My Christmas Money Maker

Every year I make wreaths and give them to family, friends and some customers. I make them out of grape vines and then I stick fresh greenery, holly and some glittery decorations add some ribbon and viola!

This year I decided to try making some hanging baskets and some arrangements people could put beside their front door outside for Christmas.
I made a hanging basket and took it to the scrap yard as a little gift. The boss wasn’t there when I dropped it off so she was surprised this morning when she got to work.

When I got there today the first thing she said to me was how beautiful it was and what would I charge for one. I said $25? She said “Sold!!” So tomorrow I am dropping off two of them for her.

I am going to approach Lepp’s Market about renting the little hut they sell corn out of in summer from now until Christmas and see if I can sell some arrangements and wreaths. I might charge a bit more because I have to pay Lepp’s something.

What do you think, is $35 too much? I was thinking the hanging baskets could be $35 and the arrangements have two sizes small for $20 and a large for $40. The wreaths I haven’t made yet or I would have shown you a picture but I think $20 – $30 for a large wreath. I make the grape vine wreath and decorate it so it’s a lot of work plus I have to buy ribbon and other decorations to give them some bling.

Gee all I would have to do is sell 5 of each and I’d have $300, I would probably clear half of that by the time I cover materials. I get my greenery from the forest, and my holly I get from Bud Haddrell’s holly tree that is still standing in town. Its a huge old tree and just laden with the tiny red berries that are so traditionally Christmas.

I can’t help it, I have been singing Christmas carols today. I love Christmas so much, I am going to miss decorating this year. I have my collection of nutcrackers that I’ve collected for 35 years and added a new one every year and my angel collection, my Dickens Village collection, my Santa Claus collection, the Nativity scene, my rocking horse collection. (I used to have a big house)

Six Rubbermaid containers full of decorations, they are probably my most valuable possession.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be selling two hanging baskets first thing in the morning so that should boost my courage enough to go talk to Lepp’s about their corn hut. I think it would be fun to be out there selling them, and Lepp’s is where I get those delish pulled pork sandwiches.

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “My Christmas Money Maker

    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      I always need luck! I hate trying to sell my stuff, I am not confident that way. I can promote someone else but not good at promoting myself. Confident in other ways, always did a good job any where I worked and could take charge but when it comes to any “talent” I have I am always blown away if someone likes it. I don’t know why that is. Its not like I was criticized as a kid and even JC used to rave about my creative talent.
      Another issue for another time! Can only deal with one at a time LOL


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Thanks ourlittlerock, I have always made them for family and never sold anything but when that woman at the scrap yard wanted two I thought what have I got to lose? I find it hard to believe anyone would pay for something I make. I am not good at promoting myself but I looked at the ones for sale at WalMart and Home Depot and mine are way nicer.

      If I don’t sell any then I am only out a few bucks and I’ll give them away to strangers. Haha


  1. Dee

    great idea! for years I did the same, eventually I got a regular table at the outdoor xmas market definately speak to Lepps about your wreaths, also tell your customers and friends that youll custom make them on commission according to the colors and size they prefer. the door hanging ones can go right up to 100 dollars if you make them luxury. xx


  2. Ray's Mom

    Each year I visit a summer fruit stand where the lady sells produce and plants. At Christmas she sells wreaths and grave mounds. they are each lovely and priced reasonable enough that I purchase one for my parents and one for Ray, each with a matching wreath.

    Good luck, you do have determination and creative talent.



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