if the flash wouldn't have gone off you wouldn't be able to see your hand in front of your face.

if the flash wouldn’t have gone off you wouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face.

Well, here we sit in almost total darkness, I do have some candles and actually had the foresight to put them where they were easily accessible because the wind was really howling the other night and I thought the power might go out. What I didn’t have the foresight to do was make sure I knew where my flashlight is.

I had the heater on, the radio and a work light plugged in outside and blew the breaker. Lord Luvva Duck! Now I have to go out to the barn to flip the breaker, and I really really really hate going out to the barn even in the day time.

The breaker box is at the very back of the barn, right by the hole the “thing” Kato keeps trying to kill goes into the barn through. AND I can’t find my flashlight. I have several, one I left at my girl friend’s when she was without power and my black one (good colour for a flashlight! Let’s not make it easy to find when the power goes out!!) And I have a wind up one, that I think is in my truck some where, the rat thing probably took it so he can see to get in his little hidey hole in the barn!!

I have to go out there, I have no choice but I was kinda hoping one of you would volunteer to do it for me. Or we could all go as a group.

Not only do I have to walk to the far end of the barn there are cobwebs that brush your head if you don’t keep your head down, a rolled up carpet (a perfect home for things that scurry), a like ditch through the middle of the barn and when I get to the breaker box they have a bunch of stuff piled right in front of it so I have to put one hand on the beam to support myself while I stretch to reach the breaker switch. Once I flick the switch I run like hell and get out of there, cursing and swearing all the way and brushing myself off.

Last time I went out there at night I wore my long rain coat, my hard hat, my knee high boots and rubber gloves inside my work gloves. I think I’ll be doing that again.

Oh Lord, I gotta find a flashlight first and I don’t think Laila ate it. Or maybe that wasn’t sunshine up her butt. Hmmmmm

2 thoughts on “Testing My Brave

  1. twistedheart

    Oh man! The visual you created of you in all that garb- including hard hat- it priceless! Be careful- sounds like something out of a scary movie. I can totally picture the whole thing. Can you take the pups in with you?


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      I thought about taking Kato but if he flushed it out it would be running around the barn so I thought better of it. I did it, oh I was so not brave!! If anyone saw me going in there they would really wonder. I go in all cautious, went in and came out, walked around the truck a bit and went and stood at the door, walked away and went back and then said a prayer and went for it! I came out of that barn like it was on fire! Dancing around outside talking to myself, “God, I hate doing that, omg, that was scarey” lord if anyone saw me they’d think I’d lost my mind! I saw a car coming and almost flagged him down and offered him $20 to go do it for me but I need the $20 so I made myself do it.

      I swear I lose a year off my life every time I go in there. Its crazy I know but I can’t help it.



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