The New Truck


My new truck, a 1993, GMC

My new truck, new to me but far from new; its a 1993 GMC made by Hino. Not the prettiest truck for sure but probably the best truck I’ve ever had for getting the job done.

As per usual I forgot to take before pictures but its already looking alot better since I washed it and painted the rusty wheels black and redid the black trim. I still have some more work to do on it and when I’m done it will be really cute. Well, maaaybe not thaaaat cute but better.

One of the things I learned from JC is to keep your vehicle looking clean and well kept. Its a reflection on the person driving it and when you are in your vehicle all day it affects your whole attitude if you don’t like what you are driving. People think I am crazy to put Wet & Black on my tires and worry about rust on a scrap truck but I feel better when my truck looks good. It is the first impression people get of me and I figure it says alot about my work ethic if I take care of an old scrap truck.

I had my meltdown on Sunday night and Monday but was feeling much better Tuesday and Wednesday. The major problem was my truck not starting and then finding Colin with another woman and him copping an attitude.

It was great shades of JC and sent me in a tail spin I was unable to pull myself out of immediately.

On Monday I ended up calling the previous owner who was a sweetheart and drove from the Fraser Canyon to Cultus Lake to help me, he has phoned regularly just to see how I am doing because he felt bad Colin left me high and dry. He has even offered to lend me the money to get a new starter.

But as happens often in my life God sends special people to help me. I was at Canadian Tire Monday evening, the truck wouldn’t start again and I was on the phone with Frank, the previous owner. I must have looked very distraught because a man approached my truck and asked if I needed help.

I got off the phone with Frank and told the man my problem. He did what he could, banged on the starter etc and nothing worked. Then he said, “I’m going to do something a little bit unconventional, I’m going to pray”.
He asked me if I was a believer and I told him that I had at one time had a strong faith but it had been challenged lately.

He put his hand on the starter and prayed, then told me to try to start it. Nothing happened.  I could tell he felt really bad and he apologized; I thanked him very much for trying and he left. I was standing there wondering what to do next and decided to try one more time; and it started immediately!! I looked for the good samaritan and saw him pulling out of the mall, too far away to notice my truck had started. My truck has started every time since. Believe what you want but I don’t think it is a coincidence. Its a God thing and I’ve had similar things happen to me quite often.

My mom gave me $80 when I was there earlier in the day so I had enough money for a permit and fuel so I could work Tuesday. Tuesday I made enough money to insure the truck and my girlfriend who doesn’t work Tuesday’s went down to the office after hours to make sure I got my insurance.

For every asshole that comes my way God sends me 3-4 sweethearts.

4 thoughts on “The New Truck

  1. Lorie

    I’ve had so many similar moments, even relating to car issues. I call them “God Sightings”. There have been far too many incidences to call them “coincidence”. For me, there can be no other explanation than GOD making Himself known, even in the middle of the crap of life. I know God rescued me befor something even worse happened! I am blessed, and I am grateful!!! I’m still dealing with a lot, but I do recognize how blessed I truly am!


  2. Joan G

    So happy and awed over this post! Definitely a miracle for you. Isn’t nice to know God has your back? I know he looks out for all of us. Yesterday I read a post that stated, “God does hear your prayers but don’t you realize the teacher is always quiet during a test?” That put my life in a perspective I can handle. Have a wonderful weekend Carrie! Your friends are out here and we must take care of each other.



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