Belated Merry Christmas and Oh!! What’s That? A Light!!!

Merry Belated Christmas and “WOW look at that……a new year right around the corner”

I thought I would give you all an update on my situation; I have had quite a few private emails and comments wishing me well and offering words of encouragement. I feel rather guilty because things have been going extremely well and I have kinda left everyone in limbo. It wasn’t intentional by any means, but I am still living in the same hell hole and apparently snow and cold weather affects the internet connection so basically I have NO reception at all in winter.

I have a lot to share and I am sure everyone is busy so lets get started.

What has been happening in my life? Let’s see;
Most of you know I was offered a fantastic job recently and I start the job the first of the year. Surprise!!  I still have the job. I got invited to the Christmas staff party, I went. (that in itself is a HUGE step for me any time, I have never been good at attending things alone and usually back out at the last minute, my son told my mother he is very proud of me going to it alone)
I figure once you’ve slept with the devil everything else is child’s play.

I had a very conservation Ribkoff dress I was going to wear, but my girlfriend very tactfully suggested I wear a dress she bought for her daughter that never got worn; it is the one pictured above. I had just come from work and was trying it on so please excuse the bad hair and bra straps showing. Speaking of bra straps; this is where my life stayed true to course. (for those of you who don’t know me, my life is and always has been full of glitches) She gave me the dress to wear the night before the party and I had to work the day of the party. The dinner was at the Ramada at 6, a good hour’s drive from where I am living. I got home about 4 and rushed to get dressed. I tried every bra I owned and the straps showed with each one, I tried some stick-on boobs nope, I had bought two pushup boobalishish bras and neither of them worked I just looked like a Dolly Parton wannabe.  I tried cutting the straps off of one bra but I couldn’t hide the back strap, I tried sewing the bra to the dress and that didn’t work either and I couldn’t find even one safety pin any where. It was after 5:30 when I decided I had to find something else to wear. I had bought myself a cute little skirt the night before; it is a black mini skirt with a flowing chiffon overlay to the ankles, it fits well, I feel good in it and it only cost me $8 at Value Village. The only problem was I hadn’t planned on wearing it and didn’t have a top picked out. Most of my clothes are packed because I don’t have room in the trailer so I started digging through my packed clothes throwing things left, right and over my head, by now I was cursing and the dogs had each gone to a corner out of my way and only their eyeballs were moving. I prayed I hadn’t thrown out the one top I knew would work with this skirt. Thirty + years ago I spent $50 on a cashmere sweater vest, best $50 I ever spent; and there it was at the bottom of the wardrobe bag. I put on a black camisole with the vest over it. the vest has a v neckline and hits right at my waist which was perfect for the skirt, allowing it to flow freely, it has 3 buttons at the waist, and a rolled collar so a bit of my camisole showed, I couldn’t find any of my dressy belts but I did find a black sheer scarf that has silver threads through it and tied it around my waist. I had bought black nylons and put on the first pair and got a run in the first 5 minutes ($8 down the drain and I hadn’t even walked out the door, it burns my butt to pay thst’s much money to be uncomfortable as it is!!) the second pair didn’t last any longer, I found another pair of black nylons and they fit and didn’t run. I threw my smokes and lipstick in my evening purse at 6:15 pm, sent a quick text to my soon-to-be boss saying I had a wardrobe malfunction and headed out the door with my two buddies at the door anxiously waiting to come along.

While I was frantically trying to get dressed a thick pea soup fog had rolled in and it was very cold so everything had a thin layer of ice on it; including the metal steps to my trailer.
No sooner did my foot hit the top step and it slipped out from under me and I went down the three steps on my ass banging my back on higher step as I went. I landed at the bottom spread eagle right on top of my bag of garbage that something had ripped open. Laila came bounding down the steps thinking I wanted to play and I grabbed her for fear she would disappear into the fog and I would never get out of there.
I picked myself up, threw Laila back in the trailer and took inventory, pantyhose weren’t run (thank God!), skirt wasn’t ripped or dirty, no blood any where, no broken bones, OK ……. dogs both in trailer, I was ok. And off I go like a herd of turtles because the fog is so thick I can’t see the end of the hood of my truck. I am driving all of 5 miles an hour, it’s now 6:30 and my nose is almost pressed against the windshield in an attempt to see where I am going, I was filled with emotion, this meant so much to me, I felt something welling up inside me, I blinked, nope no tears and then instead of crying I started to laugh, I really laughed!!! it was all so ridiculous!!

I got to the hotel and walked in just as everyone was lining up for the buffet, they had saved me a seat and I had a great time! My outfit was perfect, the sequined number would have been too dressy, I met new people, had some good laughs, was witty at times and frankly amazed myself at how calm I was especially after my start to the evening. The owner of the company gave a little speech welcoming me to the company and
said he was really excited to have me bring my years of experience with me and some of the staff that know me were teasing the top salesman that he had some real competition now that I was joining the company. I was very flattered. Everyone got a gift basket including me, the bosses wife gave me a hug and told me they expect me to dress that way everyday for work and I straight faced said, ”Hasn’t anyone told you I already do, the high heels can be a bit tricky but I believe in looking my best.” one of the girls from the office was a little drunk and was gushing about how beautiful and classy I looked and I soaked it up like a sponge. I left about 10:00, only had one glass of wine and felt wonderful! Except for the swollen foot. I guess I must have broken a bone in my foot because the next day I couldn’t fit into any of my shoes or boots and had to wear my steel toed work boots to go to the store and buy some men’s slippers to wear.

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from my soon to be boss asking if I would drive the Hiab truck and do a pickup for them, I said sure. I got to the yard and the truck is a 10 speed with air brakes!! I am taking my air brakes course this 29th and 30th so I can hit the ground running in the new year, hit the ground might be a bad choice of words and I might be limping not running.

So excited about my new job I can not tell you!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Belated Merry Christmas and Oh!! What’s That? A Light!!!

  1. Aurora HSP

    Congrats on the job, Carrie! You deserve it, you sure didn’t deserve to fall but I hope you feel better soon 🙂 I don’t see a photo of the dress but maybe WP is acting up tonight. Nice post. Happy New Year xo


  2. Oracle of the Pearl

    Sounds like me getting dressed every day. You are now officially the only other person I know for which it is an event worthy of a hilarious blogpost to get dressed for a party. And yes, I so get why it’s an event.
    If you didn’t already do so, I would tell you you should write this stuff down, because your stories are great and they’re just funny. As well as heartwarming!
    BTW, I am known for “operating” on my outfits/clothes at the 11th hour, minutes before I am almost too late to leave for something. And I think my dogs actually do recognize the words, “Oh God, where is my good bra???!!!” when wailed in the last few minutes of the clothes flinging spectacle. [You’d think that would be the first and sure thing on the body when building an outfit, but nooo…..]
    Congratulations on the job, and on successfully navigating [and enjoying] a work holiday party; I know how daunting those can be. You were a success! [and are..] and I wish I could have seen it.
    “I figure once you’ve slept with the devil everything else is child’s play. ”
    You are right about that. 10 speed with airbrakes? No problem. Hey, I danced with the devil. I can do this.
    Good for you.


    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Pearl, I am in good company then; we could compare wardrobe malfunctions. I just finished answering my Crazy Chick interview questions and told of another wardrobe disaster at my son’s wedding. I don’t know why I have such a hard time with clothes. I’m sure its something a little planning would fix. Sent by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck


      1. Oracle of the Pearl

        Totally off topic, but then maybe nor really….so I like scarves, right? My daily clothes flinging spectacle does usually include a dizzying round of scarves and or tights, belts, boots, whatnot, that are flung until I get it just right. The right ones cover fix a multitude of lackings for me…as in people are so dazzled by some of these they glaze right over the fact that I don’t really possess a so called wardrobe at all. The particular scarf of this story happens to be a gorgeous hand knitted deep purple 10 foot [yes, that’s right] pompom yarn affair, that must be looped around a few times and draped, just so. After a long, LONG day of working myself mindless, I drove home, stopping for gas. Some ten miles or so. My friendly neighborhood gas station attendant guy had a worried look when he approached my pickup [I am a lady with a truck too, remember] unlike his usual “Hey, I’m just happy to be here” look. Staring at the underside of my rig, and I’m imagining all manner of calamities that might cause this, he finally says, “You are gonna get yourself into trouble.”…and that’s it. Until he opens my door and extracts my scarf from under the pickup. Snow, grit, gravel, and wet. Uh, oh. Quite a few feet of it. He added something about breaking my neck, maybe.
        Wardrobe malfunction of the week. I just asked him not to tell anyone…..I just wanted to give you the visual, my face, the scarf. Minor mortification.
        Just sayin.



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