I Aspire To Be the Person My Dog Thinks I Am


I left the dogs with Colin while I ran to the bank last night, he snapped this picture of the dogs waiting for me to open the door. They heard my truck when I turned on to the street. I was gone an hour.


Laila pushes Daddy out of the way, she is trying to contain herself from jumping up and check out Kato’s tail. Its wagging so fast its a blur. They give a whole new meaning to Welcome home!!!

7 thoughts on “I Aspire To Be the Person My Dog Thinks I Am

    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      Twisted, I know how much you miss your dog, hopefully someday soon you will be able to have a puppy waiting for you to come home.

      All good things come to those who wait, I never thought I’d see the day my puppies would have room to run through the house chasing each other. But it happened. I think God saves special blessings for those of us who have had to deal with the devil and it takes a while for him to prepare them
      Your time will come!!


      1. twistedheart

        My ex N sent me a message today. He said ” I don’t know if you want updates or not, but I always want to share”. He proceeded to go on and on about “his” dogs. He was pretending that he was doing it for my sake, but I know he was only doing it to rub it in and hurt me. He knows what they mean to me. He probably thought it would get a huge reaction from me. After I stopped responding to his communications, he stopped and this is the first I have heard from him since Jan. What a jerk. I guess he was afraid that maybe he wasn’t hurting me anymore. Oh, and by the way- he signed it “love”. I probably should not have responded at all. There were lots of ways I responded in my head. Things about how although he isn’t mentioning “her” name, it is obvious that he is including her the “we”. Things about what an ass he is. Things about how I miss my dogs. I decided to not give him any of the reactions he wanted. I simply said ‘I love those dogs and I am happy to hear that they are happy and healthy.” and just ended it by leaving my initial. no reaction. no emotion. not inviting conversation. Even though saying nothing probably would have been better, this was almost as close. Jerk.

        On a side note..I have been thinking a lot about starting a dog walking/running/sitting business. I have done this for friends and acquaintances in the past for money, so it wouldn’t be a stretch. I have been so lost..not knowing what to do. One of the very few things that has made me smile during all of this has been the thought of little furry buddies. The thought of starting a business where I would get to be with them all day…it makes sense. I’m not exactly sure how, but I know it can be done. I have been working with a groomer (helping out here and there around her shop) that will give my name out if I decide to do this. It’s a thought…a possibility…and one that I think could be a really good thing. We will see…..

        Oh , one more thing…a psychologist cam into the groomer today to pick up her dog. I don’t know how it came up , but I mentioned NPD to her (nothing about my personal experience with them)……she almost shuddered at the thought. Basically, nobody wants to have anything to do with them.


        1. ladywithatruck Post author

          Twistedheart, I love the dog walking idea!! Its great exercise, doing what you love, making money and you have great contacts already through the dog groomer. I say start putting the word out and just see where it takes you. What have you got to lose?Btw; excellent response to his email!! Proud of you! If you hadn’t responsed he would have had something nasty to say about you not caring about the dogs but this way you didn’t feed his Ns at all but made it clear you weren’t pining away for him. You didn’t bite the bait!! That’s awesome!!HugsCarrieSent by Carrie the Lady Witha Truck



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