Landord Cuts Power – Tenant Left in The Cold

Midday last Friday I got a text from one of my best friends saying, “I need a generator, either to buy or borrow”.

I replied,”What’s up?”

Her reply was, “My landlord wanted to find out what its like the have the renter from hell.”

What had/has happened is she has rented this house for 2 years, she pays a heavy price for it, almost $1200 a month and it is only a 2 bedroom old house, its drafty and well its old! She doesn’t have a yard to speak of because the landlord has it planted with trees and the workers often arrive in the early morning to work so she is inconvenienced in that way also.

She has a rental agreement that says nothing about her having to pay for her own hydro and she has never received a bill for hydro. She assumed hydro was covered in the rent. For two years she has paid her rent on time and there has never been mention of paying the hydro. She recalls one time he said the hydro bill was high and she gave him $50 and he seemed happy.

So last Friday a hydro truck pulls in her driveway and they turn off her hydro, just like that, no warning from them or the landlord. She asked them what they were doing and they told her the landlord had requested they turn off the hydro.

We are talking winter, single woman, drafty house here. She calls the landlord and he wants $600 before he will have the power put back on, still no bill or anything. She calls hydro to get it put in her name and they won’t do it unless she has a rental agreement saying she is to pay the hydro, which she doesn’t have. That’s the whole problem!

I didn’t have a generator but I was able to get a 1/2 a deck load of wood from the sawdust place where I dispose of pallets for nothing. See there are nice people in the world.

I go over there with candles, wood and some supper for her and she is still looking for a generator. The house is freezing but once she gets a fire built it warms up fast. But she has no water because she is on a well and needs electricity to run the pump.

She did get a generator but after 2 days she couldn’t handle living in darkness. She was understandably nervous in that old house with no lights. She is in the financial position she can afford a hotel and that is where she is now.

She has called the Residential Tenancy Board and their hands are tied. They said, “He can’t do that!” Well lady he did. And now he is gone to sunny California for two weeks. My girlfriend can’t afford a hotel for much longer, all her food in her fridge and freezer has gone rotten, and the soonest she can get a hearing date is December 20th. (The day before the world is supposed to end btw)

I want to know what would happen if it was a person who couldn’t afford a hotel? How on earth does this guy think he is in the right to do something like this? I am sure that when they have the hearing she will be reimbursed for all her losses, or she had better be!! She should get compensation for being inconvenienced also.

If it was me I would have to just freeze until Dec 20th. As would a lot of other people.

I Can not believe some people’s total disregard for another person’s safety, and well being and total disregard for common decency or rental rules and regulations.

He can’t do that; well he just did and got away with it.


12 thoughts on “Landord Cuts Power – Tenant Left in The Cold

    1. Me too Michael, she had a freezer full of chicken breasts she gave away and bacon, beef, a lot of it went bad because she just had so much. The other thing is, its getting colder by the day, if the pipes freeze he is going to have a HUGE mess to clean up and it will serve him right but that will mean she has a big mess and her stuff will get wrecked.

      After 2 years all of a sudden to expect $600 and not even present a bill. And another thing is he uses power for his nursery trees. The water is pumped from the well all summer to keep the trees alive and he has chickens in the barn that he keeps warm. She shouldn’t have to pay for that. Believe me the house isn’t worth what she pays if she has to pay the hydro on top of it. And she has done a lot to fix it up, painted the whole inside, repaired and painted the fence. He could have way worse tenants that’s for sure. She pays on time every month.


      1. What crap! I would be consulting legal counseling if I was your friend, and then make sure he reimbursed me for all of the food I lost on top of what I sue him for.


        1. Michael, she is going to take him to court, she won’t back down, lol she is a tough cookie, you don’t want to make her mad!! She is reasonable and fair and expects the same in return. I will be curious to see how it all plays out in the end. I will be very disappointed in our system if he is not made to compensate her. I think it is absolutely appalling he did it and then he goes away to California!!
          So many landlords are scum. I don’t know what its like in the states but up here they ask a small fortune for a one room suite in an old fire trap building and people live there because there is no where else to go. That’s why I am having such a hard time finding a place too because even a one bedroom in a dump and in a bad neighbourhood is going to cost me $750 a month.

          In Vancouver there are places on the East side, drug central, where a person gets a 10 x 6 room, with a sink and a bare light bulb hanging from a wire for $550 a month. The walls are paper thin, the door has a 2″ gap around it, no closet, share a bathroom and kitchen, hookers and drug addicts fighting in the hallways, rats scurrying around outside. They have taken an old hotel and chopped the rooms in half and made it “low rent”.
          It is disgusting what these landlords get away with and a lot of them don’t even live in the country, they buy them as investments. We have a place in Abbotsford that was in the paper recently, the landlord does nothing to keep the place maintained, there are wiring issues, no fire extinguishers, garbage, needles, rats and graffitti and blood on the walls and the Fire Dept has ordered it be fixed up but they are hesitant to shut it down because then all these people will be homeless.

          Greed is what it is.


    1. Miss Tribble, thank you, I agree! She’s been a single mom, raised to great responsible kids all by herself, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. But you know they say laws and rules keep honest people honest. The criminals don’t care about laws and what’s right, and that’s the truth.


  1. I don’t believe this is legal for the landlord to turn off the power under any circumstance, especially when the rent is paid up to date. I would be calling on the best atty I could afford.


    1. She called the residential tenancy board and they said,”He can’t do that”. He is in California for two weeks and no one can do anything until he’s back.” She can’t even get Hydro to hook her back up without his authorization”. She tried to get him to take $200 but he said all or nothing. The person she talked to at RTB said the soonest they can have a court hearing is Dec 20th and that she should do whatever she can to get the hydro hooked back up and then seek compensation at the hearing. But who has $600 just laying around. There isn’t many times in my life even when I was doing well that I had that much money just kicking around. Its a month before Christmas.
      I can’t believe he did it. I kept saying,” he can do this, its illegal” I guess if you don’t care about the laws they don’t apply. I can’t believe even that he had it done on a Friday with no notice. No matter what she would have gone the weekend without power.

      You know though Ray’s mom I had a problem with a landlord who was an alcoholic and she would get drunk and stagger over to start a fight. (She lived next door) I had given my notice and was moving out on the 15th. Her and I were in dispute about $65 I had deducted from the rent for a repair I had paid for. She gave me an eviction notice for the 10th. Which fell midweek. According to the law I would have had til the 15th because a person has 10 days from the date of the eviction notice to pay. Then the home owner has to get a court injunction and a bailiff to kick you out which would take a couple of weeks. She could see I was packing, I was moving, loading the truck and taking stuff to my new place, I was obviously going to be out by the end of the weekend, like on the 14th or something. The Saturday night I came back for another load and JC was with me, he was in the garage and I went in the house to get more boxes and she threw open the door, pissed and staggering slurring her words with a beer in her hand and a big guy with her not, quite as drunk.
      My cat got scared and ran out the door so I lost my cat. She and her henchman tell me to get out now and started throwing my stuff outside. I told her to get out or I was calling the cops, she went out and punched JC and he pushed her and she fell. (You could have blown on her and she would have fallen over she was so drunk) JC told me to just get in my truck and drive away so I threw Kato in the truck and her henchman was throwing stuff from the garage on my truck as I was driving away. JC followed me. I was just shaking. I lost all my furniture, that’s why JC was there was to help me with my leather sectional, tv, and antiques. I took her to court for restitution and she gave them all these pictures of garbage strewn every where (all stuff they threw) and she had the guy and his wife there and they all said I just left and never came back, abandoned my cat and stuff and she had to pay $650 to have it cleaned up. My witness, JC, was late and court was over when he got there. I was ordered to pay the $650 to get my stuff back and I never paid it. I had already replaced my stuff. But I couldn’t believe she won. But I didn’t have pictures of them throwing my stuff out and she got people to lie for her. It was her word against mine.


        1. She’s been a really good friend to me over the years also. She’s had her run ins with JC and tolerated him because of me and since we split her and I have renewed our friendship. I called today and she was home! Miracles of miracles, she called hydro again because yesterday was her last day in the hotel and they said they would hook up her hydro if she paid the bill backdated to July and she said ok but that was $600 and she knows she didn’t use that much electricity because it was summer. She called back and they said ok starting Oct and she agreed and her power was back on an hour later! All of a sudden she didn’t need his authorization or nothing. She figures she just happened to get an understanding woman this time who was willing to stretch the rules. She is still taking him to court for all the lost food and hotel bill. She sure was happy to be home and so was her dog.


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