Some People Just Don’t Have a Sense of Humor

I have tried to post for two days and this Blackberry I bought sucks!! It can’t do what my other one did and keeps crashing saying it has to close because the page is too large. It won’t let me post pictures grrrrrr but I wanted to share something that happened yesterday that had me laughing all by myself for an hour afterward.

After a long day locked in the truck I stopped at the local mall to pick up brochure paper from Staples. The dogs were anxiously staring at me willing me to take them for a walk so I got them out of the truck. I usually let Kato go by himself with his leash trailing behind him because I know he won’t go far (usually). I did the same as always and Kato headed for the first tree he saw. I put Laila down and realized her leash was in my hand and not attached to her. I mistakenly said, “Laila, your leash!” She looked at my hand and immediately run in a circle about 4 times, on the fourth go around she saw the door for Staples and made a B-line for it. I was in hot pursue but she had her little body close the the ground and taking full advantage of her freedom. As she came to the door it automatically opened as did the second set of automatic doors.

I yelled at Kato to stay and ran in behind her, just in time to see her lose traction on the waxed floor as she rounded the corner; then she was gone!!

As I run past I asked, “Did you see a little blonde dog go running past? Which way did she go?”

One lady at the check out counter pointed towards the back of the store and I saw a Staples employee roll her eyes as she said, “Great!!”

I am running down the end of the aisles looking down each one for Laila and then I spotted her at the entrance to the storage room about to jump up on a young girl’s leg; her whole body wiggling in excitement. I yelled, “Laila! No! Stay down!” She looked at me, spun out on the waxed floor again but got traction just as I was about to grab her.

From 1/2 way across the store I saw the automatic doors open and close. Shit!! I go running to the front and every one is working as usual. Out of breath I pant,”Did anyone see which way she went?” I got a couple of mumbled no’s and the one clerk who had rolled her eyes just sighed heavily. A lady standing by the door pointed outside and said one went left and the little one went right”.
“Thank you”
I get outside and see Kato peeing on another tree, oblivious to the drama unfolding in the store. Laila is at the truck the little sweetheart. She turns and sees me. I call her and start to walk in her direction. She high tails it straight for me, I bend down arms outstretched and she sails right past me and as I turn around I see her bum disappear behind the second automatic door.

This time she stopped to greet and meet all the people in line to pay and some kind and thinking on her feet customer grabbed Laila’s collar.

Kato had finally figured out he was missing out on some action and came barreling through the double doors with his leash still trailing.
The clerk grimaced,” Are they both yours?”
“‘Kato! You know better get out of here!” But he wasn’t missing out on the chance for some fun and he starts play fighting with Laila and I lose my grip on her collar. They are growling and biting at each others ears and chasing each other in circles as I try to grab Laila’s collar again. They are having too much fun and not amount of scolding is fazing them at all. I finally got out the door with them both and burst out laughing. Not so much at the dogs but the people in the store.

Not one of them even cracked a smile, I couldn’t believe it!

I laughed for a good hour afterwards.

I took them for a walk then, we walk often at this mall because it is well lit, and has every thing I need so we are there regularly. I have gotten into the habit of getting Laila to jump up on benches and run along them and then jump off, or we go around poles different directions, just to keep her entertained and paying attention because Kato walks so slow. In front of the grocery store is a big water fountain, a huge saucepan pouring water into a dish. Recently I had Laila jump up and walk the full circumference of the fountain on the lip of the bowl. Well, last night she immediately jumped up and started drinking from the fountain. Kato gingerly jumped up and carefully sipped from the fountain too. When Laila was finished drinking she jumped down. When Kato was done I said, “Ok bud, are you done? Come on let’s go” and gave his leash a tug. He wasn’t budging. I tried a couple of times and got the same reaction, he didn’t want to get down. I dropped the leash and he slowly walked the full circumference of the fountain just like Laila had a few night previously. When he got back to his starting spot he stopped and jumped down.

I praised him very much and he looked so proud.

Who would have thought he cared? But he remembered Laila getting praise for doing it and made sure I knew he could do it also.

Smart little bugger my Kato is.
God I love these guys!!!

9 thoughts on “Some People Just Don’t Have a Sense of Humor

  1. Missus Tribble

    OMG you almost have me in tears here, I’m laughing so hard. I used to work in retail and would have welcomed the distraction from what can be an extremely dull job 🙂


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Missus Tribble, I knew you would enjoy my romp through Staples and see the humor in it. After all that I still had to go back in to buy my brochure paper. I was stifling my laughter the whole time. When I came through the door they all looked at me and not even a grin or “cute puppy” from any of them. All I said was,” locked up in the truck all day” and shrugged my shoulders. They went back to work and I got my paper and left.

      Well they can tsk tsk all they like, it was the best part of my day! And probably theirs too they just won’t admit it. Everyone loves Laila!! How could you not? Haha It’s not like she peed all over the store or anything.


      1. Missus Tribble

        When I worked at a pharmacy back home, one lady used to bring her adorable black Toy Poodle – Charlie – in with her, and all the staff adored him. He just wanted All The Hugs and his human was lovely too.

        Had I been there to see Laila I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face. Cute puppy running amok? How is that not funny? 🙂


  2. Melanie

    A good laugh is good for everyone.
    This really says a lot about people. Only one person stepped up to help you. Everyone else was content to watch you struggle. Why? It makes me so mad that people can’t care.
    I’m glad you laughed about it all. I’m afraid I would have cried.


  3. twistedheart

    If I was in that store, seeing all of that awesome-ness would have made my day! Hell, just reading your story brightened my day 🙂


  4. ladywithatruck Post author

    Michael, it was, I knew you’d see the funny side of the situation.
    Twistedheart, I most definitely knew you’d appreciate the whole comedy of errors, I kept thinking it could be worse she could be a Great Dane! Haha I would have loved to see the reaction then!!
    Melanie, I started to get frustrated chasing her around the store and no one even trying to block her in a corner or something but their dead pan faces just made me laugh! Like I planned it! Haha just to screw up their day, their lack of understanding made it even funnier, and made me feel sorry for them. I think I’ve had so much really bad stuff happen in my life that I just don’t sweat the small stuff any more. To hell with them if they can’t see the humor, there are dog lovers and then there are grumpy people hahahaha


  5. twistedheart

    Oh man, the danes would have been crashing into everything. The people in the store would have been running for cover! It makes me giggle to think of it 🙂



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