This Would Be My Happy Face!!!

Feels great to smile and to be appreciated for being me!

Feels great to smile and to be appreciated for being me!

Guess what I’m smiling about?? Ok I’ll tell you whether you want to know or not; I got the job!!!

I felt confident, prepared, informed, comfortably relaxed and talkative but not in a nervous way.

I dressed totally appropriately in new jeans, ankle boots, a leather look short jacket with a beautiful scarf that matched my jacket and blouse perfectly and had a silver thread through it for a bit of bling. I did a french manicure on my nails and no jewelry. I had prepared a folder for the man interviewing me I picked up a clear plastic folder with 4 pages in it with room for 8 documents. I put my resume first, my references, I picked up my drivers abstract yesterday and that was in there, my National Safety Code certificate, a copy of the news paper article, a page of pictures of my trucks, and the brochure I did up, and my school manuscripts.

I was there 45 minutes early and walked through the door at exactly 4:30. The first thing the interviewer did was look for my resume and couldn’t find it and that’s when I handed him the folder I had done for him. I had worried it might be overkill but it was perfect!!

We talked for over an hour, laughed, talked business, talked future goals, what I want what they want and we all are in agreement. At the end of it he looked at me and said, “So are you sold?” And stood up to shake my hand and as soon as I said, “I am sold” he shook my hand and said “welcome aboard”.

This is so exciting!! A little bit different than what I was doing but I am totally in my element. Wage plus commission, plus the use of a company vehicle, dental, medical, and we have to negotiate some more, we all went away to think about it over night.

I danced out of there!!

Yes!! ^5 to every one!!!

I could cry!!

I really needed this!!!

Come on every body give me a hug!!!

26 thoughts on “This Would Be My Happy Face!!!

    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Twisted thank you so much!! I knew everyone would be happy for me and that’s. Nice feeling to know people want the best for you and not to sabotage you. I am still hesitant to say too much because I am so used to things seemingly going good and then getting my feet kicked out from under me, but that’s what being with JC did to my optimism. Because every time I looked forward to something he found a way of ruining it. But deep down I think its going to be great for me and my future.


      1. twistedheart

        They obviously believe in you. It is nice to know that sometimes hard work and being a good, decent person really does pay off. Enjoy it. Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come and what you have accomplished. We are all very proud and happy for you 🙂


        1. ladywithatruck Post author

          Thank you twisted, I am so happy about it. The job is made for me, quite literally because it didn’t exist before they hired me! Lol so I can’t complain about anything. The night they hired me they asked what I wanted and I started talking about not wanting to be stuck in an office and the owner said, “no I mean what do you need monetarily to be happy.” I said, “You know this may sound silly but I haven’t really thought about it, job satisfaction is more important to me and I have never worried about my starting wage because I have proven my worth and they voluntarily give me a raise. He said to think about it and get back to them. So I researched it and did my own calculations and came up with a figure. I get full dental and medical which counts for a lot! And then a company vehicle which is HUGE! And I was afraid my figure might be too high. But I don’t have a safety net any more and will be needing all new furniture again and some new clothes etc so I thought I would start with my desired amount, all they can say is no. Sat I went in and the boss approached me and asked if anyone had called me on Friday. I said no why? He said again, “No one called you?” I was thinking OMG they’ve changed their minds!! I almost started to cry. I laughed and said ” you gotta tell me what now?” He got a funny look and said he had come up with a figure. I asked what it was and he hesitated for a minute and then he said my amount exactly!! I started jumping up and down and saying that’s it! That’s my figure too!!! He shook my hand and it was a done deal! Every thing has just fallen into place so easily you just know its right.

          I can not tell you how much better I am feeling. When I had to downsize I lost my passion for it. I never wanted to be your typical scrap hauler driving a beater truck barely eeking out a living, and that is exactly what I was doing but felt stuck. Since I got the job I haven’t thought as much about JC either because now my life is getting on track, the fact that he is happy with someone else (which I doubt) doesn’t bother me. What was bothering me so much was he had destroyed me and then went on his merry way living off of some other woman and blaming me, not suffering even the smallest inconvenience. It was so unfair! Now. That I have a fighting chance I can go on with my life. Even being in this trailer isn’t as bleak and hopeless feeling as it was a week and 1/2 ago. Knowing he was enjoying my pain just made it worse.

          When we had split before and I was doing well with my company it was much easier to get on with my life. I think a lot of the pain women (and men) go through after the N is that their lives are destroyed in every way and the N walks off smelling like a rose without the slightest repercussion.



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