No I Do Not Accept Your Abuse – reblogged from Jerkbusters

A must read by anyone trying to heal after a relationship with a narcissist. When in doubt reread, reread, and reread it again


I do not accept your abuse. No, I do not deserve it.

I do not buy your backhanded apologies, non-apologies, really. No, I’m smart enough to know the difference between the crap you are trying to dish out and a real apology.

I will never accept future exploitation by you. The only reason you exploited me at all is because you deliberately deceived me in order to get what you wanted. No, I do not believe that me giving you the benefit of the doubt makes me a bad person, but I do believe your choice to abuse me reveals a great deal more about you.

I accept that this is what you are. I have since been witness of your abuse towards others as well. No, I do not believe you have changed.

I accept that I cannot love you into being a good person. No, to attempt to…

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3 Replies to “No I Do Not Accept Your Abuse – reblogged from Jerkbusters”

  1. I have been reading all these posts for three months now. My husband left me and my two kids two weeks before Christmas. I had no idea it was coming. I was shell shocked, still am. I was with him for half my life. 20 years of being abused gone. Now I don’t know who I am. I have to rely on him for money. He has me exactly where he wants me.
    Thank goodness for this site. It all makes sense now. It has bought me so much comfort and it is amazing to see that these men are exactly the same.
    I haven’t seen him since January now, but wonder how the no contact rule works when kids are involved? I was emailing him about the kids and when he was coming to take them out etc. But have stopped. This has been helped by the fact that they don’t want to see him.
    How do I get my self esteem and confidence back? I hardly go out and when I do I get really anxious. I relied on him for everything and have no friends as he didn’t like me having any. I wasn’t always like this, I have slowly been ground down and I want my old self back.
    Thank you, thank you for all your stories, I don’t feel so alone.


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