Above the Clouds


Living in the sky above the clouds is beautiful


The snow covered mountains around me




Just a few pictures of the area I am living. I can appreciate the beauty but having running water, sewer and heat would definitely increase that appreciation!!

Laila loves the snow, she was a little hesitant at first and finding a place to do her thing was challenging but she actually thought it was pretty neat.

The snow is gone now thank God because it has been warmer. For awhile I was so cold I couldn’t ever be warm. I thank God for my puppies who keep me warm by snuggling.

I am taking my air brakes course today and tomorrow in Surrey. I went in to Amix yesterday in Surrey also. I have stayed away for months because it is where JC lives but I wanted to tell them at Amix about my new job (they all were so happy for me) and this air brakes course is important for my new job.

Its strange how the minute I am in Surrey my stomach gets in knots, I feel anxious and I think I see JC every where I go. Every time I think I see him I get that old familiar nervousness. I don’t want to see him, I don’t want to test my strength or see them, I have nothing to say to him and he has nothing to say that I want to hear. I just don’t want to deal with him in anyway shape or form.

I have developed a very strong dislike for the “man” and I quite like not liking him. I am very comfortable with myself and feeling good about myself; I don’t want to take any chance of letting him ruin that and he would if he could.

I received this text message from my ex husband at Xmas
” Merry Christmas my dear miss you at this time alot….hugs ”

I was busy so didn’t reply and got this message today

“Hey i hope that what i said the other day is not a reason for us to stop communicating it’s just how i was feeling at that time ….talk to ya soon k”

So I replied with this
“No worries. Just very busy lately trying to find a place to park my trailer and starting a new job etc and limited phone reception.  i am glad not all my ex’s think I made their life hell. ”

“No I do not think you made my life hell,you brought joy and happiness into my life and I am thankful for that. My he bring you blessings in the New Year. Hugs ”

I don’t expect all my ex’s to love me; we broke up for a reason. Understandably this exchange of messages left me feeling much better than any exchange JC and I have had in the past 3 or more years. It is not mandatory to hate your ex, make their life hell, rub their nose in your happiness, or try to destroy them.

It did my heart good to have an ex remind me of that.

Well that’s it for my babbling today its time to find something for supper.

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