What’s That Paw?

What's That Paw?

Yes LailaMay?
Those leaves sure are red; aren’t they Paw?
Yes, LailaMay They sure are.
*sigh* Yes LailaMay?
What’s that?
What’s what LailaMay?
That white stuff on the mountain, that stuff that kinda looks like dandelion fluff.
Ah!!! that would be snow LailaMay.
Snow Paw?
Yes LailaMay Snow! I sure hope our momma Carrie finds us a warm place to move to real soon.
Why is that Paw?
Don’t you go worrying your wrinkly little head about it. All I’ll say about snow is; when it gets down here where we are you won’t want to squat too low when you do your pooh.
Don’t squat when I pooh Paw?
You’ll figure it out.
Ok Paw.
Yes Paw.
One more thing.
Yes Paw
Don’t eat the yellow snow.
Yes Paw.
Yes Paw?
Will you PLEASE quit chewing on my ear?
Sorry Paw.

*sigh* Yes LailaMay?

Nothing Paw.

I love you.

4 thoughts on “What’s That Paw?

  1. ladywithatruck Post author

    Thanks Michael! 🙂 I took it with my phone but I had to get a picture of those trees, I drive past them at least twice a day and they are so beautiful. You can’t really get the full effect but they line someone’s driveway. And I always love the mountains. I really do love this area; it’s very rural; not citified at all.
    Thanks for the reblog too!!
    You’re a sweetheart.



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