Who’ll Stop the Rain?

I know I really shouldn’t complain, things could be a lot worse; we could have had a huge earth quake that sucked me right to the centre of the earth. Or the west could have been hit by a hurricane and I would have been like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz flying off in this tiny trailer with my two Toto’s, well a Kato and a Laila; but close enough. I could go down the yellow brick road looking for a narcissist with a heart. Oops was that my out loud voice?

So, I have been trying to catch up on replying to comments the past two days because I was without a phone for 24 hours. (It felt more like several days)

Let me start from the beginning, remember Thursday? How excited I was and smiling? Remember? Well I went to the dentist and had the last two teeth pulled; all by myself without my mommy to hold my hand; and he put in my dentures. He cautioned me that they won’t be perfect, they need to be adjusted several times and some times it can be a year before they are exactly the way you want them.

I am not impressed so far. For $4000 I was expecting more. The metal shows right in front which I wasn’t expecting. I don’t know what I was expecting; no one told me what to expect and I didn’t ask. My bad I guess. It doesn’t really matter because I didn’t have any choice really. The first day of course they were uncomfortable because I just had two teeth pulled but I took 3 regular strength Tylenol and that was it for pain medication. I heal so fast that by the next day I didn’t need anything.

Good thing I ate breakfast because I didn’t eat again until almost 9 pm the next night. I was starving and had a DQ parfait for supper last night. The first night I was gagging all night because I gag easily any way. But that feeling has left me and I managed to eat some pasta last night when I got home.

Anyway, after the dentist I drove into Surrey to drop off my income taxes for the years 2007-2011 because I hadn’t filed them yet and I should have GST cheques coming which will help me move. Surrey is where JC lives and it is a big place, the likelihood of running into him is slim but still I hate going any where near the place and get a knot in my stomach every time. Combine that with my gagging reflex and I was in fine shape!

The dogs wanted to pee in the worst way so we took a little walk but we had to get going and I had only brought one leash. The truck started running really rough, missing, surging, and I could smell exhaust fumes in the cab of the truck. Great! I got to the taxation office minutes too late! After having to park a mile away and running around unable to find it. So I wasted time and fuel; but now I know where to go on Monday when I do it again.

I took the pups for a walk Kato buggered off and wouldn’t come, then he saw a huge rottie behind a fence (thank the good Lord) and had to go over and start a fight and pissing match through the fence. It’s easy to be a tough guy when you’ve got a 6′ high chain link fence between you and the much young , much bigger, dog you are trying to impress, so he was in no hurry to come when I called.

There was a cop parked down the road and he must have been wondering what the hell was going on. Complete chaos is what was going on! The Dog Whisperer I’m not! Believe me I was NOT whispering!

All the onlookers would have seen would have been a blondish coloured dog go running up to the fence barking. Me running with Laila in the opposite direction to get the truck. Me throwing Laila into the truck, quite literally. Cursing and swearing; mumbling under my breath about killing Kato and never letting him off his leash again. Then trying to “rush” to where Kato is now in full force macho “You want a piece of me? Uh? You wanna piece of me?” Mode.

My truck is back firing, stalling, surging and doing a bunny hop kinda thing. I pull up along side where Kato is and roll down my window and yell for him to come which goes totally ignored by him and had every other head for 5 blocks look in my direction.

Laila climbed up my back and was now on top of my head trying to get out the window so she could get a piece of the action. I grabbed her and threw her back on the seat and she went for the window again right over top of me like I wasn’t there.

I couldn’t even get out of the truck she was so intent on ripping that dog apart. I had to roll up the windows. Luckily I had loaded my water gun earlier in the day and had ammo left. A few well aimed shots of water in the face calmed her down a bit.

Unable to get out of the truck Laila started egging Kato on barking her fool head off. I know she was saying, “Get him, get him, don’t let him talk to you like that, rip em to shreds!! Come on!! Do ya want me to show ya how?!”

I yelled at Laila to shut up and gave her one more shot in the face and as she was sputtering I called Kato again and miracles of miracles I broke his trance, he looked at me with a look like Oh there you are. Took a few steps in my direction looked back at the rottie and then trotted across the road right in front of a car and got in the truck.

Laila was giving him kisses and he had a grin from ear to ear panting with his tongue hanging out like he knew he was King Studly Hungwell. I am disheveled, sweating, red faced and fuming reading Kato the riot act and we pulled away. Coughing and sputtering down the road.

I got out of that neighbourhood and pulled into a Canadian Tire to see what the problem was with the truck. It was getting dark now but I parked under a lamp standard and had two flashlights. My exhaust pipe had come loose from the manifold. Not a problem I’ll just tighten the bolt but upon closer inspection I see that the manifold has broken away at the bolt hole.

I went into Canadian Tire and bought some gasket making goop and went out to try and patch it some how. It was torrential rain by now, I had my cell in my coat pocket, my rain coat spread inside under the hood, my umbrella in hand and proceeded to climb right inside under the hood with my high heels on. Well wouldn’t you know I slipped, caught myself and only banged against the side of the truck; right on my phone.

Shattered the screen totally. I had a major melt down! Went home, cried for an hour, went to bed, got up, cried for 1/2 an hour, got my shit together, made a little bit of money, got my money back for the electric fireplace I bought for the trailer and went and bought myself another phone. A used Blackberry for $150.

*sigh* now I am going to try again to fix my truck. But its been running pretty good ever since.

The continuing saga of me. 🙂
So that was my last couple of days. All’s well that ends well they say.


22 thoughts on “Who’ll Stop the Rain?

  1. Oh man, don’t you hate days like that? Everything just seems to go wrong! Sometimes you do just have to give up for the day and wait for the new day tomorrow.
    I feel your pain on the dogs. My great dane (his now) outweighed me by a good 30 pounds by the time she was a year old. She was very aggressive towards all other dogs (sometimes I wonder if all the stress I felt in my relationship somehow affected her and made her anxious ). Many times she would drag me down the street in front of morning traffic as she ran after another dog and I held onto her leash tying to stop her…but instead she would make my fly off my feet and drag me across all the lawns ….stomach down. Yeah- embarrassing and frustrating.. I love that little bugger anyway and miss her everyday..
    It’s a new week in a few hours. A new start. I hope you this proves to be a much better week than last 🙂


    1. You know twistedheart, the worst part was when I realized my phone was broken; when I got home and could tell my screen was shattered. I had a major meltdown, it is my life line, without it I can’t look for a place to move, can’t get work calls and can’t come here where I get so much support and encouragement. The rain is always depressing but certainly normal for this time of year in this area. Being in the valley rain clouds blow in and get stuck in the mountains and it can rain for days on end, but it always depresses me. I am not a “winter” person, I love gardening, walking and when it stays light out late.
      I was just thankful I was able to get another phone.
      As for the dogs I had to laugh later, if I had been watching me I’d have peed myself laughing. Laila literally sitting on my head trying to climb out the window.

      I could picture you being dragged across someone’s front lawn behind your dog! Lol I had a neighbor years ago who used to walk his dog on his roller blades. One day the dog, a big rottie; took off after a cat. My neighbor was yelling and swearing at his dog and hanging on for dear life “skiing” behind his dog and then his dog went over the curb and the guy wiped out. It wasn’t funny cuz the guy got scraped up pretty good but it sure was funny to watch.
      I have learned that if you can’t laugh at yourself life can really get you down, I can usually find something to laugh about everyday.
      I hope your days are getting better you are doing amazingly well you know? Not too much longer! You are a great addition here, always there with words of encouragement for everyone who comments. I really appreciate your input.
      Have a great day!


      1. Awe, such encouraging words and then I go and mess everything up last night. Ugh. It’s ok. It is just one day and I have many days to come where I can hold my head high and be the better person. I won’t let him bring me down to his level again.
        BTW- thanks for the laugh! The image of the flying roller blader made me smile…and I needed that today:)
        Is your week vastly better than last? I hope so!


        1. That’s what I meant when I said I didn’t think I could do it with JC for a month. I know I would bite the bait, he would find some way of getting to me.

          Another time I was able to keep myself under check pretty good. I was at Amix getting rid of my load and I knew I was looking especially hot that day. I had on tight jeans (I’ve got a great ass you know? Haha) and a blazer, my hair looked good and I just felt really attractive that day. I have a leather bomber jacket I bought a few years ago that I always get compliments on every time I wear it so I know it looks good on me. I had put my bomber jacket on over my blazer to protect my blazer from grease.
          I saw him coming down the road and right away I get all nervous, he already had his new g/f and everything, but he knew I was always at Amix right at closing and it was right at closing. He parked beside me and I casually walked over and said Hi. We were making small talk and I could see his eyes really checking me out. Finally I said, “What?” Thinking to myself, “He is thinking I am looking good” (his new g/f is that good looking) I know that sounds superficial but I can’t help but compare so sue me.
          He gets a funny look like he just ate something sour and says, “I never really thought you were the biker chick type”. I was so deflated! I didn’t say anything but I am sure he saw it on my face and that pissed me off because I didn’t want him to know I even heard him. They slip these little insults in and try to make it look all innocent like they didn’t mean anything by it, but he didn’t want me to feel good about myself.
          That’s what your ex is doing also, he doesn’t want you to think he cares at all or for you to feel good about yourself. That’s really sad.


  2. Hopefully you weren’t stuck for very long. At least you weren’t stuck in another state, it still sucks being stuck in the rain anywhere but you made it home safe.


    1. Michael, I was so pissed off I broke my phone I just drove home the way it was. Well I tightened the bolt as best I could and said to hell with it. The next day it ran fine. I don’t know why, I have the part I need to fix it, one of my customers gave it to me, so as soon as it stops raining, or if it happens again I’ll have the part. I think we’ve discussed our mechanical abilities before, or lack there of lol so I have to say I am proud I was able to diagnose the problem and knew how to fix it. A year years ago I wouldn’t have known where to even start. It reminds me of a Canadian show, the. Red Green show, he always used to say, “It you can’t be handsome, at least be handy” he used to fix everything with Duct tape. I loved that show.
      Thanks for commenting. Micheal have a great day!!


      1. We get that show here, don’t remember which channel but we do get it, I think in reruns. We’ve been watching Corner Gas, my dad and I really like that show.


        1. Corner Gas is a great show. I’ve been in Saskatcchewan towns like that! When JC and I headed out to Sask this last time we got back together we stopped in a little town called “Spy Hill” to try and get some supper. It was a dinky little town with one restaurant, we parked the semi and went in. Anyone outside stared as we drove through “town” and when we walked in the restaurant every one stopped talking and looked at us. The waitress told us steak was the special so we both had the special. She brought us a plate with two raw steaks on it, a potato wrapped in tinfoil and a bottle of barbeque sauce. We had to cook our own steaks on the Barbeque outside. Lol we had a great dinner. I felt like a celebrity the way everyone stared at us. I bet we were the talk of the town for weeks.


          1. We really liked Corner Gas. They made it pretty hard to choose a character as a favorite as they all had their own quirks. The one thing my dad and I thought was funny was every time someone would mention the rival town, “Woolerton”, everyone would spit on the ground. I nearly passed out from laughing so hard while watching the episode when the comedian that ripped off one of Brent’s jokes comes to town and towards the end Brent tells the guy that he is in Woolerton, and all of the jokes he makes about Dog River manages to piss everyone off. Then at the end he says, “It’s so great to be in Woolerton!”, and then the entire audience spits in unison. I got a head rush from laughing so hard at that scene.

            I’ve seen a couple of the actors in some new things like the SyFy production (re-imagining) of Alice In Wonderland that had the woman who played Wanda in it. I saw the actress who played Brent’s mother in a trailer for a movie called The Tall Man.


  3. Well I have to say, you last few days make mine look a whole lot better. I have been ill with some respiratory bug while having my house on the market. This means I get the call someone wants to see the house, I get out of bed, make everything look pretty and go sit somewhere in the car for an hour in the cold with Bella dog. I was grumbling. I’m glad you got home safe. Hugs2U


    1. Mountainmae, you poor thing !!! I hate having my house on the market and having to show the house at a moments notice and then to be sick on top of it. My day sounds a lot better than yours!!
      I feel so bad for you having to go sit in your vehicle and Bella while people look at your house when all you want is to be wrapped up and snuggled down in bed. I hope you are feeling better soon and your house sells soon.
      Have you bought another one?
      I hope your day is much better today!


      1. Lady … I read that in your posts and you know something … your life would be a wonderful sitcom … because as I said before you survive the malfunctions and live to tell about it 🙂


  4. Twistedheart, oh yeah my week has been better, I really don’t stay down for long usually. I have my little pity party and then carry on but I sure would like to find a place to call home!! Lord I don’t want to spend Christmas alone in that dinky trailer. I will keep positive thoughts in my mind!!!! Oooohmmmm!

    Oh yeah!! I can gaurantee you will have more opportunities to take the high road. That’s the way to roll with the punches. You can’t do anything about yesterday you CAN change how you react next time.

    Glad to see you are feeling more positive again!
    God I’m proud of you! ^5


    1. Yes, another day where I didn’t exactly take the high road. Not as bad as yesterday…so there is that:) Tomorrow is a new day. I will get a handle on this. I can’t believe I let him get to me..and a bit again today. No more. No more. No matter what happens…I will fake it til I make it. No more giving him the satisfaction. What an ass he is!


    1. Twistedheart, I am encouraged by the fact that I used to have good hours in a day. I went from crying all day and wanting to die, to being able to work and get through the day before I cried all night and then I’d actually enjoy parts of my day and now I have gotten to a point where I have good days in a row; and when I do have a bad day I can laugh about it and the big big thing is; when I do have a bad day its because of circumstances not because some scum bag that says he loves me wanted to screw me up just for the ego boost. Life is so much easier to deal with when you don’t have to concern yourself with “what is the jerk going to do today to F me up” I now know that if my truck was running when I parked it last night it will be running when I go out to leave this morning. If I have $100 today and don’t spend it I will still have $100 tomorrow.
      I really hadn’t realized how stressful he made my life until being away from it so long.
      They poison the sunshine, their nastiness throws a black cloud over your whole world tainting everything. You wait, good days are coming for you!!


      1. I can understand that. I cried pretty much everyday for over a year and a half of our relationship (and would have cried before that if I had any clue what was going on and who he was). I have cried very very often since I left, but some days I can distract myself and go a day with out crying! I wouldn’t say I am happy…I am still sad and broken, but being able to not cry for a while is a good step. Sounds stupid…but that’s a good thing. I just can’t allow myself to think about it all bc then it all comes back. I just try to distract myself in any way I can. Not always easy.I am sorry to say that I let him make me cry the last 2 days. I do not intend to repeat that mistake. Fake it til ya make it!
        I am so happy and encouraged to see the progress you have made. It gives me hope that one day soon, my good moments will string together into days and maybe a week and so on. I look forward to finding my old self again :).


  5. Yeah some of them have gone on to act in other things. I never watched it religiously and missed the episode about the comedian but you describing it gave me a laugh I could just see everyone spitting on the ground.

    I am not sure if I am right about this but I thought the actors in that show were all small town Sask regular people that they got to play the parts, is that right?


  6. Yes, those are called “Pop a Xanax or all hell is going to break loose” days. Don’t judge me. Lol.

    And I also have a horrible gag reflex. When I am stressed I clench my teeth at night (only seems to happen these days when I am fighting with the ex). I bought a mouth guard and wasted my money. I want to invest in Invisalign one day, but just going to the dentist for a cleaning leaves me gagging and spitting. I can’t imagine spending all of that money on Invisalign trays and not being able to wear them.
    Anyway, hang in there.


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