More Cheap Finds


This is probably my favorite find this year, it’s an Ikea wardrobe. One thing missing in my little place is storage. I don’t have a closet in my bedroom so everything had to go into a dresser and hall closet. I have been wanting some sort of storage until but couldn’t afford anything. For my birthday my mom took me to Ikea, I had picked out a wardrobe exactly like this one but as we were leaving I saw the chair and decided on that instead because it was cheaper and meant I could get a set of pots also. Two days later I went to Spring Clean Up in Ladner and what do I see on the side of the road with everyones garbage but this Ikea wardrobe in perfect condition! It fits perfect beside the fridge and gives me that storage space I need. I love it when things like that happen.


Most of my dishes were obtained free. A few pieces are missing from the picture because they are dirty but I have a complete 6 place settings of Ikea dishes. I got them from the Mexican restaraunt cleanup and from the casino clean up I did a month or so ago. There are square luncheon plates, round dinner plates and saucers, soup mugs, bowls, and dessert bowls.


The big vase came from the Home Sense dumpster, I can’t find anything wrong with it. I know someone with a curly willow tree and spray painted some branches with glossy black paint. The love seat behind the vase was bought 1/2 price at a thrift store for $75. I Googled the brand name and they are a high end furniture maker who makes everything by hand. It is in “like new” condition and I was thrilled!! The book shelf was beside a dumpster at an apartment complex and fit perfectly into the little alcove behind the rocking chair. The dish on the coffee table was out of Pier 1’s dumpster. I have had it for a few years and never used it because it didn’t match anything I had but now it fits in perfect. The ornate steel pieces beside the candle holder on the wall were taken out of scrap.
The pictures behind the love seat were bought for $5 each at the same sale as the other picture and they pull all the colours together, the rusty, orange, beige and blue.
I broke the bank on the cushions but they were the finishing touches that really pulled it all together with the circles of red and orange, and the blue flowers.

I keep this big platter on the coffee table. I got it out of Home Sense’s dumpster years ago and never put it out because it didn’t match anything; now it fits in like I planned it that way.


The bathroom is so bright and clean I wanted to keep it fresh and found this material shower curtain at a Value Village for $7. The antique shelf came out of Bud Haddrell’s house when they tore it down. (I wrote about returning the Hanging Judges wood burning stove about a year ago). The side rail for the old baby crib acts as a magazine rack. I splurged on good towels at Home Sense and instead of towel rods I just put up coat hooks for the towels to hang. Its easier to keep the bathroom looking neat.


What I love about the bathroom is this deep window sill. There is room for candles, a plant, and an old makeup suitcase for my makeup. The metal rack beside the toilet came out of scrap and keeps my hair products, bath stuff and have clothes handy.


These two picture were bought at the same going out of business sale as the other picture and they suit perfectly and put the finishing touch on the bathroom. Its a small bathroom but with the two pocket doors it is very functional; I have access from the bedroom and just off the back door. I would have never chosen to paint a whole house in a mint green but you know it is a bright clean colour and almost every colour coordinates with it.

5 thoughts on “More Cheap Finds

  1. Endless Supply

    Dear Carrie,
    I’m writing to express my gratitude for being a part of this on-line community of yours. You are a strong and courageous woman for being able to put it all out there, to share everything, and to give loads of faithful support and cyber hugs to your readers. Your blog has been very useful to so many of us but your love and support have been invaluable to us.
    You have an incredible story to tell. It is a personal one and an incredibly human one. Your story has touched me and has helped spur my own healing process, at times unraveling my own story. It gives me satisfaction to follow you as your journey has in some ways paralleled my own. I am pleased that our lives are now telling a story of pride, hope and authentic… (I dare call it) JOY!
    May you always find the great deals, the basement bargains and the dumpster treasures that complete the picture for you. May you always find the souls needs and desires fulfilled in much the same way! May they appear on your path at that perfect moment just when you need them.
    May your truck always run.
    May you always be accompanied by furry four-legged friends.
    May you always find your own glorious bed beneath your back after a long day of work.
    May you always have employment that sustains you, values you, utilizes you, recognizes you. Of this I rest assured because you are a woman of resources and a straight up hard worker, as tough as they come.
    May you date and cherish and love as many men as your heart desires. May they give you something new to desire; In place of longing for the lies and the stories may you long for honesty and integrity. May you attract men that satisfy this new longing.
    May they call you by your name, Carrie, and when you hear your own name uttered from your lovers mouth may you hear them speaking to you; a person, a heart and soul, not a possession, not something to seduce, not a trophy, not Babe, not Honey, not My love, but Carrie. May you hear your own name spoken by a man and feel respected and loved by him.

    You deserve it!
    God bless you, Carrie.
    Your friend,



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