I SO know what’s coming. Kato is peacefully sleeping with his teddy. The deeper he sleeps the more he relaxes and the more of his bum hangs over the edge of the couch. I give it at the most an hour and he’s going to totally embarrass himself by falling off the couch. Laila will be startled awake and immediately jump up and run to the door barking and looking around in sleepy confusion. Kato will bark because Laila is barking and he’s afraid he missed something. And I will jump a foot out of my chair even though I have predicted the whole sequence of events; because I will wonder if the dogs really did hear something. I will say something like,”Damnit Laila I hate it when you do that! You scare the crap out of me every time!!” She will look sheepish and look at Kato to try to figure out what is going on. Kato will look sheepish and climb back on the couch. Laila will climb back up on the couch, give a big sigh and they will both drift off again to dreams of chasing rabbits and chewing on big beefy bones. I will think to myself,”I really need to get a life!”

5 thoughts on “Can You See It Coming?

    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Missus tribble, it happened exactly as I predicted and I was watching his bum slide further and further as I was typing. I was going to video it and then it happened , he stretched and it happened so fast it was over before I had a chance. Believe me it was hilarious! Laila was even funnier because she was 1/2 asleep and could barely open her eyes running in circles barking.
      God I love those little guys.


      1. Missus Tribble

        I can see it in my mind’s eye – and even if it happened as quickly as you describe, I’m fairly sure that, personally, I would have been laughing too hard to video it!

        I’m sadly too asthmatic to have cats now and our house is too small (and I’m too disabled) to be fair on a dog, so I live vicariously through other pet owners. The guest house we stay in when we visit my autistic son back “home” boasts too beautiful black cats who love snuggles and a ridiculous, wonderfully silly Staffordshire Bull Terrier who only wants to bounce all over people 🙂


  1. ladywithatruck Post author

    I am elated to find someone who isn’t tired of hearing about my dogs!!! My Kato is……well….. Just thinking about his loyalty, unwavering love and dedication to me brings tears to my eyes. He is an old soul, he was an old soul as a puppy. When he was given to me I was told he was a very special puppy, different from all his siblings. He was given to me by an ex boyfriend because he had been very seriously injured when attacked by 3 rotties as a pup; he needed over 80 stitches. My ex had too many dogs but couldn’t bare to part with him to someone he didn’t know and knew I would care for him well. He was a very sick puppy and I was told to put him down, that it was cruel to keep him alive. He wasn’t even a year old at the time. I nursed him back to health and he’s over 8 yrs old now. His life was shortened and he gets pretty gimpy if he walks too much, but I thank God for every day of those 8 years.

    Laila, his daughter is going to be one in Dec and was supposed to go to my son but circumstances prevented him from taking her. He is coming out the beginning of Nov and will take her back to Saskatchewan with him when he goes back to(if he can pry her out of my hands haha). I know it will be good for her because he will give her the exercise I can’t. Kato can’t walk like he used to and it breaks his heart if I take her and leave him behind. She bugs him too and is my little shadow and he shouldn’t have to compete for my attention. But she is everything Kato isn’t, he is dignified and regal, she is drooling, jumping and totally unsophisticated, he has never jumped up or licked my face, he will lay his head on my leg, she jumps up and licks all over my face, ears and any other patch of skin she can find every time I come home, Kato holds back with the tip of his tail flicking back and forth in subdued excitement and waits for me to acknowledge him, he goes deaf when I call him , always has, she comes running as fast as her little legs will pack her, he doesn’t really like to cuddle much, laying at the foot of the bed is good enough for him, she has to lay right up against me and rub her head on me, I didn’teven think he knew how to bark for the first year and he never barks unless there is some one there, she barks at her own shadow.

    Can you tell I love them? 🙂 I was just saying to a friend that it doesn’t concern me that I talk to my dogs; its that I have two ways conversations with them.
    Thanks for letting me ramble on.
    Have a great day!!


  2. twistedheart

    Oh I love it! It makes me miss my dogs. I am so glad you have your dogs. And I always talked to mine constantly….wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thanks…brought a smile to my face:)



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