Further To Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Further to my post the other day about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs I found some notes I made on it a few years back.

Maslow believed that the only reason people don’t reach their full potential, self actualization; is because of stumbling blocks put in front of them by society with prejudices, and stereotypes. One area he emphasized needing to be addressed was education. He felt the educational system was not designed to promote growth but in fact stunted a person reaching their full potential. That was back in the 40’s and I can’t say things have improved in our educational system; not in Canada that’s for sure.

Here are his suggestions:

1. We need to teach people to be authentic, to listen to their “gut” . Boy I write a lot about listening to your gut, hmmmmm must be something to it do ya think?

2. Teachers, parents etc should focus on helping a child find their calling, destiny, what is right for them, not want the parent thinks they should be doing. And that includes career and finding a mate.

3. Teach people to become “world citizens” and appreciate cultural diversity in a community.

4. Accept people are they are and help them find their inner nature instead of expecting them to “blend in” allow them to be themselves, only then do you discover their natural talents and aptitudes.

5. Teach children to appreciate the simple things in life and nature all around them.

6. Teach, life is precious, try to see the positive in all situations and in all people.

7. Set boundaries and teach that rules, controls are necessary and good and what will improve the quality of life for everyone.

8. Teach people to choose their battles and stop fighting about insignificant things and worry about the truly big issues in life.

9. Be good “choosers” teach children how to make good, practical and logical choices.

10. We must ensure every one’s basic needs are met; safety, belonging, and esteem needs.

In a perfect world that is the way every one would operate and raise their children. How many of those points are taught to our kids today? Not many of them!! No wonder we have teen age suicide, gang wars, teen addicts, teenage pregnancy, teens murdering each other. We have a generation of very angry, frustrated and unhappy people coming into adulthood soon. Kinda scary!

4 thoughts on “Further To Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

  1. The Heretic

    I think the problem with education is the fact that the curriculum is not curtailed to every students speed and needs. Everything is rushed, and if a child doesn’t get it right away they are usually assumed as stupid or not paying enough attention. I think the ones not paying enough attention are the teachers. I think the current state of public education is completely archaic. I see a lot of what the magnet and charter schools are doing to make changes in how a child learns and it completely surpasses the norm.

    The uniformed way of learning has been proving to be non-effective.

    Check out a documentary called “Waiting For Superman”, and a couple of other ones that deal with the current issue with the ways public schools teach and work.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      I agree totally with you Michael, when my son was in school he was youngest in his class (his birthday is Dec 20th so he was 4 1/2 in grade one) so immature emotionally but he was smart enough for the work, in fact he was bored and would cause trouble. He had a horrible time in school and only ever had two teachers who worked “with” him and his special educational needs. He ended up quiting school in grade 10 and he got his GED as an adult and went on to university. He is highly intelligent but he needs a special environment to learn in. We studied that when I went back to school and I studied behaviour management when I ran my daycare and you have to focus on the individual child and find what works for them. By expecting them all to learn the same way, kids are labeled as stupid, disruptive, lazy, or as high achievers but then later in life they find out they are just average it was just that they fit the prescribed mold in school.

      A lot of teachers don’t want to bother paying that much attention to their students, much easier to make them all adapt to your form of teaching.

      I know there are some great schools out there, where they study the arts along with their regular studies and apprenticeship schools where they complete their high school while working on their mechanic’s license or other trade certificate. That’s great!!


      1. The Heretic

        I actually ended up going to a secondary education school, got my GED, wasn’t satisfied enough, and the completed everything to get my diploma.

        I think the problem I also see with traditional schooling is when certain subjects and curriculum are taught over and over. There were things I learned in junior high that they taught again in high school. In a way it was kind of insulting.



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