Quote – Best Advice

Stay true to who you are
Don’t be intimidated
Don’t be sweet talked.
Just be yourself.

Lisa Kogan, writer Oprah Magazine
Oct 2012 issue

2 thoughts on “Quote – Best Advice

  1. Yikes

    I always felt as though I wasn’t true to myself in my relationship with the N.

    If he wanted it, that was just the way it had to be and I had to bite my tongue.

    I laughed too much, was too goofy, ditsy, too serious, too uptight, “chill out”, “stop being stupid”, yell, curse, groan, “whatever”, “annoying”….I could never do anything right.

    I will never allow anyone (male or female) to make me question who I am. I am goofy, too immature at times, too quiet at times, affectionate, blunt, smart, ditsy, all rolled into one.

    And I’m okay with that.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      That’s right! I know not everyone is going to like me let alone love me and I know that sometimes people fall out of love. But there is never a reason to put a person down and blame them for not being what you want, just leave then. Why all the lying, and drama, and blaming , just go away and stay a way. I used to tel JC there’s no harm in not loving someone. Its wrong to let them keep trying and blaming them.

      I never pretended to be something other than what I am. I never lied to him or cheated on him. It got so that I didn’t have a spontaneous emotion I’d analyze everything I felt to make sure it was ok for me to feel that way.

      Its getting better though, I had a really good day today! 🙂



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