Transforming Your Life

I receive regular emails from a fellow named Chris Cade, he has a course on transforming your life and you can sign up for free inspirational emails; which I did.

I have cut and pasted his message for today because I thought it was so true and so simple, yet I think most of us miss the obvious.

Here it is:

Are you open to seeing what lies behind your day-to-day anxiety? Here’s a quick exercise you can do right now…

1. Write down what you are anxious over.

2. List several common sense answers that would better the situation.

3. Next to each item on the list, write down why you don’t want to take action on those solutions. It’ll come down to fears about what will happen to you if take those actions and doubts about your ability to do those actions.

It could be as simple as the reason you don’t eat less and exercise more is because you fear you’ll be unhappy and bored. That you will miss eating pizza and get stuck with vegetable soup. You might have less time to watch reruns of your favorite TV show because you’re going to be swimming laps at the pool.

In the end, we make a trade…

We choose not to deal with short-term experiences that cause us fear. Instead, we exchange them for day-after-day of perpetual anxiety. And because the long-term result of not changing our lives will not come to pass for many weeks, years or decades… we ignore it.

But facing our fears sounds like work. Doing subconscious reprogramming may even sound kind of boring.

In my experience, it’s the most rewarding and exciting adventure you can undertake.

But at first, good actions taste like poison. I know. And bad actions taste like honey.

His website is
If you want to see more of what he has to say.

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