I Have Exciting News

I haven't used this in a long time!

I haven’t used this in a long time!

(I wrote this yesterday and it never got posted)

I have exciting news!!! But I can’t tell you what it is!!!

I can give hints though! But I can’t reveal the whole thing because nothing is definite and I don’t want to jump the gun.

I can tell you I was very complimented lately. I don’t want to say what company (because I think there is a spy among us, Norma, Chuck, or FB) but a company I deal with has asked me to come work for them. Right there that is a HUGE compliment, to be asked to come work for someone without even applying.

As it turns out my reputation has been working over time in the background. I had no idea that a fellow who used to work at Amix now works for this company. He and I were talking the other day and he was telling me that he had heard about me from the crane operators at Amix because they used to talk about me all the time; saying I was as good or better than most of the male truck drivers, knew what I was doing when I was backing up, unloaded myself while the guys waiting and I was hard working and always smiling and pleasant. I thanked him very much for telling me; who doesn’t like to hear they are good at what they do and are well liked? And my ego could use a little building right now also!

Then the office girl told me the company was going through some changes and she was going to talk to the owner about working me into the shuffle somehow. Once again I was really complimented.

That was last Thursday. On Friday I went in with my resume but there was no management there so I left. The fellow who used to work at Amix saw me and I told him why I was there so the next day he told the boss.

Monday when I went to drop off my resume the boss came to me first and asked why I didn’t leave my resume on Friday and we talked about what I was looking for. Apparently he had already been thinking of finding me a place in the company. We talked for a few minutes and I gave him my resume and he said he’d get back to me.

Yesterday he called and the “big boss man” the guy with the final say wants to meet with me, so he took my number and we will be having a meeting the 3 of us to discuss where I might fit in, what I need to have to be happy and wage and such like that.

I am very excited about it!! It is one of the few jobs I actually would want to do if I wasn’t doing my own thing. It would be more security and a change also. PLUS, I am not looking for work, they approached me because a few people have mentioned me to them and they have seen me work and are impressed. THAT is huge to me.

Even if nothing comes of it, say we can’t come to a mutually agreeable arrangement, I am still hugely complimented!! And it gave my self confidence a big shot in the arm!!

Cautiously optimistic…….. Because as you know, things don’t always go as I would hope.

But that’s ok because I am smiling!!!

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