Decorating On The Cheap

For a lighter post, and to show you don’t need alot of money to make a place homey, I thought I’d share some of my cheap finds and show how my little place is coming together.

As most of you know I had a dining room table when I moved into my little place, that was the extent of my furniture. It isn’t the first time I’ve had to start from scratch, in fact I’m not positive but its at least 4 times. You see JC either took possession of my stuff, wrecked it or didn’t show up to help me move and then there was the deal on the fully furnished house he set me up with that fell through. This last time my stuff got wrecked while it was stored out in the barn. The first couple of times it was quite devastating for me but I’ve learned that God provides and know that if I am patient I will get everything I need and more.


This is the bottom springs from an old crib. The candle holders I picked up last year during Spring Clean Up and hung on to them because I was sure I’d find a use for them and here it is! I love it and I’ve had many compliments on it.


I got the China cabinet free from someone who moved into a condo and the previous owner had left a bunch of stuff behind. I plan on painting it white and antiquing it to give the room a brighter airier look. Everything you see in and on the cabinet was free or dirt cheap. All the vases and the platter on the top were dug out of the Home Sense dumpster at one time or another. Oh right, the clear glass ones came from a scrap pickup I did for a Mexican restaraunt I did quite a few years ago.
You probably can’t see it but behind the rocker is a mahogany picture box I got out of a Bombay store dumpster. All the wine glasses came from the restaraunt clean up.
I love this cabinet because it gives me a display area, it has simple lines that make it suit almost any decor and it gives me more storage. I have my printer tucked away behind one of the doors, easily accessible yet hidden.


The picture on The wall was bought the last day of a going out of business sale for $5, its 3D and the tree is metal, I love it. It really isn’t the colours I was planning on using but as it turns out it suits perfectly. Right by the door looking out to the lake. The curtain was picked up at the same sale. I had to do some digging but I am pleased and it was $10.
The table is an antique I picked up for free a few years ago off of Craig’s List. I plan on painting it write like the China cabinet. This year during spring clean up I couldn’t believe my good fortune to find 4 white chairs and if you look closely the seats of the chairs are a couple of shades darker than my walls. What luck! And can you believe they still had the clear plastic protective covers on the seats!!


The black rattan chair was bought by my mom for my birthday. It was in Ikea’s “As Is” dept half price for $60. The rocker was free and I will be painting it white also. The stacking tables were bought at a thrift store for $5 for 3 tables.

That is it for now, not that I don’t have more but it is almost 2:30 and I am wrapped in a towel and should get dressed. The sun has come out and the puppies need a walk.

I will continue my tour later.

Where there is a will there is a way:)


21 thoughts on “Decorating On The Cheap

  1. Interesting. You truly do have a creative mind! Perhaps one of the things outstanding about this, is that’s a delightfully normal thing to do! Nice to see you have your swag back! I wish I had that kind of knack.

    Perhaps the kindest thing I could say about my own living quarters, is everything is functional with clean, open spaces. Well, I’m into doing a major home renovation right now. New doors, insulated windows, siding, new roof including new rafters, foundation repair, new sewage line, repair of front and back porches.

    Currently, I’m getting my 3 gardens and a flower bed up and running growing fresh organic vegetables and pretty flowers. Gives me a lot to keep me stimulated and excited. Best thing of all is that it is so healing, and brings a sense of wholeness after all the grief and pain has subsided.

    All this makes me wonder what the Hell I do need a man for? Only if I needed a sperm donor I guess and I’m well past needing that! They seem to be a largely overrated commodity. Still, they can make for interesting pets and my son is pretty cute.

    Foot note: I thought I had closed out my membership on all the dating sites because they tend to be scammer and psychopath central….except, one I had only posted a fairly recent photo, and had just 20% filled out which missed deletion, I was still on and had forgotten about.

    Now I’m getting contact from various men who seem to be fairly normal but it’s too soon to say. I can’t make up my mind if I want to pursue this. The question now seems to be, do I really want a man in my life or not. Time will tell! God bless us all, everyone!


    1. Linda, thanks for dropping by and commenting. You are going through some major renovations and home improvements!! I was browsing through your pictures the other day. Your place is going to be wonderful when its all done!!
      As far as men go, not a priority, if one falls out of the sky, passes a lie detector test, doesn’t mind getting finger printed, can produce 3 character references from 3 different ex’s, passes a criminal record check, doesn’t mind getting tested for STD’s and a blood test for Aids, Malaria, Hepatitis, or any other diseases, can produce financial records for the past decade or so, has a job that he has held for longer than a year, doesn’t think all his ex’s are psycho’s, isn’t addicted to porn PLUS enjoys some of the same things as me; I might consider a date or two.
      lol just kidding, kinda. 😉


  2. Very welcoming home – conveys your beautiful personality very well 🙂 May you enjoy love, warmth and happiness in your thoughtfully created haven of “Carrie Sanctuary.” 🙂


  3. You are being so enterprising, and frankly it is lovely to read the enthusiasm and pleasure you are getting from building up your home and your life. Lovely stuff. Your ideas are excellent by the way


    1. Countingducks, thank you, I do get great pleasure from it. I think I enjoy it more then if I had the money to go out and buy brand new. There is a real sense og accomplishment when you have to use your imagination.


    1. Thank you Missus Tribble, I do love a bargain! I think even if I had money I’d still be looking for bargains because its so much fun. When I started I certainly didn’t envision it this way bit I love the way its come together.


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