Narcissistic, Sociopath Woman in Vancouver BC on Probation

Below is a news article I came across recently about a woman in Vancouver who tortured and murdered the family dog and cat. The judge gave extensive probation rules for her to abide my because he doubts she has the ability to stop herself from committing worse crimes in the future and needs strict supervision. I feel it doesn’t matter how stiff the rules are there is no way she should be allowed out into the general pubic. There is no way she came be monitored 24/7 and it will just be a matter of time before she has the opportunity to harm or kill someone. What do you think should be done with her? Where does the line get drawn?

‘Sociopathic’ animal killer to be released on probation

WARNING: This story contains disturbing content

CBC News ⁠ Posted: Nov 29, 2012 10:57 AM PT ⁠Last Updated: Nov 29, 2012 4:09 PM PT

A 22-year-old B.C. woman who admitted to taking delight in killing animals and fantasizing about shooting homeless people is set to be released on probation with strict conditions.

One psychologist who spoke with Kayla Bourque ahead of her sentencing Wednesday in Vancouver Provincial Court testified she will likely require supervision for the rest of her life.

Other doctors described her as a sexual sadist and narcissist with anti-social personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies.

“It is clear that Ms. Bourque is a very unique and troubling case,” said Judge Malcolm Maclean as he delivered what he described as “probably one of the most comprehensive probation orders I’ve ever done.”

Bourque pleaded guilty in October to killing or injuring an animal, causing unnecessary suffering and pain to an animal and possessing a knife and was arrested earlier this year.

She has already been in custody for six months, but MacLean gave her an additional two months in custody, in part so probation officials can prepare for her highly supervised release.

The urge to “kill someone”

Adopted from a Romanian orphanage at the age of eight months, Bourque grew up in Prince George. While in high school, Maclean said she admitted to having the urge to “kill someone.”

After graduation, she enrolled in criminology and psychology at Simon Fraser University.

While living in residence last March, she told another student she had disembowelled and dismembered cats in the Prince George area and that she fantasized about getting a gun and shooting a homeless person.

She also said she wanted to kill someone in residence and was taking forensic classes because she wanted to “get away” with something in the future.

MacLean said the classmate told campus security, who alerted police.

Bourque was initially arrested under the Mental Health Act and a search of her residence later turned up a blue nylon bag with a kitchen knife, a razor blade, three large garbage bags, a hypodermic needle, a mask located nearby.

Police also found video clips depicting her killing and hanging the family dog.

“She narrated part of the video as she eviscerated the dog,” MacLean said.

Another video depicted Bourque torturing the family’s cat.

“It is clear the animals would have suffered significantly prior to their deaths.”

The Crown stayed separate charges of possession of child pornography. Several psychologists have interviewed Bourque, who shows no remorse or insight into her crimes and nature.

“While intelligent and articulate,” MacLean said. “She had a preoccupation for causing pain.”

3 years of probation

On Wednesday afternoon, Bourque sat quietly beside her lawyer as others discussed the stringent requirements needed to keep her from re-offending during a three-year probation period.

A slight figure with dark long hair styled into braids, she nodded as the judge spoke to her directly about the importance of complying with probation.

MacLean said Bourque’s mother does not want her daughter living in the family home. Once released from jail, a Vancouver police high risk offender team will escort her to her new residence.

She’s not allowed to have anyone in her home from 6 pm to 6 am and anyone who does visit must be made fully aware of the charges she pleaded guilty to and their circumstances.

She can’t associate with anyone under the age of 18 or possess computer software to access the internet. MacLean also forbade her from accessing social networking sites or possessing duct tape, hypodermic needles or knives.

The probation order will be reviewed in three months after her release from custody. MacLean also banned Bourque from owning any animals for life.

“Norma” asked me what made JC’s sister think he was capable of killing me, had he killed before? What made me think he could kill me?

There were subtle things and not so subtle things. For one thing, for a period of time he had a fascination with snuff films on the internet. He would watch the same one over and over again. I never saw it but I heard it. A woman is pleading for her life, crying, for several minutes and then you hear the gun shot. I thought it must be fake, but even so why on earth would anyone want to watch that? Especially over and over again. Apparently it was real and you can find these things on the net which is scary and sick. He watched that video over and over and over until one night he had a friend over and took him into the computer room and showed him. I heard the guy say, “That is sick shit man, I don’t want to look at that” and he came out of the room looking horrified and looked at me like, “you live with this guy?”

He stopped watching it after that. He had an abnormal addiction to porn, insatiable addiction to porn and on the fringes of legalities with gang bang porn, barely legal porn etc.

When 9/11 occurred he had a fascination with that and watched the videos of the towers collapsing over and over again. For years he watched those videos, at first I thought it was out of concern but later I started to wonder if it wasn’t some morbid curiosity.

He used to blow cars up using a balloon, cutting gas, a long wire and the push button off of a barbeque. He could hide behind a bush and blow a car to smithereens. There was so much force when it blew that I was 3 blocks away and felt the earth tremor. The neighbors were always calling the fire dept because of things like that and the big fires he used to build.

Of course there was the tampering with my vehicle.

For a long time I didn’t feel threatened by him, after we split the first time and he and my son fought he stopped the weird behavior. We dated and lived together off and on for about 5 yrs, I was holding back throughout that time but I started to think I must have imagined his weird behavior before, just been paranoid . After we got back together this last time and moved into together in Ladner the strange behavior started again.

Things like he would disappear, I would go looking for him and not be able to find him and then he’d be in the music room and I’d say, “Where were you, I’ve been looking for you?” And he would say he was there the whole time. There is no way he was there the whole time.

Or I’d go out in the middle of the night and find him wandering around in the dark, or watching me from a distance. He just acted like he hated me so much. And of course the tampering with my vehicle got worse.
When my son lived with us JC said he woke up one night and my son was standing beside our bed just staring at us while we slept. He was trying to convince me that my son wanted to kill us. Then when his son was living with us he tried to convince me his son wanted to kill us and told me that he woke up in the middle of the night and his son was standing there staring at us while we slept. I knew he was lying then because it was the same story he had told me about my son. Then I wondered if he was building an alibi, telling everyone his son wanted to kill us and then somehow killing me and blaming his son. I know it sounds crazy and that is why I talked myself out of believing it.

The way he would sneak up on his sister and I in the trailer. There was gravel surrounding the trailer so no one could walk up without us hearing them or at least Kato would hear them; but he would manage to sneak up on us every time and walk in to the trailer and we didn’t hear a thing. He built the stairs going over the fence which helped. But why? That’s when your imagination starts going wild.

He told me he found evidence that his son tried to start a fire under our trailer but his son was afraid of spiders and confined spaces he would never go under the trailer willingly.

When we lived in Ladner I tried to get him to show the young guys there how he blows up cars and he didn’t want to and finally conceded but it barely made a noise; not like I know he could. I had wanted to have witnesses to the fact that he could blow up my vehicle should it ever happen and I couldn’t help wonder if he purposely didn’t blow up the vehicle so there were no witnesses if he did blow me up.

He would secretly feed Kato Beggin Strips knowing Kato couldn’t have protein and then when Kato started to act sick again he would say it was because I wasn’t cooking Kato’s veggie stew but I had found vegetarian dog food and besides that he always complained that I cooked the dog nicer suppers than I cooked him so why would he want me to cook for the dog?

All crazy making stuff, maybe there was nothing to any of it. But I had a strong enough “feeling” that he could kill me that I even said to him that if anything happened to me he would be the top suspect. He didn’t say a word, I thought, “what guy has his girlfriend accuse him of being able to kill her and doesn’t say anything, not even “your nuts” or what makes you say something like that? Nothing. No reaction whatsoever?I have told everyone close to me that if I die go after JC. Then you have to ask why would I stay with someone I thought could kill me.

I can’t help but wonder how many women who are killed by a lover or ex lover suspected it would happen and told themselves they were just being paranoid.

If you feel your partner could kill you, don’t wait to find out if you are right or not. If he is acting strange, if your gut is telling you to be afraid get out!
In a loving relationship you should never even have a fleeting thought that your lover could kill you.

It seems like something like that should go without saying, but women die everyday at the hands of a person who swears loves them.

3 thoughts on “Narcissistic, Sociopath Woman in Vancouver BC on Probation

    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Ray’s Mom, I have been thinking the same thing. I don’t know if I was just oblivious to it and now that it’s happened to me I am more aware or its become more prevalent. But there sure seems to me that people don’t value human life any more, or have any compassion. Its scary.



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