Now back to where I was before we were so rudely interrupted.


The trailer project, let me fill you in;

I went to Everglades to visit my old neighbour there, her son is living with her and he walked around the park with me showing me a few of the lots he thought might be available and took me to talk to a couple of people. He is buying a trailer and a lot in the resort on a “rent to own” basis at $500 a month for 5 years. A deal like that would certainly work for me. Apparently since I moved out the rules have changed and only owners can live there year round. Now that causes a dilemma! But my friend said that a rent to own agreement makes you an owner so year round is allowed. Another way around it is a couple of the owners have sold 1% of their lot to the renter and then they are part owner and can live there year round, so there are ways around the rule.

A week ago I saw a notice on the bulletin board saying “For Sale or Rent Lot #240 and an email address, no phone number” I had emailed and not heard back and hadn’t been able to find lot #240 when I had walked through at night so my friend and I hopped in his truck and took a drive around the resort. Many of the lots are too small for a 40’ trailer and I started to kinda lose hope but then we found lot #240. OMG it is my dream lot, this is it. I hate to even say anything because it is exactly what I want, EXACTLY!! I should have taken a picture but if you look on the map up top of this post the lots are numbered, this lot is on the far right of the island right on the lake about in the middle. There is a little leg of land coming off the island to a small chunk of land (if that makes sense at all!!) the dark blue is the lake and the light blue is a man made canal. Lot 240 is on the lake side of that spit of land. While we were there a fish jumped in the lake and an eagle flew overhead. I used to go out early in the morning to watch the eagles and heron fish and this spot would provide that exact thing. The lot next door has a beautiful old weeping willow tree that hangs down almost to the water, there is a chain link fence on 2 sides, the lake on one side so I would only have to fence one side to keep the dogs in. There is a really old trailer on it that looks like it hasn’t been used in 10 years. I paced it out and the trailer would fit with enough clearance to be within the rules and regulations.

While we were there a man walked up, he’d seen us drive past, and seeing as it is a dead end and he didn’t know the vehicle he came to check us out. (my very own security patrol, gotta love that). He was the owner of lot 240. Apparently he has a cabin a few lots down, doesn’t own a phone and apparently doesn’t check his email. He had a gruff approach, typical of an old timer; leary of folks he doesn’t know; which is as it should be.  I told him I had seen his sign saying to rent or sell and I was interested in either.

He said he wasn’t too sure he wanted to sell now, it is a really nice lot and he is starting to have second thoughts and thinking he might want to leave it to his nieces and nephews but he would like a long term renter for sure. I don’t want to live in that old dinky trailer and he said he bought the place off of an old lady that had it for sale forever and couldn’t sell it and that no one had used the trailer since she left and that was 6 years ago. He said he keeps it to the lot to park his extra vehicles on and as a guest trailer if someone comes to stay but he was going to take it out of the park because it is so old. I asked if he would consider rent to own because they won’t allow full time renters. He said get approval from the park management and then come back and talk to him, so he didn’t say no. Then he said he has another lot that is empty just across the road. He bought that lot because he didn’t want anyone living there because it would block his view of the bell tower of the monastery (remember I spoke about the bell tower in a post once, I love that bell tower) it is lot 233 and on the canal. It is a bare lot, just grass, but my trailer would fit. My friend said, “Don’t start compromising, don’t even let him know you will take the lesser lot, go for the nice lot and don’t back down.” He is going to go with me to talk to strata tomorrow and then after that we will go talk to the fellow and hopefully it will all work out. I think he might just be cautious who he sells to, you know? He was warming up to me in the end and was really quite friendly by the time we drove off so I am not giving up hope yet. There is one more lot that I could rent if the strata council lets me move in and it is almost at the very top tip of the island lot #319 which would be right on the lake too so it would probably be my second choice.

I phoned a friend that has a tow truck about towing the trailer and he’s gotten rid of his tow truck but was telling me about a 40’ trailer with 3 push outs that someone wants him to haul away, he said it is really nice, doesn’t need fixing at all and I should see if I can get it. It is already set up on a lot in another park. This park isn’t as nice as Everglades but it is very well treed, their standards are not as high as Everglades and they are all year rentals. I went to look tonight but it was dark and I couldn’t see much, I will call tomorrow. They had a sign saying vacancies so I could move my trailer in there if I wanted to we’ll see. My first choice is Everglades for sure. This other RV park is 15 minutes out of Mission going the other way, so ½ an hour from Everglades but still closer to civilization than I am now. It would be closer to Vancouver and only about ½ an hour away from my brother. It’s an option.

So that brings you up to date on the trailer situation.

I kinda looking forward to the challenge of fixing up the first trailer with no money and seeing how cheaply I could do it. But then again there could be a lot of issues with it, like it has sat so long all the pipes probably leak, the propane
system would need to be inspected. My son called today and it turns out that work is too busy right now, he can only get 4 days off and he will be spending them seeing his daughter. To drive all the way from Saskatchewan to the BC coast and back to Sask is too much in 4 days; I wouldn’t allow him to do it when he has been working such long hours. I’m worried about him driving as far as he has to to see his daughter but he hasn’t seen her in a year and he is determined so I can’t say much.

I told him what has been going on with JC and he offered to call him and deal with it but I said to leave it alone, JC would love to find any excuse to charge Kris, he has tried before to lay charges of uttering threats. I promised Kris I would go to the police so he felt better about it. He said, “Just give me the word Mom, I can’t stand the man. As far as I’m concerned he’s a waste of skin. besides I told him when he apologized and said he wanted us to be a family that I’d give him another chance but if he blew it he would have to deal with me and I chose to walk away but I can always come back.” I have to agree he`s a waste of skin that’s why he isn’t worth the trouble it would cause for my son to “deal” with him. Let someone else’s brother or son “deal” with him, it will happen one day I am sure.

Also if Kris isn’t coming out then he can’t take Laila, BUT the park does allow two pets so I would be in the clear there as long as I can cure her of wanting to kill every dog she sees. THAT could be difficult but not impossible.

I have bought an electric fireplace for the trailer already, how is that for positive thinking? I was in Habitat for Humanity last Friday and they had a bunch of fireplace mantles and one electric insert. The glass is broken on the fireplace but it still lights and throws heat. The glass is just to keep kids from falling on the hot logs it doesn’t affect the functioning of it; I was able to pick it up for $50. They wanted $150 for the mantle but gave me a deal of $100 for both. Its paid for and waiting to be picked up, I am thrilled!! It should heat the trailer no problem.

Well time to hit the hay with the puppies, Laila came and nudged my leg, Kato went for his pee and they are standing here looking at me.

I pray everyone on the east coast is dry and safe tonight. I was thinking today that my problems are pretty small compared to those people dealing with Hurricane Sandy.

God bless everyone!
See you all tomorrow

1 thought on “Now Where Were We?

  1. The Heretic

    I’m crossing my fingers here! I hope you get the lot, sounds like things are looking a really positive direction for you. At this point you are not allowed to lose hope.



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