer this winter, quite honestly; scares the crap out of me. On top of it all I am living right back where JC and I started out together, I drive past the house we were buying twice or more times a day, every store, every street, every corner holds another memory. When I drove away after he and I split 10 years ago I swore I would never come back to this town, say never.

      There must be a purpose and I am really curious to find out what it is.

      The dog you found, do you think someone left it out there or was it born wild? how did you catch it? what kind of challenges and why would people give you a hard time for rescuing a dog?

      Thanks for following me along my journey, I swear this blog is what keeps me going alot of days; knowing people like you care and are rooting for me. As for your exs, JC was an extreme case, more psychopath than narcissist; mind you all psychopaths and sociopaths are narcissistic. There are narcissists of varying degrees, ranging from annoyingly self centered to JC and worse, maybe you got “lucky” 🙂

      hugs to you thanks for commenting


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