Ever Get The Feeling Your Invisible


I have to laugh at my puppies, such personalities!! Laila gives her daddy such a hard time, chewing on his ears, biting at his balls (gently I think) trying to get him to play with her and he usually accommodates her by chasing her around.

She loves him, alot and just isn’t herself when he isn’t around and when he stays home the odd day the reunion is always exuberant.

But she treats him like a piece of furniture or like he doesn’t even exist.

Exhibit A- she sits on him so she can see out the window. He doesn’t get mad……..so docile my little buddy.

God I love those dogs.


7 thoughts on “Ever Get The Feeling Your Invisible

    1. My Inner Chick, I missed your comment some how. These guys are my light every day! I’ve had dogs my whole life and had several that I really loved but these two have such personalities, even my mom who doesn’t like anything that sheds hair has to give them hugs.
      Kato is so calm and patient and sensitive .bf Laila is the exact opposite. Hyper, demanding and selfish but she is full of so much love she can barely contain it.
      They literally have been my reason to live at times.
      Good to see you, Hugs back at you from sunny Vancouver. Carrie xxxx


    1. Twisted, how are you doing? I figured you’d like this pic.
      I hug them all the time. Just got up and they are still in bed. I had better find a comfy position when I go to bed because once in bed they climb in one against my stomach and the other behind my knees and I am pinned. Lol
      Not complaining, doesn’t leave much room for a man, and I can live with that.


  1. I guess sometimes we need to sacrifice our comfort for the needs (a boost to see out the window) of ones we love.

    Dogs are the best.!


    1. Teensy, Kato is the best daddy dog I’ve ever seen. So patient with her. He sacrifices for her all the time, I have to be very careful to remember to give him sspecial attention because she is so demanding

      Like kids.


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