Narcissists Can Give You Hemrroids

It is no surprise that the narcissist is a pain in the ass and it is rather fitting that a person could get Hemrroids from them.

This post might be too much information but I notice a conversation between some people on one of the forums speaking about migraines etc and thought I would expound on the health issues that they cause and how you might not ass(there’s that would again) ociate it to the narcissist.

After the mask dropped with JC I had a horribly painful experience with pollups on my bowel. I was in excruciating pain and begged him to take me to emergency. As most of you know a narcissist doesn’t know the meaning of the word sympathy, all he knows is that it falls somewhere between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.

After hours of literally rolling on the floor in agony he huffed and puffed and took me to the hospital. It took two shots of Demerol to stop the pain and JC actually cried and apologized for not believing I was in that much pain. Mind you he didn’t stick around and comfort me. They kept me in the hospital for 24 hours and then he picked me up.

After that I ended up having Hemrroids on a regular basis. It isn’t something you generally discuss with people but one day I mentioned it to a trusted close friend. She said, “You know they are because if JC?”

I laughed.

She said, “No I am serious. Haven’t you heard the saying; someone is a pain in the ass? Where do you think that coming from?”

I had never thought about it but it made sense. If a person stresses you out you might tense up and have a “pain in your neck” so it made sense they could cause a “pain in your ass”.

Laugh if you will but I tested this theory over the course of my ten years with JC. We broke up at least every couple of years, when we were living separately I never had Hemrroids; as soon as we got back together and he wasn’t on his best behaviour they came back.

Since I moved out 2 years ago, even though those 2 years have been very stressful I have not been afflicted with Hemrroids. There is only one conclusion you can come to; Narcissists cause Hemrroids!

Now there are other things they cause like migraines, ulcers, hives, anxiety attacks, heart attacks, high blood pressure, drug and alcohol dependency, PTSD, insomnia, and numerous other things.

What kind of health issues did being with a narcissist cause you if any?

20 thoughts on “Narcissists Can Give You Hemrroids

  1. Dogface Butterfly

    …Oh yah, and I lost 30 pounds. Ended up weighing less than 100 lbs. I gained some back after I went “no contact.”


  2. Zan

    For over 25 years I have been married to a N. four wonderful beautiful children are the best thing to come out of this marriage. My abuse has been emotional solely. Almost imperceptible at times like a steady dripping on the forehead. I have suffered from depression, constipation , migraines, weight gain and self doubt. Was determined not to be dependent on drugs and alcohol to get through this. I learned to put it in God’s hands and am finally at peace with it all. My N finally asked for a divorce last night after trying to smoke me out for over 2 years. It’s odd but I just keep smiling because I know that God has my back. My main concern, is for my children and their pain. But I know that I could not go on and be unhealthy any longer. I literally cried ot to God for a way out and he is making a way. Thanks to all for sharing your journey. God Bless you all! We will get through this!

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  3. thewondermya

    Depression, nightmares, weight gain, bruxism which damaged my teeth a lot and recently sleep apnea… it all makes sense…


  4. crashdavis777

    I had massive insomnia, he use to text at night, anytime he wanted I literally slept with my cell phone in my hand in bed. After it was finally over I could not sleep. I now know he trained me like a pet. I spoke to his ex-wife that was one of the first things she said was how he would call you at all hours of the night. I did not realize this was a tactic he used to keep me thinking about him 24/7 and to keep me off balance, it also caused me to stay home and wait, they all seem to do this. I can’t figure out if they have all studied how to control you or if their brains literally just work that way. Thank you for your blog, I like it because it has helped me, and you do it in a way that makes me laugh, and I am at times shaking my head saying YES so true! I read this because I too got hemorrhoids, but mine were after the relationship ended…I was under so much financial stress after my involvement with this “thing” that I believe they came from that! It has been two years and I am just now not having to take sleeping pills every night, and I use to think about him all the time it was constant and I have finally gotten where that does not happen all the time, I never thought it would come.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      crashdavis, I am so glad you are getting help from my blog and that you get the odd laugh out of it. I love to laugh and sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all with a narcissist.
      They want you thinking about them 24/7. James used to call me and say he was coming home from work, I would be working and could be over an hour from home., I would rush home because he never came home early from work, only to discover he wasn’t home yet and he wouldn’t show up for hours maybe not at all that night.
      I never knew when he would call or show up, one time he called and said he was bringing home Chinese food for supper, I didn’t cook and he didn’t show up until the next night supper time, he did bring chinese food though.
      I never ever beat him home, I am sure now he had a tracking device on my truck because he had one on it after we split but at the time I couldn’t figure out how he did it.
      He would pull in 5 minutes after me but never before. I would go home and he wouldn’t be there so I would go back out and just drive around determined to come back after him, it never happened.
      He used to keep me awake at night, sorting through papers on the bed in the middle of the night, playing his guitar.
      Same as called you a pet name, you get used to it and when they stop you miss it. When you start dating them they call so much you get sick of it, James always called if he was late, or mid day to see how I was doing, I had to tell him to stop because I was working and couldn’t sit on the phone all day with him. After we were together he still called but I never knew when and then he wouldn’t reply when I called or text him but look out if I didn’t respond right away when he messaged me. “What the fuck do you have a phone for if you aren’t going to answer it” .
      They are so sneaky and doing things behind our backs I think they think we are doing the same thing and they don’t trust anyone, they think everyone thinks like them. Thank God that isn’t the case!!



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