Kato at about 2 years old

Kato at about 2 years old

I have decided to make a calendar for Christmas gifts this year. I am calling it “I told you I wanted a Sharpie NOT a Shar-pei!!” and including a Sharpie pen for writing on the calendar.

I have been going through all my hundreds of photos of Kato and Laila picking out my favorites and came across my all time favorite.

It is my all time fav for several reasons:

1. Is obvious, he’s just so dang cute!!
2. THAT IS JC’S TOOTHBRUSH and I never told him !!!! Hahahaha

How’s that for passive aggressive!!! I had forgotten all about that!!


6 thoughts on “Always Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

  1. twistedheart

    I wish I could see the picture! For some reason it doesn’t show up for me. But your calendar idea and your notes about the photo cracked me up! Thanks:)


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Doesn’t he look so innocent? He was just a puppy still in that pic, he’s gotten to be such a big boy now. He was always Such a good puppy not like Laila at all!! I think that tooth brush was the one and only thing I ever saw him chew that he wasn’t supposed to.

      He’s never licked my face, never jumped up on anyone, never done his business in the house except one time when he was really sick, I didn’t even know he knew how to bark until I’d had him a few months. He’s my man!



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