Let’s Talk Pooh!

I have come to realize I talk a lot about pooh, I’ve had posts about pooh IN my shoe, Kato peeing on my leg, stepping in pooh, and more recently waiting for Laila to pooh out my contact lens case. I am starting to have serious concerns about this myself but this story about pooh is, well….. Nothing short of amazing in my opinion.

It was after dark and I wanted to walk the dogs and figured Staples had seen enough of us for a week or two so decided to take them window shopping in downtown Mission. The streets were deserted, no other dogs; which made the walk much more pleasant and the rain had even stopped.

Stores have started decorating for Christmas and I was getting rather nostalgic and not paying attention to what the dogs were doing at first. Kato prefers to do his poohs in a bush, he will look every where for the perfect bush and when he does he will back his butt into the bush, throw his leg up and over it so he gets right on top of it and do his pooh.

But we are downtown, there are no bushes, just a concrete sidewalk and I notice he is attempting to line his butt up with a power pole. I gave his leash a tug and told him he couldn’t pooh there, we’d find him a place.

I was quickly heading for a back alley when he put the brakes on, he obviously had to go and wasn’t waiting. He was lining up with a beautiful Christmas planter pot that had ivy spilling over the top and hanging down to the sidewalk. I thought he was going to go in the ivy, but no. He kept backing up and had to stand on his tippy toes but finally got his rear end resting on the edge of the planter pot and did his pooh; in the planter!!

My dog is flippin amazing!!! He is only one small step from being toilet trained!! And not a soul around to witness it and I’d left my camera in the truck. You’ll just have to trust me that he actually did do it. (Yes I picked it up with a baggie)

I just had to share that with you but promise no more pooh stories unless Laila happens to have something interesting in hers or Kato learns to flush.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Pooh!

    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      When you have a dog there is always something to be thankful for and they have a way of keeping you grounded. If you get too full of yourself they can pull you back to reality pretty damn quick, or if you are feeling unimportant and unloved they can make you feel like the most important person in the world.
      They are like children, they live honestly and from the heart. I know you will understand this; Yesterday I was busy and getting no where fast; just one of those days you seem to be going in slow motion no matter how fast you try to go. Laila was in the trailer and Kato was outside with me. He started to whine and I got annoyed, I hate whining. I snapped at him, “Kato, what are you whining about?” When I looked at him he had this look of anticipation and tossed his head and jumped down on his two front feet the way he does when he wants to play.

      I told him I didn’t have time, but he did it again and then he ran over to the fence and was looking in the grass So I followed. There was nothing there, he went a little farther down the fence and kept looking to make sure I was following. He would sniff a spot on the ground and I would go look. After a while I figured out what he was doing. He was taking me for a walk. There was nothing he wanted me to see, except him, he wanted my time and to go for a walk. Pretty smart, that Kato of mine. He brings tears to my eyes, I could never repay him for all the times he has pulled me through or show him how grateful I am every day that I have him.



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