Quote of the Day – Tuesday Aug 28th

There are really only two ways
to approach life: as a victim or
gallant fighter.
You must decide if you
want to act or react .
And if you don’t decide which way to play with life,
It always plays with you.

Merle Shain


9 Replies to “Quote of the Day – Tuesday Aug 28th”

  1. Oh Carrie, I have thought of you from time to time. My God, so sorry I haven’t been by….

    Thank goodness Michael reblogged.

    This, does it come from now I wonder, or once upon a time.

    Think I’ll read & catch up on you Carrie. Do care. Noeleen….


    1. Noeleen, I can’t deny its been a hard summer, probably the hardest time of my life but I made it through every day thinking I couldn’t do it but I did. I’m not a quiter and to have my business shrivel up and die after fighting so long to keep it going has been hard but I am looking at options and something will come together, hopefully sooner than later.

      Thanks for your concern, I know you are very busy with your writing, Daniel and “family” and such, so if you haven’t been by I understand, I’m just happy whenever I see a new post from you!!


      1. Carrie, your business. Your business has been everything – your every day thing – for so long. This is truly truly painful.

        I hope, only, that it’s opening a new pathway to you for your life, something new. I am so so sorry.

        Yes, I have neglected blogs & I do regret it because I was very in tune with what you were expressing regularly. Loved seeing your dog too. I just need to get over a hump myself, and then I can go onward freely “back where I was” writing blissfully, visiting at will & enjoying – not having my time consumed by utter, utter negative crap.

        I wish you dearly well, Carrie. N.


  2. Hey Carrie, I’ve just tried to navigate your site but it’s hard to get to HOME, you know – or see what’s your latest.

    I can only choose your blog roll, or… it’s difficult Carrie. Would be way cool if you could do the calendar thing.

    I hope you’re OK.
    xx N.


    1. Noeleen, I went to my girlfriends and used her internet to change a few things hopefully it will be easier to get around now. doing it on my cell phone is limiting and doesn’t give me the option of widgets etc so now I have a widget for recent posts that should do the trick. you are right it was hard to navigate.

      Thanks for dropping by, I know how busy you are. I hope everything has calmed down in your world.

      Hugs Carrie


      1. Carrie, it’s truly comforting to hear from you. I am truly so glad. But I hope YOU are okay, things are ok for YOU!

        Things are calming down, no problem 🙂

        I’m glad you’ve made things easier, as you went so quiet a while there.


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